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Both Sides of Time Books In Order

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Publication Order of Both Sides Of Time/Time Travelers Books

Both Sides of Time (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of Time (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prisoner of Time (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
For All Time (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Caroline B. Cooney began publishing her “Both Sides of Time” series (which is also called “Time Travelers Quartet”) in the year 1995, when the novel “Both Sides of Time” was released. The series is young adult time travel romance, and it ended after four books with the release of “For All Time” which came out in the year 2001.

Annie Sophia Lockwood stars in three of the four books of the series, and finds out a way to time travel a hundred years into the past. At the start of book one, she is about fifteen years old. Annie is a romanticist who feels that she is living in the wrong time period. She has thick and dark hair.

Book one of the series presents readers with a situation that pops up when two totally different centuries collide with one another and show off the completely different roles that women have. The big plot of the story is Annie gets caught in two different periods of time and has to figure out which life she wants to have and what life fate will allow her to have.

The one book that Annie does not star in, another character named Devonny stars in. She is the younger sister of Strat, a character that Annie falls in love with while she is in the year 1895. Devonny is ahead of her time as a woman, as she is independent minded with her own ideas about different business ventures. However, she lives in a time when women are supposed to stay at home and please their husband.

“Both Sides of Time” is the first novel in the “Both Sides of Time” series and was released in the year 1995. Annie is watching Sean (who is her boyfriend) as he fixes his car, and wonders if he is the right guy for her. Later, she is looking through an amazing house called the Stratton Mansion, she is taken from this time one hundred years into the past.

While in this past, she is able to meet some of the people that live in the house. One of these people is a young guy named Strat (who has the full name of Hiram Stratton Junior). Some murders take place in the house, and Annie finds herself quickly falling love with Strat. She begins to go back and forth between the pair of time periods. She always wonders, however, which guy she will end up with and in what time.

Some readers, who had forgotten these books, felt a whole bunch of memories come flooding back to them when they found one of these books. Fans of the novel find that no matter how much they read these books, they still enjoy them a lot. They especially love Annie, who they feel is just like them, and find themselves thinking about what it would be like to be in the late 1800s with her and Strat. Readers are addicted to these books from the time they start them until they are finished with them.

“Out of Time” is the second novel in the “Both Sides of Time” series and was released in the year 1996. Annie has a field trip for school in New York City, which happens about a year after she came back to her time in 1995. While she is in New York, she goes back one hundred years back into the past, and finds out that Strat (Annie’s one true love) was put into an insane asylum.

He is put there because he insisted upon the fact that Annie is a real person, even after she went missing mysteriously, and after she did this, everyone forgot she existed. She is told this information by Devonny, who is taking her vacation in New York at the time.

Annie makes the choice to get Strat out of the asylum to make 1896 know that she is a real and living person. Not to mention that Strat is sane. Soon after she is successful in breaking her love out, she is taken on back to her own time right after.

These books have incredible characters, that readers cannot help but love quite a bit. Fans of the novel found that Cooney’s romances are not the typical puke romances that normally get released. These are more philosophical, something that is a wonderful touch to things. The novel is something that gives some a break from other things that they are reading and helps them simply decompress.

“Prisoner of Time” is the third novel in the “Both Sides of Time” series and was released in the year 1998. Devonny slips a century into the future, which is Annie’s time. She finds herself falling for Tod Lockwood (Annie’s brother). This happens at a time when she was about to marry a man (who is called Lord Hugh-David) that she is not in love with or even respect. She was going to marry him because the family’s business and own reputation hanging on by a thread. If she goes through with the marriage, she feels that her mother in law will be in control of everything that she does.

Tod Lockwood is trying to find out his own place in the world. He has a tough time living up to Annie, and has some failed business enterprises under his belt. The only confidence he has is when he is coaching girls soccer.

While in the present, she is able to find the strength and happiness in herself that can be found in Tod’s age. It is something that makes her bolder about her own future. All the while, Hugh-David starts to learn how to stand up for himself when looking for Devonny. At the same time, he starts loving her for being the woman that she truly is. When she comes back, she finds that things favor her so that she can make her own path for the future.

Some found this to be quite a cute story, and this is a great way to spend a few hours. Fans of the novel found themselves liking the fact that Devonny, who is a favorite character of quite a few people, got her own book. Some even felt for Devonny when she came to the present, with all of the things (things like chivalry, manners, and social graces) that had been lost over time.

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