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Publication Order of Boy Fortune Hunters Books

The Boy Fortune Hunters of Alaska (1906)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Fortune Hunters in Panama (1907)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt (1908)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Fortune Hunters in China (1909)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Fortune Hunters in Yucatan (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Fortune Hunters in the South Seas (1911)Description / Buy at Amazon

L. Frank Baum is the pen name of Lyman Frank Baum, who went by Frank and shortened the first initial for one of his many pen names. Born in 1856 in New York, he is best known for his creation of the land of Oz in the immensely popular children’s literature series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which ended up inspiring the iconic 1939 feature film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland as the main character of Dorothy.

Frank Baum was not just an author but was known for his acting and independent filmmaking.His first bestselling book was a children’s book that was titled Father Goose, His Book. It was released to the public in 1899. L. Frank Baum ended up writing thirteen more novels in the Wizard of Oz series that have since become American classics. He also penned a number of other works that include nine fantasy novels, dozens of fiction novels, poems, scripts, and various short stories and writings).

The author ended up in a bad way and was in poor health when he underwent a surgery for his gallbladder in 2018; however, he never fully recovered and spent the time after the surgery in bed with his health declining. He passed away on May 6, 1919.

One of his more classic series is the Boy Fortune Hunters series of fiction, written under his pen name Floyd Akers. It was a series of fiction written for children and young adults specifically and follows the adventures of young men on the search for buried treasure. While they don’t always seek out adventure, somehow it always seems to find them! This series focuses on young men and the various incidences that befall them, from Alaska to Egypt to Yucatan, China, and the South Seas.

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Alaska is the first book in this series! The book was first released in 1908. Readers of older copies of the book may find that there are typos and possibly sections that are missing text. Readers may also be able to download a scanned copy of the book from the publisher that will not have typos.

Follow the adventures of a young boy that gets caught up in an unexpected adventure in this delightful novel from Floyd Akers, the pen name of Frank Baum! A young boy is the main character in this debut novel, and his beloved father has passed away recently. He is having quite a bit of turmoil in grieving for him. He cannot help remembering all of the things that his father would do, and all of the sorrow that he has been storing only goes away in sleep and comes back to him once he wakes up.

But the young man has to focus on the present and work towards the future. He still has a duty and works sailing the seas, so he must stick to his responsibilities such as taking an inventory of the Captain’s possessions. But when he finds out that a woman is claiming that his father owed her money and had been in debt to her for years, he resolves to give her all the money that she wants and have her go away, to keep the honor of the Captain and his father intact no matter what– just like it had been when he was alive. Can he pay the debt by tracking down a treasure?

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt is the sequel in L. Frank Baum’s series. If you love adventure series, you’ll love this caper novel set in the exotic geographical setting of Egypt, the land of pharaohs and pyramids. It’s a search for buried treasure in this engaging and fun second novel in this really cool series! Full of mystery and a fast-paced tale of adventure, murder, and deceit, you have got to check out this dynamic sequel in this adventurous and gripping series by master author L. Frank Baum!

The main character in this sequel in a young sailor named Sam Steele. He is a resourceful young man that is just starting out in life. The novel is set just at the arrival of the twentieth century and takes the reader back in time.Sam is on a trip to Egypt. Serving on the ship Seagull with the crew, they are on the quest for an enormous treasure that is two thousand years old. But it’s not going to be as easy as just showing up and claiming the riches.

Along the way, they run into a variety of obstacles that include terrifying scorpion pits and betrayal among individuals that they thought were allies. You never can predict what’s going to happen when people’s greed gets the better of them.

Sam rescues a young boy from a sinking ship in the Boston Harbor, and that’s when things really get started. The cabin boy’s name is Joe Herring, and he ran away from home. He unexpectedly accompanies Sam to Egypt– Alexandria, to be precise.

Accompanying them is Archie Ackley, an aristocrat who grew up in the lap of luxury.Once the trio arrives in Alexandria, they find out about the legend of lost riches that could make them very wealthy if they found it. The treasure is said to contain papyrus rolls, gems, golds, and all manners of pearls that were stashed away so that the invading Persians would not find them.

It seems that there is a forgotten treasure out there that time has reduced to a myth, but Joe, Sam, and Archie think that there is a really good chance that the treasure is real.The American boys must rely on their luck as well as fast thinking and courage to seek out this forgotten legendary lost treasure. When they find a caravan route that is really old, it may just be the way to the treasure. But will they find the treasure or something that they will end up wishing that they never encountered? Pick up this book to find out! The Fortune Hunters series gets even better with this fascinating adventure novel from the mind of L. Frank Baum.

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