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Grimstone (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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You Don't Know Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watchers (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Generation (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pressure Drop (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cry Little Sister (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Greatest Good (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Hand (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Brad Magnarella

Brad Magnarella is a noted author in the genre of urban fantasy and science-fiction, bringing to life captivating worlds where magic is a tangible force, showcasing vampires, shifters, and talking cats. His stories are crafted to entertain and engage readers, offering an escape into realms where good triumphs over adversity. Brad Magnarella’s gift lies in creating compelling narratives with protagonists that resonate with readers on a deep level, making his books a joy to read and cherish in the realm of fiction. His ability to craft characters that feel real and relatable adds an extra layer of depth to his storytelling, drawing readers into immersive and fantastical adventures.

Through his skillful storytelling, Brad Magnarella transports readers into urban fantasy realms where magic is woven into everyday life, adding an element of excitement and wonder to each tale. His knack for creating engaging narratives keeps readers eagerly turning pages, enthralled by the twists and turns of his plots. By infusing his stories with elements of magic, mystery, and courage, Brad Magnarella captivates audiences with his imaginative and dynamic writing style. His commitment to weaving tales of triumph and heroism resonates with readers seeking escapism and adventure in the realms of urban fantasy literature.

With an innate talent for crafting characters that leap off the pages, Brad Magnarella ensures that his protagonists are not only entertaining but also deeply human, making them easy to root for and connect with on a personal level. His storytelling prowess shines through in his ability to create immersive worlds where readers can lose themselves in tales of magic, friendship, and bravery. Brad Magnarella’s captivating stories appeal to fans of urban fantasy looking for an escape into fantastical worlds where the impossible becomes possible, and heroes rise to face daunting challenges with courage and determination.

Early and Personal Life

Brad Magnarella’s journey as a science-fiction and fantasy author began in Gainesville, Florida, where his passion for reading and writing was sparked in his formative years. Growing up surrounded by books and stories, he developed a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling and the boundless worlds that literature can create. As he honed his craft and explored his creative voice, Brad Magnarella found inspiration in the diverse landscapes and cultures of the cities he has called home, including his current residence in Washington, D.C.

Through his experiences living in different cities and immersing himself in various environments, Brad Magnarella has drawn inspiration for his writing, infusing his stories with rich details and vivid imagery. His diverse background and travels have contributed to the depth and authenticity of the worlds he creates, adding layers of complexity to his characters and narratives.

As Brad Magnarella continues to evolve as an author, his experiences and surroundings continue to shape his creative vision and narrative style. Drawn to the bustling energy of cityscapes and the interconnectedness of urban communities, he brings a fresh perspective to the realms of science fiction and fantasy, blending elements of magic and adventure with a contemporary flair.

Through his dedication to storytelling and his passion for crafting immersive worlds, Brad Magnarella invites readers to journey alongside his characters as they navigate the twists and turns of fantastical landscapes crafted with precision and imagination.

Writing Career

Brad Magnarella has built a prolific writing career, with series like ‘XGeneration’ and ‘Prof Croft’ captivating readers with their imaginative storytelling and dynamic characters. Starting with ‘XGeneration’ in 2013, Brad Magnarella has continued to expand his literary universe, crafting compelling narratives across multiple books in each series, such as ‘The Watchers,’ ‘Demon Moon,’ and ‘Blue Curse.’ His dedication to creating engaging worlds full of magic, mystery, and adventure has garnered a loyal following of fans eager to delve into each new installment and discover the thrilling escapades that await.

From the supernatural adventures of ‘Prof Croft’ to the sci-fi werewolf tales in ‘Blue Wolf,’ Brad Magnarella has demonstrated his versatility as an author, drawing readers into unique and enthralling worlds with each new series. With prequel novellas for ‘Prof Croft’ and spin-off series like ‘Croft & Wesson’ and ‘Croft & Tabby,’ Brad Magnarella’s storytelling prowess continues to evolve, offering readers a diverse range of experiences and characters to immerse themselves in.

As he continued to add to his impressive body of work with further titles like ‘Angel Doom’ and ‘Foul Manors’ among many others, Brad Magnarella’s writing career showed no signs of slowing down, and he promises even more thrilling adventures and unforgettable tales for readers to enjoy.

Purge City

‘Purge City,’ authored by Brad Magnarella and published on February 13, 2017, was released through Amazon Digital Services. As the third installment in the ‘Prof Croft’ series, this paranormal urban fantasy novel continues to expand on the established world and characters, offering readers a deeper dive into the realms of fantasy.

Professor Croft finds himself in a precarious situation when New York City launches a program targeting supernaturals, prompting him to question his safety. With the menacing Arnaud proposing a risky alliance and suspicions of hidden agendas, tensions rise as the city’s fate hangs in the balance. As alliances shift and mysteries unravel, Professor Croft must navigate political intrigue and brewing conflicts to prevent a catastrophic war from engulfing the city in chaos.

Faced with mounting challenges and uncertain loyalties, Professor Croft realizes that unraveling the truth behind the purge may be the key to averting a disastrous outcome and preserving peace in the city.

Blue Storm

‘Blue Storm,’ penned by Brad Magnarella and published on December 27, 2020, was again released through Amazon Digital Services. Serving as the sixth installment in the ‘Blue Wolf’ series, this supernatural fantasy novel delves deeper into the established world and characters.

Jason finds himself torn between family and duty as his wife’s health deteriorates, pushing him to face a world-ending threat despite his personal struggles. With the dire warning from DAWA resonating, Jason races against time to prevent a catastrophic disease outbreak that signals the apocalyptic end. Confronted with supernatural forces and seemingly insurmountable challenges, Jason must unite his team to combat the impending doomsday scenario.

As the ominous prophecy unfolds and the stakes heighten, Jason embarks on his final mission as the Blue Wolf, navigating treacherous terrain to confront a powerful foe and avert global devastation. Amidst uncertainty and peril, Jason’s courage and leadership are put to the ultimate test in a battle against forces that threaten to reshape the world as he knows it.

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