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Publication Order of Boston Police/FBI Books

Boston Police/FBI series by Carla Neggers
Author Carla Neggers writes the “Boston Police/FBI series of romantic suspense novels. The series is also known as the “Ireland” series. The series began publication in the year 2006, when “The Widow” was released.

“The Widow” is the first novel in the “Boston Police/FBI” series and was released in the year 2006. Only four days after Abigail Browning’s wedding, her whole life was changed unimaginably when her husband got fatally shot along the rocky Mount Desert Island coast. Could it have been just a random act of violence, or did somebody actually want Christopher dead?

This is the question that has been haunting Abigail, who is now a homicide detective, for the previous seven years. Determined to track down her husband’s killer, she goes back to the foggy island in Maine after she received an anonymous tip. Could it just be another false lead, or could she finally prove that Chris was in fact murdered?

The search-and-rescue worker, named Owen Garrison, that found Chris too late in order to save him, is still carrying guilt from this fateful night. While he helps Abigail unravel this mystery, they discover that the layers of lies and deceit are much thicker than they could ever have imagined. Now it is up to Owen and Abigail to keep on pushing for the truth. And keep this killer from striking again.

This is an interesting, suspenseful read that has some strong characters and a twisting and turning plot and storyline that keeps you guessing throughout. Carla does a great job of giving each of these characters plenty of depth, and is able to conceal the killer until the very end of the book.

“The Angel” is the second novel in the “Boston Police/FBI” series and was released in the year 2008. On an isolated bit of the rugged coast in Ireland, Keira Sullivan (illustrator and folklorist) pursues the mysterious Irish legend of one ancient Celtic stone angel. While she searches this remote ruin, she is sure that she has found the mythic angel, however before she is able to examine her find, she senses this malevolent presence. Could somebody be in there with her? The ruin then collapses and she is trapped.

A Boston homicide detective, who is also Keira’s uncle, enlists the aid of Simon Cahill to locate his missing niece. Simon, who is an expert with Fast Rescue, who is a rapid-response-search-and-rescue organization, is attempting to keep a low profile after he secretly aided in the takedown of one major criminal network. However he rushes out to Ireland, pulling Keira out of the rubble, right when she is about to free herself.

Simon is uninterested in both magic and myths, and he is not at all surprised when Keira is unable to locate a trace of her stone angel. He does not even believe that it exists. However the gruesome evidence of one shocking act of violence is enough to convince him that whatever she found in the ruin, the danger that she is facing is real. The violence ends up following them back to Boston, and it escalates, Keira and Simon realize that the long-forgotten tale that’s captivated her has aroused a killer, also, one that is a calculating predator that is sure to kill again.

This has a nice plot and some fantastic characters in it, making for some great, suspense filled reading time.

“The Mist” is the third novel in the “Boston Police/FBI” series and was released in the year 2009. Lizzie Rush finds evidence that Norman Estabrook (a thrill seeking billionaire) might be at the center of an international criminal network, she finds she is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Raised in the elite world of her own hotelier family, and educated in reality by her spy dad, she is the perfect choice to slowly gather information that is going to take Estabrook down. However no good deed goes unpunished.

She knows she isn’t safe, despite Estabrook’s arrest. He will stop at absolutely nothing to exact revenge against the people that took him down, unless she is able to stop him first. When she learns about a bomb that is set to go off in Boston, her instincts are proven to be right. However her warning does not come soon enough. One detective gets seriously injured during the blast and another (the FBI director’s daughter) vanishes. Then Will Davenport, an intelligence officer, shows up with one simple message. Norman is gone.

Lizzie does not know yet how Will found her or whose side he is on, but she does know that he will be able to help prevent these killers from striking again. Now Lizzie, who has spent the previous year shrouded in a fog of deception, doesn’t have any choice but to trust Will, a guy that answers to nobody and lives by a code of personal honor. At least until the mist finally clears and the scary truth is revealed at last.

Fans of the novel found this was another thrilling adventure in this series, that is filled with surprises. The female heroine in it is rather refreshing, and she is a clever, strong, and kind woman.

“The Whisper” is the fourth novel in the “Boston Police/FBI” series and was released in the year 2010. Modern day murder and ancient rituals as the killing as only got started.

Sophie Malone, an archaeologist, is still haunted one year after she was left for dead in an isolated Irish cave. She now is convinced that her night of horror is connected to some recent violence in Boston. Did the killer that was under arrest steal the ancient Celtic treasure out of the cave that night? Or is some other killer out there and ready to kill again?

“Scoop” Wisdom, a Boston detective, has recovered from his injuries and is going after the bomber that nearly killed him. Stubborn and tough, he is the absolute best at detecting lies, except possibly those of Sophie Malone. When one ex-cop is the victim of a ritual sacrifice, it is clear that no one is safe and everybody is a suspect.

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