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Publication Order of Bow Street Runners Books

Someone to Watch Over Me (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Sophia's Lover (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Worth Any Price (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lisa Kleypas is an American author of fiction. She has written over twenty novels and has received the RITA Award for her work. Her novels have been published in many different languages and have risen to best selling status all over the globe.

Kleypas was born in Texas. In addition to being a full time author, she lives with her husband and their two children in the United States in Washington state. She attended Wellesley College and graduated with her political science degree.

She would have her first novel published at the age of 21. In addition to being a novelist, she also used to be a pageant queen. She participated in the Miss America competition as Miss Massachusetts in 1985. She faced the challenges of wearing a banner with a long name for her short stature, and ending up having to tuck excess banner into her swimsuit, cutting off the end of the state name as a result.

Lisa left behind the world of showing of her talent and swimwear in the attempt to win a title to start a family by the time 1998 rolled around. She had gotten married and given birth to a lovely son. Her writing also started to take off, when her novel Stranger in My Arms received an award from Waldenbooks for the greatest sales growth.

Just a little while later, Someone to Watch Over Me would become a finalist for the Rita award by the Romance Writers of America. Her novel Suddenly You also was a Rita finalist in 2002. Lisa finally won the award for a holiday anthology novella featured in Wish List, a Dorchester Publication.

Her novel Lady Sophia’s Lover was also the recipient of an award from Romantic Times Magazine. Her novels have gone on to win several awards, mentions, and favorable reviews. Her book Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor was the inspiration for a movie. In December 2012, Christmas With Holly aired on the Hallmark Hall of Fame channel.

Lisa is the author of the Bow Street Runners series. This fictional series kicked off with the release of the first book in the series, Someone to Watch Over Me. She followed this up with the sequel, Lady Sophia’s Lover. The third novel in the series is Worth Any Price. Worth Any Price was listed as the top ten picks in 2003 for best romance by Amazon Editor and also received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. It also won a RITA award in the category of Best Short Historical.

Someone to Watch Over Me is the first book in Lisa Kleypas’s Bow Street Runners series. In this debut story in the series, readers get to meet Grant Morgan. He’s a bachelor living in London. Not only is he eligible, but he is quite unattainable as well and very tough to get. No lady yet has succeeded.

Grant also belongs to a group called the Bow Street Runners. One night he is called down to the waterfront. It’s late at night and he is summoned for the purpose of looking into a tragic victim of drowning. But when he gets there, he is shocked to see that he is looking at the face of a woman of the night named Vivien Rose Duvall.

Grant is even more surprised when Vivien is still alive and has survived her ordeal. However, she has no one out there to care for her. Grant takes her to his house and brings her back to life. Through the process, he finds out that she has amnesia and has zero recall about what she went through.

Grant decides to fill her in regardless, only he tells her that she is actually his mistress. She has doubts that this is her identity, but she’s going to figure out what’s going on and not be seen asking questions. If anything, the recounting of her drowning in the river is evidenced by the marks on her throat that it was not an accident. Someone tried to harm her and have her drown in the Thames– making it look like an accident.

Vivien has no choice but to rely on Grant as they work together to figure out what happened. Grant’s the only one who has the ability to protect her and besides, they are lovers, apparently. Grant is looking for her attacker and trying to put an end to all of this. But in the course of this search, are the two destined to fall in love?

The pair must stay light on their feet and keep their eyes on the goal because someone is still out there. There is at least one person lurking in the night that wants to make sure that Vivien is dead. Can Grant stop that from happening? Read the first book in Lisa Kleypas’s Bow Street Runners series to find out!

Lady Sophia’s Lover is the second novel in the Bow Street Runners series by romance author Lisa Kleypas. Fans of the Runners series by Kleypas will love this exciting sequel that follows Lady Sophia!

Sophia is searching for a lover and looking among the most eligible bachelors in London. But even if she were to find him, could she win him over? Seduction is everything, and when she catches sight of Sir Ross Cannon, all bets are off.

Sophia Sydney is a lady, and she wants Sir Ross– to be caught up in her plan to ruin his life and reputation by causing a huge scandal. Lady Sophia’s plan is elaborate, and she is fully committed. Eventually she gains his trust so deeply that she is literally residing in his household.

The thing is, Sir Ross is starting to be attracted to this beautiful woman. Everything about her compels him; from the way she serves meals to him or the way that she brushes against him when she goes by. He is falling madly in love with her.

Ross is falling for this lady who tempts him with her eyes every night. Sophia knows that her plan is working, but she never planned that she would be the one falling in love too. What will happen? Read Lady Sophia’s Lover to find out!

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