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Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors Books In Order

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Publication Order of Boston's Billionaire Bachelors Books

Doctor Scandalous (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doctor Mistake (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doctor Heartless (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doctor Playboy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors (Series by J. Saman)
J. Saman writes the “Boston’s Billionaire’s Bachelors” series of romance novels. They are stand alone reads that feature Boston’s hottest billionaire doctors and the women that they fall head over heels in for. The books are laugh out loud, steamy, romances sure to hit you in the feels.

“Doctor Scandalous” is the first novel in the “Boston’s Billionaire’s Bachelors” series and was released in 2021. Amelia has been dreading this for a year now. That’s a lie, she’s been dreading such a reunion since they graduated high school a decade ago.

So why is she here, standing outside the door like the eternal wallflower she is? Amelia would say it is because her little sister browbeat her into it, however the truth of the matter is, she is tired of being a nobody. Of never taking a risk with herself and her life. And, well, maybe she’s also hoping she can see him.

The insanely gorgeous and tall man walking her way right now. Oliver Fritz is regarded as being one of Boston’s sexiest doctors. Amelia knows him as the former god of their school. The one that every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be. The one just as unhappy to be here as Amelia is.

And that is when Oliver makes the proposal that Amelia’s always dreamed about. Only, this one’s a fake. On bended knee, he places a ring on her finger and proposes they brave this reunion together, with her playing the part of his fake fiancee. However when their steamy and wild night ends with scandal, they’re forced to make a deal.

He gives her what she needs, and in return he does not lose face with the media that love him or his sick mom. Sounds simple, right? Only a few months of pretending to be engaged to one of Boston’s most notorious billionaire bachelors. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, everything.

This is a super steamy, laugh out loud, full on romance which will hit you right in the feels.

Oliver is a swoon worthy character that is easy to fall in love with. Amelia is a kind hearted and tenacious heroine that struggles to find her voice. Readers loved everything about each of these characters, and their road to forever is a fantastic journey, one that’s well worth taking. J Saman takes you on an emotional roller coaster, from tears to laughter, to frustration to blushing and back again, with each piece being placed perfectly to have the biggest impact.

“Doctor Mistakes” is the second novel in the “Boston’s Billionaire’s Bachelors” series and was released in 2021. Carter is the big brother of Grace’s best friend. Her boss. And now her new roommate.

In the hospital, death always comes in threes. So do mistakes, apparently. Mistake number one? Her fiance, who she just discovered is cheating on her. So much for being the strong and in control doctor that’s always at the top of her game. Second mistake? Knocking on the wrong door. The door that she believed still belonged to her best friend now belongs to his older brother, her overly cocky, obnoxious, gorgeous-as-hell attending physician. Carter Fritz.

This billionaire playboy gives her a place she can stay, and a shoulder she can cry on. However when he makes her feel seen for the very first time in who knows how long, she tells herself she doesn’t regret what was easily the hottest and most earth shattering night of her whole life.

Up until mistake number three comes along, and she is staring down at this stick with two pink lines on it. Having a baby at this stage of her residency might just cost her everything that she has worked so very hard to build.

However Carter is undeterred. He doesn’t want more, he wants everything. Including Grace. However what happens if following her heart winds up becoming her biggest mistake of all?

This is a super steamy and deliciously angsty forbidden romance which is going to hit you right the feels.

“Doctor Heartless” is the third novel in the “Boston’s Billionaire’s Bachelors” series and was released in 2022. Landon is insufferably attractive, cruel, and broken beyond all redemption. And after the nightmare that Elle just ran from, these details should have made him the perfect storm of do not touch. Except she never knew any of this, besides the attractive part, when she met the guy.

Their story began on a lie. He pretended that he was somebody else, and she didn’t ask too many questions. And she didn’t try stopping him when he snuck out of her hotel room during the wee hours of the morning. Elle was determined to begin her new life on an uptick and a wild one-nighter with a hot stranger felt like just the thing. Only she should’ve known that something that good wouldn’t end so easily.

On her first night spent in her new house, their paths cross again when she learns that he is now her new neighbor. No longer the charming guy that she met in the bar, he is totally unfriendly, and fully intolerable. As if that could not get any worse, she soon learns that she’s also his daughter’s new teacher. A wonderful daughter that Elle cannot help but fall in love with. Something that she refuses to do with him. Their button pushing back and forth never fails to get under her skin. If anything, his sudden off limits status makes this devilish single father that much easier.

How searing his heated gaze is when she catches him staring at her. Regardless of the temptation that he presents. Or just how breathless their stolen moments leave them both. After all, this is the fresh start that she so desperately needs, and Elle’s not letting anything get in her way. No, she cannot give into Doctor Heartless. Doesn’t matter just how hard he tries changing her mind.

This is a deliciously steamy, enemies to lovers, sunshine/grumpy romance sure to hit you right in the feels.

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