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Victoria Quinn is a published best-selling author of fictional novels known for writing romance novels.

Victoria has always entertained an imagination that was quite wild and confesses that it goes back as far as she can remember. She has always enjoyed reading as a hobby, but when it comes to her passions, that’s where writing comes in. She has taken her hobby of reading and her passion for writing and channeled them into writing her own novels and is now a successful author in her own right.

The author is married to her husband and she loves him very much! She says that when it comes to men, she only has eyes for Mr. Quinn. She lives with him along with their two cats that they really adore. The couple resides in the city of Seattle and Victoria says that she loves living there. Today she is known for her Obsidian series of fictional novels as well as her romantic Boss series.

Victoria Quinn is the creator and the author of the popular Boss series of novels. This fictional series is red hot and will have you turning the pages until you get to the end of the book and then looking for the next in the series to continue all of the romance some more! It started with the first book Boss Lady and continued with the second book of the installment, which is titled Boss Man. Check one or all of them out and see why so many readers love the work of Victoria Quinn!

Boss Lady is the first novel in Victoria Quinn’s Boss series of novels. If you love romances then be sure to check this book out! This is where readers meet Diesel Hunt and Tatum Titan for the first time.

Tatum is an alpha woman that is used to doing whatever she wants. She’s seen Diesel Hunt around, just like anyone would that watches television and happens to see him on NBC. Or reads Forbes and glimpsed his name and made the connection. He has the same level of exposure that most billionaires do and is known for getting whatever he likes, or so she would think.

Tatum definitely thinks that he is lame and she doesn’t like that she has reason to get to know him further when he starts looking at her publishing house. It’s Tatum’s business and she’s tried really hard, but it’s failing. There’s no use resisting the truth. She resents the fact that Mr. Hunt appears to think that he can just show up and try to buy her business so that he can flip it for more money.

The last thing that she wants to do is sell it. She has a lot of reasons to hold onto it, and most of them are personal, something this guy wouldn’t understand. He’s used to always doing and getting what he wants, and so when Tatum refuses his offer, he’s a little stunned. He’s used to being the one that is in control, but the colder this woman is towards him, the hotter that he gets.

It’s not often that someone says no to him, especially a woman. It’s clear to Diesel immediately that this woman is his equal, and now his rival. He knows that she’s smart, that she’s confident. She’s refusing to let him control the situation. So of course, he must destroy her. She’s doing everything that she can to keep the publishing house afloat, but deep down this business woman knows that it is just a matter of time before she’s going to come to that crossroads and might have to sell.

Tatum’s an entrepreneur that has won Diesel’s respect. He’s a rich businessman that is smart and powerful. Are the two a match made in business heaven or destined just to have some chemistry and go their own ways? Read this intriguing romance novel to find out!

Boss Man is the second book in the Boss series by Victoria Quinn. If you thought that the first romance was hot, then be sure to check out all the second one too!

Diesel and Tatum are back and the two are hotter than ever. They still don’t have all of the words to define their relationship, but that probably is due to the fact that these two alphas are battling it out to see who can be the most dominant. This also extends to the bedroom, naturally.

Tatum is used to doing what she likes and never compromising for anyone, including any man. When she met Diesel, she took the time to make the exception. Something about this businessman spoke to her eventually, once she got over her rage at him wanting to buy out the publishing house. But it turns out that he was more after her than her business in the end.

Diesel may not be such the cliche that she thought he was, and that’s a relief. This guy is more manly than any other guy that she has known, and seems to know what she wants before she even thinks of it. He is the best lover that she has ever had, fulfills just about every desire that she has, and respects that what they do together is a secret kept between the two of them and not for other people.

Tatum knows that this guy is about to make every risk she’s taken worth it. She’s in control and the two of them are enjoying more passion together than they have ever experienced with other people in their lives. The two of them are like fire when they interact. But is this too much of a good thing to last?

They have such extreme chemistry together that it’s tough for Diesel to see any other woman in his world doing the same things for him that Tatum does. She’s also falling for him. What does their future together hold? Pick up a copy of this book and read to the end to catch all of the chemistry and follow their relationship for yourself!

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