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Publication Order of Boudreaux Books

Boudreaux is a series of contemporary romance novels written by Kristen Proby. The books follow the romantic exploits of the successful Boudreaux family as they attempt to balance their careers with their love lives.

+The Story
The Boudreaux series is a family saga set in Louisiana. The Boudreaux family has been around for generations. During that time, they have garnered a reputation for building ships and boats.

By the time ‘Easy Love’, the first of the Boudreaux novels kicks things off, Bayou Enterprises, the Boudreaux family’s company, is a powerful contender on the national stage.

The corporation is managed by Eli Boudreaux, one of the older boys who works alongside his eldest brother to keep the family name strong.

There are six siblings in the Boudreaux family. Each installment in this series follows the exploits of a particular sibling.

Eli is the most hardworking of the lot. Blessed with good looks and an amazing mind for business, Eli’s star is rising by the time readers meet him. A highly ethical leader that understands the needs of his company and who has given his blood, sweat, and tears for the family’s success, Eli should be satisfied with life.

Most men would love nothing better than to emulate his success while the women would kill for a night with him. However, Eli’s chance at true love doesn’t come until he discovers a traitor in his company and hires Kate to sniff them out.

Over the course of their interactions, Kate realizes that Eli isn’t exactly the notorious playboy everyone said he was.

Unlike Eli, Gabrielle Boudreaux isn’t as closely associated with the family business. The youngest sibling in the family, Gabrielle is a single mother running an Inn in Louisiana.

The young woman was so thoroughly burned by her previous partner that she has chosen to give up on love as a whole, having determined to dedicate her life to her son and her business.

Her luck changes when a baseball player suffers an injury and settles down at her Inn to heal. Rhys reveals the loneliness Gabrielle has struggled with for years, helping her find a semblance of happiness.

Of all the Boudreaux siblings, Declan is the one that is the most uninhibited. The musician’s charm has always helped him entice any woman he wanted. And Declan has always loved women.

The notion of settling down never struck him until he met Callie Mills, a woman who, after losing her father and her job, came back home to run a derelict bar.

Unlike Gabrielle, Charly Boudreaux is pretty successful in most areas of her life, and she thought she had everything a woman could want: a career, a family, and a home. Men were hardly a priority and she figured that they were more trouble than they were worth.

But then she met a motivational speaker who helps women with their love lives and realized that her life was missing an essential element.

Beau is the oldest sibling of the Boudreaux family. He is also co-CEO of Bayou Enterprises. Beau never had time for anything. His family and his business always kept him busy. But then he moved into a company loft to be closer to his office and met an herbal shop owner who completely bewitched him.

Savannah Boudreaux married her high school sweetheart. She thought they would be together forever. But things ended terribly. She never thought she would find love in the arms of her brothers’ best friend, an MMA fighter.

The Boudreaux series is pretty standard for the contemporary romance genre. And even fans of the author will tell you that these books are predictable. They bring nothing new to the table.

Fans of the series are drawn to it primarily because of Kristen Proby’s writing style and characterization.
The author’s heroes are alpha males. They are all tough on the outside, burdened by terrible reputations. But on the inside, they are soft, sweet, and tender. And they are in desperate need of a loving hand. But they do not know it.

The heroines have suffered. They’ve been hurt but they are willing to give love a go. Their opinion of the hero is always clouded by the negative rumors they have heard.

But once they meet him and get to know him, they quickly see the loving soul hiding behind his steely exterior.

The Boudreaux books are sometimes criticized for featuring an abundance of dated pop culture references.

+The Author
Kristen Proby is an American author from Montana. Her writing journey was a difficult one. She had to wake up before dawn to write on a regular basis. She also spent numerous hours in workshops.

She made numerous submissions to agents and editors all of whom rejected her repeatedly until she finally gave up and decided to take the self-publishing route in 2012.

+Easy Love
Kate O’Shaughnessy is the woman companies hire when they want to investigate their people. She has the skills to scrutinize a firm from top to bottom, assimilating into the employee pool and uncovering all the thieves and fraudsters hiding within.

When Eli Boudreaux discovers that someone in his company is stealing from him, he hires Kate to find the culprit. The sparks between the pair fly the moment they meet. But Kate is reluctant to give in to her attraction because she heard Eli was a playboy.

As she grows to know him, she realizes that there is more to the hardworking businessman than meets the eye. Kate begins to fall for her charming, generous employer even as her work takes an interesting turn.

+Easy Charm
Rhys was a great baseball player and his future was looking bright. But then he suffered an injury and fled to the Boudreaux Inn to recuperate. There he met a woman whose beauty blew him away.

Gabrielle only cares about her son. Things with her previous partner ended badly. So she promised to pour her life into her family and her Inn. She never told anyone how lonely her existence became.

But then Rhys came into the picture and everything changed. But as Rhys’ injury begins to heal, he must decide if he is ready to leave his career for Gabrielle.

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