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Book Retreat Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Book Retreat Mysteries Books

Murder in the Mystery Suite (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Paperback Parlor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Secret Garden (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Locked Library (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Reading Room (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Storybook Cottage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Cookbook Nook (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Poet's Walk (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Book Lover’s Loft (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Book Retreat Mysteries

Book Retreat is a mystery series by the USA today and New York bestselling author Ellery Adams. The series is set up at Storyton hall in Western Virginia. Jane steward is the series main character. She is a manager in Storyton Hall and a part-time amateur sleuth solving murder mysteries. The setting, both primary and secondary characters and the background are well developed to keep the reader entertained and engaged from the first page to the last.
Adams began the book retreat mystery series in 2014 when Murder in the Mystery Suite, the debut novel was published.

Murder in the Mystery

Murder in the Mystery is the first novel in the Book Retreat Mysteries series. It introduces us to Jane Steward. She is a widow with six-year precocious old twins and the manager of Storyton Hall, a resort for the lovers of books, after taking over the position from her aunt Octavia and uncle Aloysius. The hotel has an extensive secret library, secret rooms, and secret passages. Knowing that the hotel needs some money for renovations and reward the staff, Jane devises a plan of hosting a week of Murder and Mayhem. An activity where mystery fans dress as their favorite characters, take part in scavenger hunts, enjoy delicious food and relax and read.

Before the guests start arriving, Jane and her sons ride on a bicycle to a nearby village where Jane notices a lady falling from a running horse and dies. As guests start arriving drove in by Mr. Sterling, the hotel’s chauffeur, Jane is shocked by seeing some of them dressed as their favorite character. The night’s event was scavenger hunting. Every guest is given an idea that relates to their character, and Alice Hart will award the first to finish the book of Lost Letters. Felix Hampden emerges as the winner of the hunt. The book of Lost Letters is about letters which had lost from Dundee and later were reported to be found. After the winner has been awarded, Fitz and Hem head to their mother informing her that Octavia, her aunt, has fallen sick. Octavia requests the hall’s chef, Mr. Hubbard, to inform Jane that she should take back the book because it was not the one set as the prize.

The following day Jane heads to Hamden’s room to collect Lost Letters only to find him dead. The police confirm that the lady who Jane witnessed crash to her death is the editor of that book. Jane’s immediate thought is whether the two deaths are indeed related. Hampden had bribed Hem and Fitz to assist him in getting the clues and the fact the two after the presentation of the prize attempted to purchase the book from him.

Jane assisted by members of her club; The Cover Girls begins their investigation to find the killer on the loose. They have to race against time to unravel the killer’s identity before other guests find out.

Murder in the Paperback

The second in Book Retreat Series features an elaborate murder plan which keeps the reader attentive till the last page. It starts when Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and Storyton Hall is preparing for the retreat for the romance readers where lovers of romance novels are expected to attend. Famous romance author, Rosamund York is going to be the headliner in the event; there will be chocolate making and tasting, a Male model contest and a fashion show for the ladies when Rosamund’s death news reaches the attendees, they become angry and frustrated. Jane, the Hall manager, receives a call in the wee hours of the night informing her that Rosamund has been found in the garden dead. Jane is shocked because even if she was aware that the author had some enemies including her envious fellow authors, jealous ex-lover and several angry fans; she never thought that they could go to the extent of killing her. Keeping the death as a secret is not possible she has to start investigating before someone else is killed. It is Jane’s responsibility assisted by the hall workers and the cover girls to list down some of the suspects and finds the heartless murderer

It is the work of Jane, being the leader of the Storyton Hall and guard of the secret library to investigate who would be responsible for the death together with the police. There is a freelance journalist, Nigel, whom together with Rosamund had some secrets to hide. Her biggest fan, Maria Stone, is angry about a new book and doesn’t want it to be released because she feels that the author has betrayed women in her new book. Then there is Taylor Birch, the assistant who has been overworked, and the jealous competing enemy author and other people who after reading the book would want her dead. The more Jane investigated, the more she finds a lot of dirt about the author and many of her secrets. Georgia Dupree was one of the chief rivals and is almost rejoicing after her death.
A group of people puts brought by Jane together to guard the secret library since she has made a vow to protect it and had a tattoo to prove it. She is also taking care of her sons and is in love with Edwin, her friend’s brother, but she now has to put the thoughts of romance aside after story on is jeopardized. Edwin is revealed not to be who he claims to be but to Jane the most important thing it to find the murderer of now two people after Nigel; the journalist is also found dead in the paperback parlor

Murder in the Paperback has dynamic and unforgettable characters like Octavia, Aloysius, and Jane who is the force to imagine when it comes to life and job. Betrayals, greed, lies, ambition, love, and blackmail are mixed in this story. Ellery Adams uses captivating words which keep the reader turning a page after another, a tale of murder, jealousy, and romance

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