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Publication Order of Boundary Books

By: Eric Flint, Ryk E. Spoor

Publication Order of Boundary: Castaway Books

By: Eric Flint, Ryk E. Spoor
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The Boundary series is a set of three novels written by the noteworthy authors Eric Flint and Ryk E Spoor. The novels of the series are based on the science fiction genre and are published between the years 2006 and 2013. All the three novels of the series as well as a 4th young adult novel published in 2015 are set in a universe similar to that of the humans. The other three novels of the series serve as the sequels to the first novel, all of which take place in a short time frame 30 years ahead from the present time. The plots of the novels of the series depict the technological advancements that exist widely in the universe. They depict the future settings of the series, especially the ‘fairy dust’ wireless sensor systems that are used by the character A.J. Baker for a number of applications. However, the technology depicted in the novels of the series are not very much advanced as compared to the technology present in our universe today. The authors Ryk E Spoor and Eric Flint have tried to avoid a few political land-mines while writing the plots of the novels of the series in order to portray that the world is not as bad as it appears in today’s world. They have tried to depict the world as a normal place with the politics and the people, who follow the similar basic paths that they have been following till now. The authors have written the Boundary trilogy as an attempt to describe a generally realistic and positive view of a human future that is possible. They have tried to tell the readers that the people in the future universe are still humans, but their sense of exploration and wonder helps them to match their wits with the unreliable and uncaring universe and emerge out of it as leaders in the long run. Authors Eric Flint and Ryk E Spoor have not tried to show the conflict between the humans, but between the humans and the universe, as they believe that the universe is a dangerous deep space.

The first novel of the Boundary series was published by the Baen Books publishing house in the year 2006. It was titled as ‘Boundary’. The plot of this novel revolves around the lives of the main characters Helen Sutter and A.J. Baker. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Helen Sutter is introduced as a paleontologist, who shows an unusual fossil. She studies it and concludes that it belongs to an alien life form called Bemmius Secordii, which was killed and fossilized on the K-T Boundary. She also concluded that this boundary was the result of the impact of a huge asteroid that caused the extinction of all types of dinosaurs, except the birds. This theory did not become very popular as the other paleontologists believed that it was not true. Now, another character named A.J. Baker, who is introduced by the authors as a sensor expert, makes a discovery that relates Bemmius Secordii to the mystery of a moon of Mars named Phobos. Baker had previously helped Helen Sutter with the initial survey of the site of the unique fossils. He also states in his theory that the little moon of Mars is hiding a deserted and ancient alien installation. Inside one its room there are mummified bodies of a strange and familiar thing. The discoveries of Baker about the moon of Mars were initially not known to Helen. But when she gets informed about it, she and Baker come together along with a phlegmatic engineer named Joe Buckley, an intelligence agent named Madeline Fathom, and a few others. The team of surveyors and investigators go on a journey of Phobos as a part of the most ambitious mission by humans in space. They desire to go there to personally investigate the remains of an extinct alien civilization that was dead for 65 million years.

In order to accomplish this mission successfully, the NASA and civilian organization of space studies called Ares come together and build the most powerful and the largest spacecraft Nike. The vessel was capable enough to carry several dozens of researchers and support crew to Mars and come back in time. It was believed that the Nike was the most massive space vessel ever built by the mankind. In order to minimize the fallout, the crew member of Nike include a number of scientists from different countries. Among the crew members, Madeline Fathom was the most formidable person, who was extremely skilled and had a long experience in her field. At first she is hired as an inferior crew member than Helen, Baker, and Joe. But, as the time passes by, she becomes more indulged in the operation and also makes a good friendship with the three main members of the crew. When the Nike spacecraft reaches Phobos, the research activities begin to take place by the scientists immediately. They eventually come to know that the Bemmies were really present in the solar system of the humans for a long time. Despite having an appearance similar to that of the aliens, they had a lot of common things with the humans. Baker and Joe find some designs and devices that point towards the similarities. The researchers began to investigate whether more Bemmies were present on Phobos, which would mean that they will be able to find and analyze more alien technology that can be used to improve and modify the technology available to the humans.

The second novel of the Boundary series was published under the title ‘Threshold’. It was released by the Baen Books publishing house in the year 2010. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Helen Sutter is shown as thinking that she had gone farther than any other paleontologist after discovering the fossil and getting a chance of going on a trip to Mars. She was also joined by A.J. Baker, who was a sensor expert working for the Ares Corporation, and Madeline Fathom, who was a former agent and the current chief of security for the research institute of the UN. The presence of these extraordinary people in the mission to Mars made Helen believe that there is always a chance to go even further. The discoveries of the research group take them to a mysterious asteroid named Ceres. They enter into a gold rush after racing into the bombarded moons of Jupiter. The group also finds the alien technology that was hidden on Mars. Also,there were people who would do anything to take possession of the advance alien technology. Due to this rush, the first interplanetary war seemed very near.

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