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The Smell of Other People's Houses (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Growing up in Alaska where she was born and raised, the American author Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock is a Young Adult author who has made a large impact following the release of her debut novel, as she’s an author with a strong an independent voice in an otherwise saturated field, as she stands apart from the rest, speaking directly to the reader in the process, allowing them to lose themselves in her detailed descriptions and vivid characterizations. Taking the reader on a journey, she is a gifted author who brings alternative worlds to life in an almost magical realist sense. Knowing and understanding her craft at an even deeper level, she clearly comprehends what it is that she wants to say, allowing the narrative to come alive and speak for itself almost. Her characters are also of a timeless quality, as they resonate on a very personal and intimate level, as they show another side to life that wouldn’t otherwise be shown. The themes and ideas themselves are also universal in their scope too, as they manage to speak in broad yet intimate brush strokes, giving a sense of isolation, as they interweave character with story, speaking of timeless ideas and concepts. This is something that many readers worldwide have quickly warmed to, as she has also achieved global commercial success, as well as critical acclaim too, with many reviewers arriving in droves to sing her many praises as a novelist of contemporary fiction. Over time this has lead to her becoming extremely prolific, as she’s still got a lot of room to continue growing yet, with a lot more set to come in the future. With more books planned for release, it doesn’t look like she’s stopping any time soon, as her writing career is set to grow from strength-to-strength for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Alaska, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock would spend a large portion of her upbringing working in commercial fishing with her family, an experience which helped shape her and her work. Showing a fascination for stories she would start to dedicate herself to telling these stories in a witty and engaging manner unlike any other, as she regaled them with delight and passion. Spending some time as a reporter for a number of Alaskan Public Radio stations, she would move around the state finding as many of these stories as she possibly could, relating them with relish and sincerity to an ever increasing and captive audience.

Educated to a great degree, she has had a number of passions throughout her life including that of radio, something which she holds extremely close to her heart. Working in public radio for quite some time prior to becoming a full time author, she became quite adept at speaking to large audiences in a clear, confident and concise manner; something which is clearly reflected within her writing. It is also something that she continues to hold in high esteem, as she came to love the stories that were shared by others, and the intimacy it provided her.

Now a full-time author she continues to write to this present day, she also continues to put out a daily newscast titled ‘Independent Native News’, which is broadcast in Fairbanks. This focuses on the Alaska Native, as well as the Native Americans along with Canada’s First Nations, all of which allows her to tell new and unique stories on a regular and consistent basis. With her family being in Alaska for over four generations, many of her stories are inspired by their experiences there, stories that she will continue to tell for many years to come into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2016, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock made her debut on to the literary scene with the title ‘The Smell of Other People’s Houses’, which was to be a stand-alone title. Not part of any series, it tells of life in Alaska growing up in the early seventies, something which is almost autobiographical for Hitchcock as an author. Relating the story with love and passion, it is clearly an upbringing that she cherishes, showing a side of the state of Alaska that is rarely visited in Alaska.

Setting her first book in Alaska it is clear that she has an affinity for the area, something which runs throughout the novel, as her love clearly shows. Using themes of family and kinship, she shows what it’s like to live with such people and how she feels about them all, along with her love of fishing, and how that has been an important factor in her life. Building an attachment to the area, she has also written an essay on her time trying to live away, something which can be found in the ‘High Country News’. With a lot more room to continue expanding on her career as an author and writer, she has a lot more planned on the horizon, thus marking her as a definite writer to watch in the future.

The Smell of Other People’s Houses

Brought out through the ‘Wendy Lamb Books’ publishing label in 2016, this was first released on the 23rd of February that year, as it was to be a stand-alone novel. Drawing heavily from her own experiences growing up, it would depict a highly vivid and evocative portrayal of the state of Alaska, giving it depth and color. This is definitely a novel that marked Hitchcock as a writer to watch in the years to follow.

Set in 1970 in Alaska, this sees Ruth growing up, as she is a teenager with a secret unlike any other, and one which she definitely can’t hope to hold on to forever. Meanwhile Dora considers escaping and wonders if it’s ever truly possible, especially with a series of good luck strikes to help her achieve her ultimate dream. Then there’s Alyce who really just wants to dance, but finds herself working a fishing boat, whilst meanwhile Hank along with his brothers aim to run away, something which could easily land them in a lot of danger. Will they all achieve their dreams? Can Hank keep himself safe? What is it about the smell of other people’s houses?

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