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Publication Order of Sherlock Holmes Adventures Books

Art in the Blood (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unquiet Spirits (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil’s Due (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Three Locks (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Child is This? (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV: 2016 Annual(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
About Sixty(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sherlock Holmes Is Like(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bonnie Macbird is an American bestselling author of historical fiction, mystery and thriller novels. The San Francisco native has a bachelor’s in music and a master’s in film from Stanford University. She has had a long career in the film industry where she worked for four years at Universal as a feature film development executive. Macbird is also known as the writer of the screenplay for “TRON,” the critically acclaimed movie. She also has numerous theatre credits as director and actor, produced numerous musicals and plays, and won three Emmy Awards for producing and writing. Her debut in fiction writing came in the form of “Art in the Blood,” a novel that was written in her now popular Arthur Conan Doyle Style. The novel that was published in 2015 featured her rendition of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. John Watson. It was published to critical acclaim and become a commercial success that it was printed in more than 17 languages across the world. The novel was but the first of the “Sherlock Holmes Adventures Series” as Bonnie went on to publish the sequel “Unquiet Spirits” in 2017 and “The Devil’s Due” in 2019. In addition to her authorship and work in film and playmaking, she is also an accomplished watercolorist. Macbird is a professor at UCLA Extension, where she teaches a screenwriting class and helps students develop creativity in specific screenwriting techniques. She is also a regular speaker on Sherlock Holmes, writing and creativity. She currently spends her time between London and Los Angeles and is married to Alan Kay a computer scientist.

Bonnie Macbird has always loved Sherlock Holmes and remembers reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle since she was a ten-year-old. This was long before the likes of Brett, Cumberbatch, and Downey ever thought of bringing the character to television. Her novels emulate the style of the legendary author and hence there is a lot of similary between the original Sherlock Holmes novels and Macbird’s novels. Her Sherlock Holmes is not your typical romantic hero but is still personifies hotness in Bonnie’s novels. Her first full-length novel “Art in the Blood” was themed on the gifts and perils of the artistic temperament of Sherlock and Dr. Watson, as they investigate and track down a boy that went missing while also looking for a piece of art that was stolen from a Lancashire art center. Her second novel “Unquiet Spirits” came out a year later and tells the story of Sherlock Holmes, haunted by a ghost from his past. Watson and Holmes once again shuttle between the UK and France but this time they travel to Nice and Montpellier rather than Paris. They also go to the highlands of Scotland to investigate a whiskey distillery rather than walk the seedy streets of London like in the first novel. Her 2019 novel “The Devil’s Due” hints at the dark side of Sherlock Holmes and is set entirely in London. One of the most idiosyncratic features of Macbird’s novels is that they also come with hilarious historical explanations that she posts on her website.

Bonnie Macbird’s “Art in the Blood” is set in 1888 snowy and gloomy London where Sherlock Holmes is back on cocaine following a disastrous investigation into the Ripper homicides. Even Dr. Watson is unable to find a way to rouse or comfort Holmes until they receive a registered letter from Paris. The letter is from a beautiful cabaret star named Mlle La Victoire, who wants Sherlock’s help in tracking down her son who has gone missing. He is the illegitimate son that she had with an English lord. In addition to the disappearance of her son, Mlle has been targeted by unknown people while walking the streets of Montmartre. The two friends dash off to Paris where they soon learn that the missing boy is only part of larger story. Marseille just had the biggest robbery since the “Winged Victory,” as one of its most valuable statues has been stolen. Moreover, several children have gone missing in Lancashire only to be found murdered a few days later. Holmes believes the evidence points to a very confident homicidal maniac. But he still needs to recover if he is to be effective in stopping the rising ride of homicides and find the missing boy. Sherlock also needs to stay ahead of a vicious Frenchman that is not only going after him but also Mycroft his own brother. The novel sees the duo move from London to Paris and the Lancashire wilds where the fragility and artistic nature of Holmes and their friendship is put to the most severe test yet.

“Unquiet Spirits” is a novel set in 1889, where Sherlock Holmes has to deal with a deadly vendetta, while still recovering from unraveling the mystery of a ghostly haunting in Dartmoor. A beautiful client arrives from a whiskey estate in Scotland with a tale of dynamite, ghosts, and kidnapping. But then Mycroft Homes turns up and presents Sherlock with an assignment in France, which he thinks is more interesting and urgent. Watson and Holmes leave for the French Riviera, where they are soon in the middle of explosions, treachery and a terrible discovery. With his other client still waiting, they head to the Scottish highlands, to a haunted castle that is also one of the biggest and oldest whiskey distilleries in the region. The sleuths alongside their young and beautiful client are in mortal danger as they soon realize that the cases have just become one single lethal mystery. Solving the mystery may call for Holmes having to deal with a ghost from his past. But the problem is he does not believe in ghosts.

The Devil’s Due pits Holmes and Watson against a serial murderer in London as they simultaneously deal with rising xenophobia, terrorists, yellow journalism, and new head of police with a strong dislike of Holmes. A pair of foppish aristocrats and a feisty urchin prove to be unusual allies, but Mycroft… makes things a touch complicated….

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