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Publication Order of Boston Belles Books

L.J. Shen is a published American author.

Shen is a best-selling writer that has topped the charts of the Washington Post, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Amazon for her novels. She is known for writing books in the new adult genre, the romance genre, young adult romance, and contemporary fiction. She has seen success with her books as they have been sold in over twenty different countries. The author says that she has hopes of visiting all of the countries where her books have been sold.

The author likes to write angsty books with anti-heroes that are often irredeemable and exist in the same tax bracket as Elon Musk as well as sassy female heroines that are able to bring the anti-heroes to their knees. Yes, in more ways than just one. There’s always some form of groveling and she says that with her books, happily ever after endings are always guaranteed.

L.J. Shen is married. She resides in Florida with her husband and their three sons as well as their pets. L.J. says that she has an active imagination, which helps with her writing. She loves to have some good wine, sit down and watch some bad reality television shows, and reading just as much as she likes.

L.J. Shen is the creator and the author of the Boston Belles series. This series first got started in 2016 with the publication of a prequel novella titled Sparrow. It then continued with the first full length novel of the series in 2020 called The Hunter. It was followed in the same year by the sequel, titled The Villain. The third novel came out in 2021 and is titled The Monster. The fourth novel of the series came out in 2022 and is titled The Rake.

The Hunter is the first novel in the Boston Belles series by L.J. Shen. If you love a good romance, then check this book out!

Main character Hunter is a handsome playboy, but the last thing that he intended at the end of the day was to be the star of a sex tape. He does have natural sexual appeal, but that wasn’t his goal. He explains it away as one of those unexplainable things that happens, like Stonehenge or morning glory clouds. The tape just happened. But just as the sex tape happened, the consequences are happening to Hunter too.

His father is no stranger to being tough on him, but this is getting out of hand. Hunter is being sentenced by his dad to having six months of sobriety, celibacy, and what can only be endless boredom. All of this is going to play out by having him stay with what Hunter calls the nerdiest girl alive in Boston, who happens to go by the name of Sailor Brennan.

He’s obviously not into the idea, but his father has bigger plans for him. He wants to train him to eventually take a place in the family business, an oil company called Royal Pipelines. He has a weird way of preparing Hunter for it, however. He’s supposed to be essentially babysat by a girl that is roughly the same age that he is. How’s that supposed to work?

She’s just going to be sitting around watching his every move and acting like an adult nanny? Hunter doesn’t think so. He has other plans when it comes to these six months, and they involve laying a lot of pipe. And not for the company.

Then there’s Sailor, who is a perfectly nice girl. She didn’t really want the job of looking after a playboy, but the gig was too sweet money-wise for her to say no to. Sailor needs public endorsement and has the time available, so it added up to a yes. Hunter apparently needed a babysitter, so Sailor agreed to take on the task of being his nanny. She figures it can’t be that bad as it’s only six months, which is not that much time if you look at the long run.

She’s only got things to gain by agreeing to this, and besides, it’ll all be over in six months anyway. She doesn’t think that she’s at risk of falling for the guy, anyway, and sees herself as being able to be strong enough to resist him. Even if he is relatively gorgeous, has a ton of charisma, and is very wealthy. He’s also one of the most eligible bachelors in the Boston area, not that she’s noticing.

Sailor promises herself that she will do everything she can to just be immune to the charm of Hunter Fitzpatrick. Even if it does mean that she loses everything or if she burns his kingdom to the ground. Hopefully it won’t come to that. But he is good looking, and they have a lot of time to spend together. Can she resist his charms for the entirety of those six months? Read this book to find out!

The Villain is the second novel in the Boston Belles series by L.J. Shen. If you loved the romance in the first book of this series, then check out an all-new love story with new characters in the follow-up!

Cillian Fitzpatrick has been called many things. He has been called cruel, been referred to as coldblooded, and some have even gone so far to call him Hades in a fancy designer suit. You name it, he’s been called it, every single wicked term on the Earth that you can come up with. That stays true to the media as well, where he is frequently made out to be the villain.

Then there’s Persephone. The man once saved her life, and now she is going to have to ask him for another favor. She needs him to get her out of the mess that her husband got her into. She only needs a small hundred grand to do it, no big deal. But she figures that there might be a chance of it as Cillian is one of the wealthiest guys in the United States today.

She’s willing to ask, but she knows that Cillian, or The Villain as the media sees him, doesn’t give away favors or cash for free. He wants a relationship with Persephone in exchange, and for her to bear his heir. She’s giving up her freedom for him, and he’s resistant to giving up anything at all.

The oldest Fitzpatrick brother now has a new toy to play with. But Persephone isn’t going to make it so easy for him. What will happen between the two? Check out this romance to find out!

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