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Publication Order of The Boys of Summer Books

The Boys of Summer is a series of contemporary romance novels by Heidi McLaughlin. McLaughlin is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times author known for bestsellers such as “The Archers” series and “The Beaumont” series. She is a native of the Pacific Northwest though she currently lives with her husband, two children and three dogs in picturesque Vermont, from where she writes her novels. She has always been a voracious reader but it was not until 2012 that she decided to turn her passion for reading into a full-time career. She currently has more than twenty novels across the different series including the most popular and critically acclaimed debut title “Forever My Girl.” When she is not writing you can find her attending her daughters’ basketball games. Heidi’s debut novel was adapted into a motion picture by Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment. The movie which opened in theaters on January 2018 before being released in DVD starred Jessica Rothe and Alex Roe.

The Boys of Summer by Heidi McLaughlin are a series of sports romances with its muscled, alpha men with attitude with the determination and drive to go for what they want in the field and in love. They are stories full of heart, angst, and emotion that are as entertaining as hell. While Heidi does showcase her very good insights and explanations of the game, the stories are subtle on the aspects of the game and concentrate on the romantic narratives and emotional journeys. The first novel of the series is about Ethan Davenport the most eligible bachelor in Boston and Daisy a seemingly big fan of the Boston Renegades and college student. She is unlike anyone he has ever been with as she does not throw herself at him for his fame and this gets his attention. Daisy keeps him guessing until the inevitable romance blooms only to be threatened by a huge secret that may just destroy the fledgling relationship. The lead in “Home Run” the second novel of the series is a rookie basketball player named Cooper Bailey. While he has just been called to the major leagues, he is a humble man who does not use his fame to garner perks or sleep around though his confidence shines on the pitch. He meets Ainsley the golden-hearted girl and he knows that she is all that she wants. He cannot get enough of her though she is dealing with some heavy emotional stuff at home. Without the girl, he is miserable though she does take his focus away from the game when they are together. “Grand Slam” the third novel is about the left fielder of the Boston Renegades Travis Kidd and Saylor Blackwell his publicist. He is used to whatever he wants though he is a mega swoony and ridiculously sweet man that once had an affair with Saylor, a single mum of a five-year-old daughter that he never forgot. He wants to rekindle things but Saylor is hesitant as she has a lot to lose being his publicist and also a single mother.

Ethan Davenport of “Third Base” the first novel of The Boys of Summer series is a rising star in professional baseball. While he is one of the most popular stars on the field, he handles his fame off of it quite well. He had made a few errors of judgment in the past and is now trying to be a better man by being very deliberate about what he says and how he acts in public. But after the club holds him back from doing any interviews for the past year, he is frustrated when a new blog goes for him and not in a nice way. He is captivated by some female fan that always takes a position on the third-base line. She is always alone and never misses any game. He finally decides to propose to her and asks her to go out with him after the end of a game and learns that her name is Daisy. He is falling hard but since he is in the public eye, the relationship is a little bumpy. Moreover, he feels that she is holding back though he cannot stop thinking of her. Will their relationship hold amid his crazy schedule and the secret she has been keeping from him for all this time?

“Home Run” the second novel of the series is the story of the newest rookie of the Renegades, Cooper Bailey. He came into the team believing that he was taking the position of a player he thought was going into retirement. Turns out that the man is not retiring and is quite good, meaning that he has to fight for the position. He needs to work hard if he is to displace the man who has his number but he cannot find the focus. His father is all over him for his bad performances and his mind is on the beautiful girl he met at the local zoo, which leaves very little for his career. His love interest is Ainsley, who was the zookeeper until her mother was taken ill with cancer. She is now in charge of media and the front office and plans field trip days for the Renegades. Many girls in town would kill to date a renegade but not Ainsley who had once been in a disastrous relationship with one. She gives Cooper a hard time but he knows a good thing when he sees one and is not going to stop. But the relationship is taking a toll on his performances. Even worse he is miserable when she is not with him. He may have to choose between his career and the woman that he believes is his soulmate.

“Grand Slam” the last novel of the series is a novel about Saylor and Travis who had an incredible one night stand years back after having too much to drink at a party. Travis thought there was mutual attraction but Saylor had been indifferent since then. He was left hurt and confused since he never got any reasons or answers from Saylor. From that time, he had become the biggest man-whore in town sleeping with everything that moved such that he was accused of rape. His playboy reputation is known all over town and hence his teammates, sponsors, and fans deem his guilty when they hear of the allegations against him. Saylor is in charge of the case and needs to clean the mess. It turns out that she is the only one who believes him innocent. He has an alibi but she would never come forward if she was asked to, given the scandal it would generate. As the case progresses, Travis does not seem interested in proving that he had nothing to do with the rape but is instead pursuing Saylor. He has never got over Saylor and it seems that this time the feeling may just be mutual. Travis is determined to make her his, but Saylor is fighting it given that the man has quite the reputation. However, the chemistry and sexual tension between them is undeniable. Deep down they know they are destined to be together but Saylor is wary of getting entangled with an alleged rapist given that she has enough troubles of her own already.

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