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Publication Order of Frazzled Books

Frazzled (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Booki Vivat is a published author of books for children and young adults.

Booki Vivat is the creator and the author of the Frazzled series. Frazzled is the first book in the series. The second book is called Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes. The series kicked off in 2016 and has been popular among readers ever since!

Frazzled is the first book of the fictional series by the same name. This is where readers get the chance to meet the main character for the first time of Abbie Wu. If you are a parent and an adult with a young child and want to encourage their reading, this is a great book to pick up. You can find it by going online! Check out the book that was highly praised on All Things Considered as being hilarious,

Abbie is your average girl and she is really excited to begin the middle school year. Even though she is looking forward to starting her time there, she is a girl that is really in the middle of crisis mode. Like many girls her age, she is feeling that no one quite gets her.

She feels like her family has no idea what she is about or doesn’t quite understand her. But that is not the reason that she is in crisis. Nor is the reason because the school lunch ladies seem to be so corrupt and in on a conspiracy that no one knows about.

The thing is that for Abbie Wu, she seems to always be in some sort of crisis mode. It could be the fact that everyone seems to know who they are and she is feeling left out. But the thing is that she always feels like there is a crisis going down in her life.

Is this the normal way to feel or just something totally out of the ordinary? She isn’t sure. The one thing that she does know is that she always seems to be frazzled in one way or another and there is always something going on with her.

Middle school can be tough, and Abbie is trying to get through it the best way that she knows how. She may be a little neurotic, but she’s also a regular girl just trying to figure herself out while going through those awkward growing years.

The book is full of illustrations that bring this story to life. Full of funny moments, the reader is transported straight into the unique brain of this girl as she does her best to try and find out who she really is and where she fits in, if anywhere.

This is a touching and honest guide to how you can survive growing up, even if there seem to be endless disasters that come with it. Abbie is finding that she may be a bit of a drama queen, but that middle school also tends to bring out the tendency in you to freak out every once in a while.

With her nerves being frayed and the trials of being her age making her feel kind of crazy, can Abbie navigate her way through a successful school year? Or will it all end up going terribly wrong? It is anyone’s guess in this funny and up front look at what life is like for a middle schooler that is just trying to figure out who she is.

Check out the illustrations and the black and white doodles to get the full effect and go through life as it pertains to Abbie Wu in this hilarious first book in the series from author Booki Vivat. The book is the first in a series of graphic novels that have ended up being best sellers!

The second book in the Frazzled series is here and brings readers up close and personal once more with the anxiety laden character of Abbie Wu. Middle school can be really tough, and that is something that this girl knows for a fact.

When it comes to middle school, it seems that some days that you just can’t win. At least, that is what things are often like for Abbie Wu. She is dealing with a lot these days and it all seems too much to handle at times.

She has to contend with all sorts of hazards that come along with being an everyday student. Or at least, it all seems to be normal for her. Dealing with thieves coming into your locker? Okay, that’s a little stressful. Dealing with cats that seem to have diabolical ends in their feline minds? That’s a bit outside of the ordinary.

Abbie is hoping that she is going to start seeing things turn up her way. It appears that things are really starting to turn around. She’s hoping that his year she will be able to run for the position of class president and actually win it.

She is also hoping that she is going to be able to get a new locker that is totally shiny and looks great. But her hopes slowly are starting to be dashed, and she wonders whether she is really going to see her luck turn around after all.

In this sequel to the first, Abbie is trying to do more than ever and her middle school experience is challenging to say the least. She is dealing with increasingly chaotic and unfair days in school and doesn’t know how she is going to get through the year.

She has all sorts of things to deal with and doesn’t know what she is going to do for an upcoming science project. With cats on her back and thieves breaking into lockers, it seems that she remains frazzled. Can Abbie break out of her mode of always being in crisis?

Abbie is about to find out. When the catastrophes come her way, she does her best to roll with the punches. Can this neurotic girl problem-solve her way out of her troubles? Will she be able to get through the school year? Read this fun and entertaining graphic novel to find out!

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