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Boudreaux Universe Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lady Boss Press Presents: Boudreaux Universe Books

Tracey Jerald is a published author and a contributor to the Boudreaux Universe series. She grew up in Connecticut. When she was younger and got to the end of the book, she would sometimes then come up with a different ending for them while riding her bike. Soon she was typing these new endings for stories out and coming up with extended epilogues for them.

Tracey would attend college in Florida and graduated with her degree in the field of Criminal Justice. She says that she witnesses things that she’ll never forget or quite believe all the way. She eventually decided to leave that line of work and go into IT. Tracey would be employed by an Internet startup company. When they relocated her to northern Virginia, it was a happy twist of fate. Tracey would meet the man who would go on to become her husband because of the move. They have a son together and reside in northern Florida. The author loves spending free time writing or hanging out with her family. She loves reading books, coffee, and watching HGTV.

J.H. Croix is a best-selling author and a contributor to Lady Boss Press’s Boudreaux Universe series. She resides in Maine on beautiful historic farmlands along with her husband and their dogs. She loves to write contemporary romance stories that feature strong leading men with emotions and women that are in touch with who they are as well as their sassy side. She loves small towns that have plenty of quirks as well as the fictional people that live there, something that comes through in her own stories.

Lea Coll is a former trial attorney that grew up in Pennsylvania in a small town and is now a published author and mother. While she spent a decade and more of her life working as an attorney, she now is happy to come up with characters and plots for her stories. She has three children that she loves to spend time with and finds writing fiction and romance to have its own freedom after legal writing. She lives with her family in the state of Maryland.

The Boudreaux Universe series is a fun and exciting series of novels written by a variety of authors! Tracey Jerald, J.H. Croix, Lea Coll, L.P. Dover, Anna Edwards, Melissa Belle, Bethany Lopez, Lauren Smith, Jodi Linton, Stacey Lewis, S. Moose, S.A. Clayton, Leslie Fear, and Dani René all helped write stories for this romantic series.

Easy Reunion is the first novel in the Boudreaux Universe series of fiction and was composed by Tracey Jerald. Check out this romantic debut and see what you think!

When it comes to things done wrong, sometimes it’s easier to forgive other people than it can be to forgive yourself. Main character Kelsey Kennedy has made plans to come into town and she’s already regretting them. Her gut said stay away, but she overruled herself and decided to take a flight into town to attend her high school reunion.

Kelsey quickly finds out that they haven’t changed much from back in the day. Since they’re all still like they were in school, she’s happy to leave. She bails to go to the bar at the hotel. Who needs to be around people like that? But the last thing that she counted on was encountering something painful from her past.

The worst part about all of this is that the guy doesn’t even recognize who she is. Kelsey knows that he doesn’t, so decides to use her anonymous status to her advantage. Back in the day, she had a huge crush on Rierson Perrault, and now she wants to spend some time with him. Just one night, that’s all. She even plans to disappear in the morning and avoid any lingering questions he might have.

The two spend the night together and Rierson never realizes a thing. Then he figures it out later and feels upset. He would have loved to have acknowledged her as Kelsey and reconcile, something he really wanted to do. After all, that’s why he was attending the reunion. It was his only motivation for going. Ry becomes upset and cannot believe that he missed this.

Ry and Kelsey are destined to encounter each other once more, this time in New Orleans. Can the two finally put themselves out there and be together? Or will it be still more time until they reunite? Read this romance to find out!

Easy This Time is the second novel in the Boudreaux Universe series and is written by J.H. Croix. Check out this sizzling sequel and see what you think!

Nash Reynolds is desired by many women, and why not? He’s handsome, smart, a Southern gentleman, and wealthy. Really wealthy. But when one woman in particular that is used to being independent starts to fall for him, it might just be different from the other times.

She’s convinced she doesn’t need any man to be in her life and doesn’t expect much from guys in general. So when she meets Nash, his charm and his good looks just don’t work on her the way he might hope they would. But she still keeps on thinking about him. Still, could Nash be the one? Read this romance to find out!

Easy Moves is the third novel in the Boudreaux Universe. Gabe is astonished when the most recent hire for the position of U.S. Attorney walks into his bar in heels and a suit. He asks her for help, knowing he’s already attracted to her and that they’re also living in different worlds.

Taylor knows privilege and is spoiled. He’s a guy that falls for women like her every time. She’s come to the city to start over and do good in New Orleans. When she meets Gabe, she’s not exactly won over immediately as he tells her that she’s not familiar with the people or location enough.

As Taylor fights her attraction to the bartender, can she hold out? Or will the job she takes as a waitress there be too much time together to resist? Find out if they get together by reading this novel!

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