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Publication Order of Boy Soldier Books

By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby

The British author Steven Billy Mitchell is a household name for many, with his books containing adventures of derring do and bravery have become hugely popular over the years, with his name being recognized by many as a brand in of itself, as he not only recounts his time serving in the army and the SAS, but he has also managed to create a number of fictional works as well inspired by his time spent serving in the British army. Shrouded in a certain degree of mystery, his pseudonym and identity of Andy McNab is what he’s largely known for, this being the pen-name that he releases many of novels under. Taking his readers on a journey, many of books are known for their high degrees of accuracy and in-depth characterizations that provide the reader with an insight into an otherwise largely unseen world, many of them involving recurring characters and ongoing narrative arcs running over the course of an entire series. One particular series that he’s become extremely well known for is that of his ongoing ‘Boy Soldier’ series of novels that’s set within the genre of spy fiction, with a certain degree of mystery and intrigue involved in it. Following a young boy called Danny Watts it sees him looking for his grandfather who is an ex-SAS soldier who has now apparently gone rogue following a drug scandal with a Colombian cartel. This may not entirely be the case though, as Danny finds that there’s more to his grandfather’s story than initially meets the eye, and he may be covering up for something else even deeper and darker than what they previously expected. With Fergus Watts as the grandfather it follows their progress over the course of the novels, whilst involving a whole cast of other characters as well.

Running for over four books it was to be one of the smaller series that came out under the Andy McNab name, but still creating no less of an impact than the rest of his work. Being self-contained it managed to build a complete narrative that was engaging as it was entertaining, allowing the reader into a new and exciting world, whilst simultaneously being accessible at the same time as well. With a colorful cast of characters too, it is a rich and vibrant franchise that manages to carry along the action, along with personalities that are more than two-dimensional, allowing the reader to relate to them in the process.


Originally published in 2005 on the 5th of May, this was initially released through the ‘Speak’ publishing label, as it set-up the first part in the ongoing ‘Boy Soldier’ series. Introducing the characters for the first time it manages to establish the world they inhabit and how it operates for the reader, as well as setting both the style and the tone too. Seen through the perspective of its leading character Danny Watts, it manages to give the reader an idea of the politics involved, as well as being fun and engaging, giving the reader an insight into the world of espionage.

Running a number of different themes and ideas that Mitchell aka McNab is now famous for, he’s created an adventure series that can be appreciated by the whole family here. Set in a world of espionage and intrigue it makes it’s format easily accessible and entertaining, whilst simultaneously retaining his trademarked penchant for accuracy and realism. The characters themselves are also extremely well drawn, as they are easy to relate to, providing the reader with an insight and gateway into an otherwise unseen world.

Falsely labelled a traitor, Fergus Watts was an SAS operative who was turned into a ‘Deniable Operator’ before he was betrayed and ultimately imprisoned. Escaping from prison the real traitor who had him put away is now hot on his tail in an attempt to stop him for good, as his grandson Danny Watts attempts to help his grandfather as well. Learning the skills of his grandfather’s trade Danny is soon unofficially put to work in the field, as Fergus is recaptured once again, and it is up to Danny now to clear his name. Will he be able clear the name of Fergus? Can they escape alive? What will become of the real traitor?


Initially released through the ‘G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers’ publishing label this time, this was set to be the direct follow-up to the first novel in the ongoing ‘Boy Soldier’ series of novels. First brought out on the 6th of October in 2005, this would continue in much the same style and tone as to what came before, whilst developing many of the themes and ideas in the process. There was also plenty of other twists and turns along the way which ensured to keep the reader guessing right until the very end, along with paving the way for the other two books; ‘Avenger’ and ‘Meltdown’.

With a number of high-profile suicide bombings laying waste to large portions of London, British Intelligence are finding themselves at their wits end as to what to do about it all. Stepping onto the scene are Danny and Fergus Watts who are met hiding out in southern Spain, as the dark forces on their tail are still threatening harm to them. Returning to London they are then implicated in the bombings, as they have still to clear their name and return to normal life, something which they must struggle to do over the course of the novel. Will they manage to clear their names? Can they put a stop to the attacks? When can they expect payback?

The Boy Soldier Series

Also known as ‘Watts Family Adventures’, the ‘Boy Soldier’ series is a franchise that is somewhat more family friendly than that of Mitchell’s aka McNab’s other works. That’s not to say that it is any less realistic, though, as it still contains a lot of the now trademark McNab action that he’s well known and highly regarded for. Taking the time to let his characters and the situations develop he’s built a franchise that’s well plotted and equally well designed, as it will continue to draw in readers and fans for many years to come.

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