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Boy Nobody / Unknown Assassin Books In Order

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Publication Order of Boy Nobody / Unknown Assassin Books

Boy Nobody / I Am the Weapon (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Am the Mission (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Am the Traitor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Allen Zadoff is an acclaimed American writer. He’s won awards within the young adult fiction medium and is mostly known for his “The Unkown Assassin Series”. His core is to provide a diversity of interesting topics for young readers. This way, it’s acclaimed that his titles have an easy to read language and very clear plots, which compel the young public.

Boy Nobody Series by Allen Zadoff
Boy Nobody is Allen Zadoff’s first book within The Unkown Assassin Series. It was first published by Little Brown Books in the US. Its aim, young readers. It was also later on released in the UK by Orchard Books on June 11, 2013.
It was later on released in the US with a new name I AM THE WEAPON. The series made such a hit that even Sony Pictures took an interest in buying film rights to produce it along with Will Smith in his Overbrook Entertainment company.
The plot starts with the need an organization has for the perfect assassin. Someone who’s able to kill and just walk away. There you have it. Boy Nobody is a teen who’s hired as an assassin who’s able to take out targets in every situation without anger, sympathy or fear. He’s like a ghost, unnoticed wherever he goes.
His tactic of action usually follows the same routes. First, he becomes friends with the victim’s family, and then causes the victim to die of natural causes. Once this happens, he’s gone. There is nothing else for him to do in that area, so he just moves on in life and exchanges names, identities and jobs as if they were clothes.
In this novel’s plot, you’ll see how the character at first looks like the perfect killing machine. He then moves on to a new program under the organization he works for, and without warning, all things change. He starts to feel like he is really part of his victim’s family. He starts to feel that he belongs with them. He then wishes to change, and who knows, maybe sabotage the program and become a normal someone.
Within these book story lines, you the young reader, will see a virtual someone who’s your age, and that will make daring decisions in his life. Although everything seems lost for Boy Nobody, you may just be surprised. Will he really break away from the program? Or will he suddenly, just as well, just change his mind and continue as the assassin he’s been trained to be? This you’ll know once you read the whole book. But wait, there’s more. There are other 2 books in the series. Let’s check out the second bellow.

Unknown Assassin Series by Allen Zadoff
The second book in the series is called The Unknown Assassin #2, followed by The Unknown Assassin #3.
The Unknown Assassin #2 novel is Allen Zadoff’s second book in the Boy Nobody series. It was published by Little Brown Books on June 17th, 2014. It made such success that it was also released by Sony Pictures as a movie with the title I AM THE MISSION.
The plot pretty much follows the first novel. However, here Boy Nobody is being put to the test by his Program. They want to know if he really is who he says he is. That’s why they’ve sent him in a special mission which they want him to do it fast. They want him to kill Eugene Moore, who’s known for training teenagers in his private camps while also being an extremist military.
It just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that easy though. After all, another assassin was sent to do the same mission and failed. His whereabouts? He’s presumed dead.
The reader will enjoy seeing if Boy Nobody will be able to really kill Eugene. Is he really loyal?
However, the more Boy Nobody delves into this mission, the more his doubts start to grow. Is the program and his comrades the real deal? Or are they actually setting him up?
And just as the name of the novel puts it, maybe he’ll find out that he is the mission. Maybe they’ll try to kill him in the process, trying to get rid of him. To know if this is the deal behind this plot, you the reader will certainly want to get your copy of this novel. If you haven’t yet read the first book, you should get that one so you can know the character’s roots. After that, dive right into this novel and learn how this plot is going to unfold.
This book is 432 pages thick which pack a lot of action with an unexpected series of events. Surely you are going to love to see how it all turns out. You’ll want to try to decipher the riddles that are hidden between the lines. Surely, Allen Zadoff did a good job of hiding the plot of the story and you can’t least expect what’s really going on.
It’s this type of novel that really has made this novel be also another best seller with awesome reviews by other readers. It has been read by a bunch of people and really proves to show that it is a very well written piece of art.
It’s genres include spy thriller / espionage, thriller / mystery thriller, suspense, adventure, action, contemporary, fiction, mystery, and young adult. If you think you are familiar with one of these genres then you surely are going to make a smart choice in getting a copy of this novel.
You’ll also love to read the 3rd book in the series. Surely, these are awesome novels which complement each other correctly. They have a smooth story plot, which connects the right ideas and sets of emotions. However, predictability is not something you can say about Allen Zadoff’s novels. For someone who’s read other of his books before, they’ll certainly say that you’ll quietly love to get your hands on these. Also, even if you are reluctant and not a major reading fan, it’s these types of readings that dare you to pick up the book and then try to stop Reading it. It’s kind of impossible, so good luck trying it.

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