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Books by the Bay Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Books By The Bay Mystery Books

A Killer Plot (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deadly Cliché (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Word (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Written in Stone (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poisoned Prose (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lethal Letters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Writing All Wrongs (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Characters (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ellery Adams doesn’t disappoint in this fast paced series that is sure to leave many a reader in awe. From the first time that you get down to reading this series, you realize what mastery has been involved in creating it. The books in this series are ones to be reckoned with and Ellen’s choice of intense drama, murder as well as the nitty-gritty life of the rich, the poor as well as the super rich is just brilliant. How she manages to just capture your imagination and bring you to this world and you are able to feel a part of it is just on a scale of its own. The plot is superb so are the characters in this series that is just great to read and will give not just her fans something to keep them occupied but she is sure to amass a religion of new followers with this series.

The first book in this A Books by the Bay Mystery series goes by the name of A Killer Plot. The book is set in a small town on North Carolina by the name Oyster Bay. The choice of location for this book is just superb and to the point and anyone reading can familiarize themselves more easily with the landscape as well as the people and characters involved in this plot. The ones that aren’t doing well in the society up to the celebrities, you are sure to be taken by the people in this book and you can always find a character that you can relate to in one way or the other.

The setting is perfectly normal until murder creeps in and the whole normalcy of the town just crumbles. The subject that is always of constant gossip goes by the name of Olivia Limoges. Coming back to town in circumstance unbeknownst to almost everyone in the town. Her arrival is just as mysterious as was her departure in the first place and this has drawn a lot of curious glances. She just keeps to herself in her house that she shares with her dog and she has an unfinished novel in the works. She is persuaded to join an association by the name of Bayside Book Writers by Camden Ford. She sees this as an opportunity to get out and possibly even make friends as she clearly doesn’t have any.

This is slowly followed by the town folks turning up murdered with a poem on their side. Seems like there is a serial killer on the loose, the poems are written in a very mature and experienced kind of writer’s language. Anyone who has a knack for language or writing is suddenly a suspect and it’s up to Olivia to catch this killer before anything else happens. The way Eller Adams explores this character and many more in this book is juts on a level of its own and you will be amazed at all the amazing detail that goes into it.

The book is just on a level of its own and the writer just breaks down every bit in a way that can be understood easily. That is what makes a good writer and that is precisely what Ellery Adams is in this series. Just something that once you open on the first page, you will want to go through it to the end. Any fan of mystery novels out there will fall in love with this series immediately as it is both fun and intriguing and brilliant writing all at the same time. Just an amazing writer and this series should have been made into a movie by now or something. Seeing these characters come to life on big screen will just make the whole experience even better for most fans I am sur

The fifth book in this series titled Poisoned Prose finds our main character Olivia Limoges and other writers sponsoring a retreat for storytellers that are actually famous. The mystery behind this is that one of those story tellers is going to have an ending that is not so good. This started out as Olivia thought it would be nice for her and the other book writers’ association members to get to learn a bit more and appreciate all of their talents. But as this goes on, things take a really unexpected turn when one of the most famous and renowned storyteller in the nation by the name of Violetta Deveraux takes to the stage and announces that she will meet her demise on Oyster Bay.

After the show, Violetta is found murdered and anyone that took to the planning of that event is primarily the main suspects. Another rumor is on the rise as people believe that Violetta was in the possession of treasure that was invaluable. Although she grew up in abject poverty on the slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Olivia and the rest of the Bayside Book Writers must solve this really quickly before someone locks them up. With the aid of Chief Rawlings, this group works tirelessly to apprehend the suspect before it is too late for them. Will they succeed and who is this killer? What is the treasure that Violleta possessed and was it true? All this you have to read this fifth book to find out.

The mystery novels are really a tricky affair when it comes to writing them but Ellery has found a way through them that is just indescribable. She makes these novels really interesting and that is the best part about this series. Not just fans of mystery novels will love them but everyone and anyone that finds time to just open a book and read. These books in this series are amazing and make a reader be engaged and that is the whole point really. Ellery says that she is inspired by life to write her books and that is where all the inspiration should come from and that is why you will find her books interesting and ones you can easily relate to. This series is one that you should get down to reading, like now.

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