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Book of the Ancestor Books In Order

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Publication Order of Book Of The Ancestor Books

Book of the Ancestor is a fantasy series by Mark Lawrence. The author introduces Nona, a girl with a devastating past and a very uncertain future. Nona comes with strange habits and powers, which put her in danger enough times. The bulk of this series is set on the Sweet Mercy convent were Nona is taken to perfect her killing skills. There will be many lessons to be learned, wars to win, and friendships to be made. Join the author on a journey to the world of Abeth were girls with extraordinary powers flourish, and parents sell their kids when the going gets tough. You are going to witness Nona’s growth through the years as you get to understand her past and the things the future holds for her.

Red Sister

Red Sister is the first book in the Book of the Ancestor series. The series is set in the Convent of Sweet Mercy when young girls are trained to be killers. Novice killers are trained in the ways of fist and blade, and after ten years, the girls are ready to face the tasks assigned to them. Everything changes when Noma Grey joins the convent in just eight years. Nona comes into the convent with blood in her hands. While she is falsely accused of murder, she is guilty of worse. Abbess Glass notices the wild streak in the girl and is sure that it can be nurtured into something magical.

Nona is an orphan who is sold for her blood. Thanks to some complications, the young girl comes close to being hanged for a murder she did not commit. This is not to mean that she is innocent, far from it. Nona’s brush with blood starts when she is barely four, and there have been more incidents in her short and eventful life. Nona is hunted by powerful enemies and for a good reason too. Despite the isolation and security provided at the convent, Nona’s past will still catch up with her. She will have to confront her demons and turn into a deadly assassin if she wants to survive in a world filled with enemies at every turn.

Away from the odd setting, the author highlights the common issues associated with adolescents and school. The interactions at the convent are characterized by friendship, competition, and some element of romance. This is a captivating story that will feel like you got into the wrong train. While the story will draw you in from the beginning, it is going to be harder to predict what is coming. Join the author on an adventure that will make you question everything you know. You will be drawn into a dark world where children are traded for favors, and priests are driven by power.

Red Sister is a lyrical, intricate, and dramatic read. The author builds a complex and believable world borrowed from history, religion, politics, and culture. In addition, the narrative is layered across decades and covers the present, past, and future. Thanks to this, the reader gets to understand Nona’s past, her current studies, and the future. The book also features an array of interesting characters who work in different ways to give this story an edge. Get ready to encounter frightening villains, unpredictable terror, and even magic. Despite all that is going on, the author does a great job of maintaining a flawless narration, so everything makes sense by the time you get to the end of this book.

Grey Sister

Grey Sister is the second book in the Book of the Ancestor series. The book follows the story of Nona and her transformation over time. It has been five years since Nona joined the convent, and her hard work throughout the training has not gone unnoticed. Here we see Nona join a mystic class where she learns the ways of the universe. However, the teenager is having a hard time. Aside from her training, some enemies continue to peruse her five years later, confusion over which path to follow, and a new friend who amplifies Nona’s powers but threatens her shadow.

It is almost time for Nona to leave the convent, and before doing so, she must decide which path to follow. The options available include red for a martial sister, blue for a mystic sister, Grey for the sister of discretion, and black for the bride of the ancestor where one has to dedicate herself to a life of service and prayer. So far, Nona has proven that she would make the greatest Red Sister. The confusion comes when Zole, Nona’s friend from the Ice Tribe, and the person everyone believes she was born to protect turns into a powerful mystic.

The world for Nona narrows by the day as enemies have proliferated through a system, she thought would protect her. Now Nona will have to find her path despite the competing needs for loyalty, friendship, and revenge. Personal ambitions will have to be put on hold as Nona works to stay alive. In a story where the most unexpected keeps on happening, the only sure thing is that there is going to be blood.

While rooting for Nona and her friends is the norm, it is hard not to sympathize with Sherzal, the Emperor’s sister. With the looming ecological catastrophe, it is sad everyone is focused on killing one another instead of jointly focusing on the disaster. Sherzal sees the big picture wants nothing but to harness the powers of nature. While a less bloody approach would have delivered better results, it is easy to understand her frustrations. The way the heroes in this book dismiss Sherzal and her people is unwarranted.

This book lets the reader deeper into the Abeth world. There are more details on the landscape, history, and people of this world. The mythology on the Missing and lost knowledge is covered in detail and gets exciting by the day. Grey Sister mostly deals with friendship and betrayal. It is incredible how far these sisters will go to protect each other. The author also covers the theme of forgiveness while highlighting how deadly revenge can be to someone’s life.

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