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Boys of Briar Hall Books In Order

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Publication Order of Boys of Briar Hall Books

Boys of Bria Hall is a reverse harem romance book series by Elena Lawson. As a disclaimer, the series contains explicit sexual content, foul language, possessive/jealous themes, and graphic gang violence themes. Therefore, it is highly recommended for readers above the age of 18 years.

In her series debut novel, Elena Lawson introduces the reader to her multifaceted characters, who are also complex and each have their unique story. The novel is narrated from multiple points of view, allowing the reader to get a better glimpse into all four lead characters. It is a fast-paced, action-packed story full of suspense, mystery, tension, violence and twists.

The story is set in Thorn Valley, and Lawson introduces us to all her four main characters, who are all students at Briar Hall Academy. The Crows, comprised of Rook Clayton, Corvus James, and Grey Winters, rule the roost, and it doesn’t sit well with them when the new girl in school does not bow down to their threats. Whatever your preference in a book, boyfriend is highlighted in this novel as the author has woven a character for everyone.

The four lead characters all have unique personalities, which are gradually revealed. A leader, lover and fighter. Broken, lunatic, enchanter. Intense, savage, and sexy. They all belong to a notorious gang known as The Saints, who terrorize Thorn Valley. They are all adopted sons of the gang leader Diesel, and they’ve never had anyone stop them from bullying at school before. The boys have a strong bond and are always ready to help each other out whenever they face a problem.
Meet Ava Jade, a girl who has had her own share of bad things, including a tragic childhood. She has skeletons in the closet, but Elena Lawson slowly reveals them to the reader through her background. Ava is already fighting her demons and trapping the darkness within her from escaping. She made a truce with her aunt, and she wants to let everything flow smoothly and finish school. But as always, trouble has a way of following Ava wherever she goes and not long she becomes the target of not only The Crows Gang but also the school queen.

But the truth is that Ava despises gangs, doesn’t trust anyone and wants nothing to do with the Crows. She stands firm and shows the gangs she isn’t scared and won’t bow to their demands. But besides the walls she’s built around herself, she finds herself attracted to all three boys since they all bring distinct reactions out of her, and she’s surprised by the desire they ignite in her. She is the perfect match for them, but she makes them run around. She teases them and doesn’t back down or allow them to be controlled. At times she is a great rebel, and at other times she can’t help her curious nature.

Overall, the Crooked Crows is a dark reverse harem romance novel where the main character has more than one love interest. It is a fascinating read that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next amidst all the sexual tension.

Twisted Games is the third book in Elena Lawson’s Boys of Briar Hall book series. It is a dark, sexy and dirty action-packed story that continues the story The Crows and Ava Jade. The third in the series reveals to us what happens after the cliffhanger in the second book in the series. After all the betrayal, can forgiveness and trust ever be achieved again? Once more, the author has given us more intrigue and mystery, allowing the reader to fall deeply in love with the three boys.
The novel prologue is a true eye-opener as it helps set the scene and suck the readers into the mindset of the stalker. Through this, we get to learn more about him and the amount of information he has on the main character and how all the obsession started. It’s engrossing and frightening at the same time, as the author lets you witness the extent the stalker is willing to go to accomplish his objectives.

AJ is one tough cookie to crunch and a perfect match for the Crows. As the story unravels, the more we are able to see what she has in common with the boys and the stronger their bond becomes. Her darker side is finally revealed in this book allowing the reader to witness what she is capable of.

Additionally, this instalment allows us to learn more about all four, including their personalities and backstories. The author allows us to see how vulnerable they are and the extent to what they have been through affects them. All three contribute something different to the relationship. It’s intriguing to see how each of the boys deals their time and situation with AJ. In this book, we get to see more about Diesel and his relationship with his sons. He reveals a different side of himself which has never been revealed in the previous books.

There are plenty of twists and turns as loyalty is put to the test and pushed to its limit. We witness the start of what becomes a gang war with the Kings and the Aces. Additionally, the Crows have to affirm rekindling their trust with AJ while at the same time working their feelings for her. In the midst of all this, the boys have the job of flushing out AJ’s stalker, who’s determined to see the boys come crashing down. As you get the answers to the questions from the previous novels, the more the author gives new questions to ponder.

AJ’s stalker is quite smart and convincing and uses modern tech against the Crows and knows too much about them such that he hits them where it hurts the most. Overall, Twisted Games is a gripping, captivating, action-packed story with everything you would want from a story about MC gangs. The story is brutal and bloody, but the boys involvement also makes it erotic and passionate.

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