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Cooking the Books (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Bonnie S. Calhoun is a female author, who writes books in the suspense, young adult and science fiction genres. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers and also an industry professional member. She retired as a seamstress and clothing designer to dedicate herself to writing fulltime. In her spare time Bonnie is an avid social media junkie and teaches Facebook, Twitter, blogging and HTML. She lives with her husband Bob in a log cabin complete with a pond, apple orchard and three other companions: a dog and two cats. Their home sits on 15 acres of land in an upstate area of Binghamton, New York .

Thanks to her love of writing, Bonnie progressed naturally into marketing and advertising. As director of CFBA, she deals with over 200 book reviewers. She is the owner and publisher of CFOM. The magazine has released monthly issues of columns by best, bright and celebrated authors, agents and publishers in the industry for the the last seven years. She is also director of the Northeast zone where she leads the membership loop for the New England states, New York and New Jersey .

She won the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference (GPCWC) awards for writer of the year for two consecutive years; 2009 and 2010. In addition, she also won two other awards which are (ACFW)-Mentor of the Year – 2011 and Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference (BRMCWC)-Selah Award (Thunder)- 2015.

Some of Bonnie S. Calhoun’s books:
Cooking the Books: A Sloane Templeton Mystery

This is a 320-paged book written in English. Its classified under the mystery and suspense genre. The books was published in the year 2012 by Abingdon Press. Readers get introduced to the main character of the book, Sloane Templeton who has a successful business, a handsome Greek boyfriend and a solid relationship with God. However, when her mother dies of heart attack, Sloane moves from the cyber crimes unit where she really wanted to work in computer forensics to become the new owner of her late mother’s Beckham’s Books & Brews bookstore in the twinkling of an eye. Along with it, she also inherits a half-batty store manager and a group of strange old little people from the neighborhood.

This group of old people meet at the store once every week but they do not read books. They call themselves – Granny Oakleys Book Club. Another strange one in her circles is her aunt Verline. Aunt Verline imagines herself to be an accomplished cook even though in reality, no one looks forward to her culinary disasters. With such strange bedfellows in a book, a reader cannot help but wonder what other twists and turns the book has to offer. The other intriguing part is a seemingly rare but valuable book that Sloane inherited from her mother, which she is yet to see, pressures for her to sell the bookstore and the fact that someone is out to harm her. All these come beautifully together to create a plot reeking of mystery and suspense.

This fictional book has a cast of characters with unexpected humor, wit and hearts. Sloane’s view of the world in which she lives piques the reader’s interest and leaves one waiting for more of her adventures. The book is one of its kind, full of twists to the plot, suspense, humor and romance; a special treat for the lovers of romantic suspense. The book is fast paced that has been classically woven to create a masterpiece full of wit and humor, suspense and a last minute twist to the plot. Readers cannot just get enough of this book.

Pieces of the Heart: Quilts of Love

This is book 9 in the series “Quilts of Love”. It is classified in the Historical romance genre. The 233-paged book is written in English and was published by Abingdon Press in June of the year 2013. The book centres around the themed collection of romances revolving around quilts. Calhoun’s story takes place during WWII, when the main characters Cordelia Grace and her beau Bernard Howard are on the verge of adulthood. These two met as children when Bernard’s family moved to Scranton. Bernard rescued Cordelia from bullies and it was love at first sight which kept them strong against Bernard’s family problems and Cordelia’s ongoing mother/grandmother feud.

Cordelia’s Grammy May makes a prayer covering quilt for Cordelia to have when she comes of age and each piece of material is drawn from a special event in her life. Grammy prays over each piece as it’s stitched into a Pine Cone quilt. Cordelia’s mother appreciates neither the quilt nor the sentiment that goes along with it and resents her husband’s mother, who lives with them, for taking her daughter’s time. The only power she has is convincing Cordelia that, despite being married to a pastor, religion is for Sunday services and prayer does little good.

Readers also get acquainted with Bernard Howard, born in 1943. He is a young man of faith, who lives for the moment, has strong morals and is culturally sensitive; leaning on the side of being the man of the house who takes care of his family. This ethic is a point of contention when Cordelia would like a career of her own in dress design and get a job which she feels would help her. Bernard works as a mechanic, and is forced to quit high school to contribute to the family welfare. When January comes around, Bernard joins the army. Cordelia, who is yet to graduate from high school, wants desperately to marry Bernard but watches helplessly as he goes to war instead. When her parents are killed in an accident, she moves in with Bernard’s parents where faith is modeled in a special way.

At the war front, Bernard faces many dangers and the realization that even in the army, blacks and whites are strictly segregated. It’s a long two years till he comes home, but when he does, he brings the dreadful problems of post-traumatic stress with him. He marries Cordelia, but the stress of living with a man so changed by the war could just be the last straw for Cordelia. God hasn’t bothered to answer any of her prayers so far, so she sees no reason to bother herself anymore. She had not counted on Grammy’s prayer covering and the love that follows, even from the grave.

Told from the perspectives of these young people, Calhoun faithfully portrays the culture and landscape of life in the 1940s. Exquisitely done; this is a book recommended for those who love historical fiction, those who aren’t afraid of family drama and also for those who are not scared of embracing the harsh realities of life.

Bonnie S. Calhoun is one of America’s celebrated writers who has carved a niche among her fans by creating masterfully woven literary works. She reads widely, watches news and a lot of movies in her genre and that is how she gets her inspiration and ultimately manages to come up with classically done books that have convincing characters and artfully created plots filled with suspense and mystery.

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