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“BOSS Inc” is a series of romantic suspense novels by Kathleen Kelly, an award-winning American novelist from California. Kelly went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied and graduated with a degree in History and Anthropology. She started out as a real estate broker and it was during this time that she met Larry Jay Martin, who would become her husband. Shortly after she got acquainted with Larry, he requested that she read one of his unpublished historical western manuscripts. Kat fell in love with the story and the author and she also got interested in writing and decided to become an author herself. She had always been an avid reader and lover of books that had stories rolling around in her head from when she was a child. Kat Martin also loved traveling and anything ancient and hence contemporary romantic suspense and anything historical came naturally to her.

Kat Martin wrote her first novel “Magnificent Passage” in 1988 under the name Kat Martin that she had adopted after she got married. However, she also did use the pseudonym Kasey Mars and Kathy Lawrence when she wrote contemporary romances with Larry Jay Martin her husband. Martin has published a ton of novels in the romantic suspense genre that have sold more than 11 million copies across the world. Her novels have been published in more than seventeen countries in Europe, South America, the US, and Africa. She has also won several prestigious awards including a Career Achievement Award from RT Book Review Magazine. She currently lives in Missoula, Montana. When she is not writing she loves to travel and ski.

The “BOSS Inc” series by Kat Martin is a spinoff of the “Brodies of Alaska” series. The novel follows the hot heroines and alpha heroes of the Brodie Operations security service. Kat combines sexy romance and suspense in entertaining and action-packed reads that have her readers wondering right to the very end. Her leads are evenly matched and have fiery chemistry making the intrigue and intensity so much more thrilling. “Into the Fury” the first novel of the series is the story of Ethan who thinks he could never have had an easier job than protecting some simple-minded models. But then he meets the smart and beautiful Valentine Hart who combines modeling with studying veterinary medicine. Things get interesting when the models start getting death threats which draws the two together. “Into the Whirlwind” is about Dirk, a man who is recovering from a rejection from a lovely woman named Megan. But then her son is kidnapped and he is the only man she can turn to. He knows in his gut that she is still in danger even though he has recovered her son and wants to protect her. She had trusted him to bring back her son but can she trust him with her heart as well. “Into the Firestorm” tells the story of a bounty hunter named Luke who is very good at his job though he prefers to work alone. But then he meets a bounty hunter named Cassidy that could just make him change his mind. She is looking for a man that had hurt her nice and sister and Luke won’t let her find him alone and as such takes her under his wing. He soon falls hard for her and she soon follows suit.

“Into the Fury,” the first novel of the “BOSS Inc” series introduces Ethan Brodie, a man who is done with women. His last girlfriend had gotten pregnant and had refused to let him see his child and now he thinks the worst of women. He is working as an investigator and bodyguard for the La Belle agency and has been charged with finding the man behind a threatening letter that had been sent to their top models. He does not care much for the models until he meets Val Hart. Val is not just your typical model and is in fact friends with his cousin’s wife and hence her safety is personal to him. Even though fraternization is forbidden, the more he spends time with Val, the more his feelings for her develop. Val never intended to fall in love and in fact had been working at La Belle to earn money to pay for her veterinary medicine studies. A top model is murdered in Seattle leaving behind a note proclaiming all models as sinners in need of repentance followed by a similar homicide in Dallas. As things get more dangerous with a hostage situation in Atlanta and a canceled tour, Val and Ethan get even closer.

“Into the Whirlwind” the second novel of the Boss Inc series tells of the whirlwind romance of Dirk and Megan. It all begins with the kidnapping of Charlie’s son which leaves Megan distraught. The only person she knows who can help her is Dirk whose advances she had once upon a time rejected. He had been trying to get her off his mind for five months and then she turns up at his house and he knows something really bad must have happened. The Boss Inc agents are experts at kidnappings and it is not long before Dirk locates the child and retrieves him though the kidnapper gets away. Given that the kidnapper got away, he knows that Megan is still in danger and thus needs to investigate further to determine the reason for the kidnapping. In the meantime, Jonathan who is Megan’s ex is back in the picture and wants Megan back. But Megan is falling back in love with Dirk and wants him back. But he still has to find what made the kidnapper take Megan’s son and it may just be too late when he does find it.

“Into the Firestorm” the third novel of the BOSS Inc series tells of a partner of the BOSS Agency Luke Brodie. The former Delta Force and Special Forces man is in charge of Fugitive Apprehension at the agency and knows how to track and apprehend the best skippers. He is now looking for Rudy Vance, a man that had raped and assaulted Ginny, murdered her housekeeper and then skipped bail. Luke works alone and does not care for partners let alone women or a relationship. For Emma, a middle school teacher, the case is personal as Rudy had killed a friend of hers and assaulted her niece. She is determined to catch Rudy and no one even the hardened Luke Brodie can stand in her way. She has been researching and working on the case for nearly a year and is confident that she is going to find and take down the man that had destroyed her family. Luke is never going to let her take on the man alone given how dangerous he is. They are on a collision course and it is going to be explosive. They finally agree to team up in their quest to find the man but they are soon partnering in other ways too. The only problem is Luke has sworn off relationships and Emma needs to convince him otherwise.

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