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Publication Order of Boston Brahmin Books

A bestselling American author of science-fiction and thriller novels, the writer Bobby Akart is a novelist of modern contemporary literature, as he is much revered by both his many peers and contemporaries alike. Well known for infusing elements of religion into his work too, he is able to craft unique and exciting novels that keep the reader constantly engrossed throughout. Knowing and understanding his audience well, showing a clear confidence in his writing and his voice, he has also created a number of series over the years too, with ongoing stories that feature recurring characters with large and expansive narrative arcs. One series that is a perfect example of this is that of his much loved series of novels titled ‘The Boston Brahmin’, which incorporates a variety of different political elements into its narrative too. Taking on a whole range of different subjects and issues, it offers a somewhat dystopic view of the nation of America hanging on the edge of complete societal and economic collapse. Following the attempts of nine ever loyal knights who have descended from the Founding Fathers, it sees them try and defend the country from all external dangers, whilst simultaneously having to reconcile those dangers that are coming from within as well.

Set over the course of six books in total so far and counting, it is a highly ambitious series that draws in a whole range of different topics and subjects into its overall narrative. Looking at how the nation of America has formed since its initial inception and what it means, it attempts to tackle some difficult subject matter, whilst coming to terms with what it really means. Not only that, but it also shows a clear reverence and respect for what the country means, as the series started out in 2015 with the novel ‘The Loyal Nine’ and has come a long way since in a relatively short amount of time.

The Loyal Nine

Initially published through the ‘Brahmin Merchandising Inc.’ publishing label, this would manage to set ‘The Boston Brahmin’ series of novels up, no mean feat when considering the entire scope of it all. Introducing not only the central premise with all the principal elements that make it up, it also brings in a lot of the characters as well, as they are each set up and established. This then gives the entire series to come a sense of foreshadowing too, as it also establishes both the style and the tone too, allowing the atmosphere and ambiance to ferment gradually.

Taking in a large array of grand themes and ideas, this really is a high-concept series that works at pulling a number of disparate elements throughout its entire run. Giving it a feeling of foreboding throughout, Akart has really done extensive research on the subject matter, something which is clearly backed up by his background in academia. Showing a lot of imagination, he has been able to craft characters that feel very real and immediate, giving them a clear sense of purpose and substance to their actions.

With the nation of America currently caught in a political crossfire between the oligarchs of the country and the government who continue to make promises to the citizens. As economic unrest completely sweeps the country, it appears that the nation is on the brink of complete collapse and it is up to ‘The Loyal Nine’ to ensure the safety of the nation remains intact. Descending from the Founding Fathers, they are a group of knights who must do whatever it takes to keep the people of America free of tyranny and external dangers, but it is the dangers from within that may prove to be their biggest threat yet. Will they be able to save the day? Can they keep America Free? What will become of those that are known as The Loyal Nine?

Cyber Attack

Picking up from where the last novel left off, this provides another installment in the continuing ‘Boston Brahmin’ series of novels, as it continues much of the action and arcs. First published in 2015, this was released only a few months after the first, as it was brought out on the 17th of September, as opposed to the original which was published on the 14th of June. Providing a sense of development in not only the characters, but the world as well, as they all move on, ultimately trying to make sense of the chaos that is unfolding around them all.

With a lot of themes recurring from the first, this manages to recapture a lot of ideas from the original. The characters are also clearly developed, with many shades of grey involved too. Taking the story global it is set upon a large stage, providing a definite sense of scale to the action.

This time the wealthy oligarchs plot and scheme the demise of America by planning a series of cyber attacks on the citizens of the country, in an attempt to bring down the forces of democracy. As the cyber attacks progress and threaten to escalate into a full blown cyber war involving the entire world with all the nations involved, it would appear that chaos is imminent, with the nefarious forces looking to make their move and seize control. Within all of this a shadowy group of financiers known only as ‘The Boston Brahmin’ are attempting make their presence known, as they manipulate the world stage from the shadows, using the weakness of the American president, as he attempts to cling to power and regain order over this troubling turn of events. Will he succeed in being able to retain order and control? Can he stop the seemingly inevitable? Who will emerge victorious from the cyber attack?

The Boston Brahmin Series

A series that really knows what it’s about and what it’s setting out to achieve, this franchise definitely manages to make an impact over the entire course of its run. Taking in a whole range of different aspects, it really works at combining character and narrative together, giving them both equal space to grow and develop alongside each other. With a lot more room to build and lot more to say over the series of books, it definitely manages to provides something that’s both timeless and necessary, something that will continue for many years to come yet.

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