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Boy Sherlock Holmes Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Boy Sherlock Holmes Books

Eye of the Crow (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in the Air (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanishing Girl (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Fiend (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dragon Turn (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Becoming Holmes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Boy Sherlock Holmes series is a brainchild of Shane Peacock. Born in 1957 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Shane is a leading English literature writer, journalist and biographer. He has authored three plays and six novels; works that have catapulted him into the hall of fame where he has been nominated for several awards. One of his books in the Boy Sherlock Holmes series “Eye of the Crow” (authored in 2007) was awarded the Best Juvenile Arthur Ellis Award in 2008. Besides that, he has made it into the National Magazine Awards and the American Premier Selection Awards.

Another of his book that is also part of the Boy Sherlock Holmes series “Vanishing Girl” was decorated with three awards in the Canada National feat in 2010. These awards include Ontario Arts Council Award, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Award and Canadian Booksellers Association Award.

Boy Sherlock Holmes Series

The series is set in the London of the 1860s featuring a young man by the name Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is no ordinary teenager. Born of a mother from an aristocratic family and a poor Jewish father, the young man is raised up in an environment of bullying and dislike.

The 6-book series kicks off when Sherlock’s parents settle into a marriage which defies society’s expectations. In a matter of time, the family becomes social pariahs with young Sherlock bearing the brunt of these status. From a young age, he discovers that he only has his wits to help him make progress in life.

Although the series is primarily teen and young adult fiction, the author does a marvelous job in bringing a story full of mysteries and suspense to avid readers. As the story develops, Sherlock’s mother dies in mysterious circumstances. This opens a sort of Pandora’s Box in the teenager’s life as he commits himself to unraveling mysteries and fighting crime.

His witty nature drives him right into the center of foul play when he encounters an accident involving a trapeze performer. Although this looks like a normal accident (to everyone else that is), Boy Sherlock detects as sinister motive behind it – prompting him to undertake an investigation into the matter. His not-so-rosy life notwithstanding, he proceeds into the deep and murky waters of solving crimes. The task puts him at the mercies of fate. He encounters frightening and nerve-wrecking trails leading to a gang of notorious criminals.

One uniquely captivating thing about this series is that it has a way of introducing suspense even in unexpected situations. It delves deeper into unobvious happenings and, through the eyes of the main character, tells stories in a way that very few other authors can.

Indeed, Sherlock’s encounter with mysteries provides much-needed spice for what would have been otherwise a laid back storyline. For instance, the boy’s involvement in the backstreets of Victorian London introduces fresh twist and turns that make you want to keep reading. One interesting undertaking is when the fast rising private detective finds himself in a heart stopping race against time trying to solve the mystery of a missing, wealthy, young girl.

This is the task that brings Sherlock Holme’s private detective skills into perspective. The journey takes him to the countryside, the coast before setting him straight into the lair of dangerous creatures. Much to the relief of the reader, poor Sherlock still manages to save the day with his willpower and determination. That achievement builds his name as a master detective of all times.The fast growing career of the main character, set on the backdrop of his struggles in life makes him an adorable young boy that many readers would want to associate with. It’s a story of achieving great progress in life irrespective of the challenges one’s background presents.

Set at a time when England was in a state of fear of Jews and just when Israel was working to build her internal democracy, the series introduces another puzzle for the discerning reader. The author intelligently conveys a nerve-wrecking story in an environment filled with paranoia. By doing that he achieves two goals. He compiles rich historical perspectives with brilliant storytelling – something that makes him one of the greatest sleuths of the English literature.

And just as Boy Sherlock Holmes series is keen to showcase a story of “rise against all odds”, the author is keen to celebrate triumphs and showcase sufferings at the same time.

Mystery after mystery, the series hits an anticlimax with Sherlock and his friend Irene celebrating her birthday. But as it is always the case with the life of the young boy, he easily finds himself embroiled in resolving the case of a mysteriously missing witch at a local cinema. This section of the series is one full of doubts and mishaps. These doubts also find their way into the reader leaving one with more questions than answers in a fast, magical and suspicious turn of events.

In a nutshell, The Boy Sherlock Holmes series is all about mysteries. Some of these mysteries are resolved in the nick of time. Others only serve to raise more questions than answers. The Jewish sub-text in this book (even though not central) provides a glimpse into Victorian attitude towards foreigners in their midst.

Although it is recommended for 10 to 14 year olds, there is no doubt, this is a gem for anyone who likes thrillers and investigative series compilations. It offers a creative writing style which is clever, engaging and most importantly – suspenseful.

Award Winning Books in This Series

Eye of Crow

This is the book that arguably made the series a top-rated one. The book’s plot kicks off when Sherlock is just 13 years of age. A misfit in the society, the teenage boy’s struggles are captured in this part of the series. Eye of Crow also unearths the traditional-defying marriage of Sherlock’s parents and its implications over his young adult life. Narrated in a Victorian setting, the historical perspective of this book and the underlying traditions of its characters creates a propelling storyline worth unraveling.

Vanishing Girl

Vanishing Girl is the third book in the series Boy Sherlock Holmes. Its storyline is full of twists and turns revolving around mysterious disappearances and danger. This book is clearly a beneficiary of Shane Peacock’s ability to tell brilliant stories with fascinating historical detail.

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