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Publication Order of Brad McLanahan Books

Dale Brown is an American writer and published author of fiction. He was born November 2, 1956, in Buffalo, New York. In addition to writing for a living, he served in the USAF. He also pleaded guilty to tax fraud in 2004.

He began flying at the age of fifteen. His books have done well and have been published all over the world. They have been translated into several foreign languages along the way. Sales of his work have been good, and not only his books but audio versions and computer games based on them have sold millions of copies to this day.

Brown attended Penn State University and graduated with his degree in European History. He received a commission to join the U.S. Air Force in 1978 and served as a navigator-bombardier for a heavy bomber and supersonic medium bomber. He has been decorated by the military several times and has received several awards for his service and actions.

He is known to the masses primarily as a bestselling author. He has written over two dozen adventure novels that specialize in military action as well as aviation, something he knows a lot about! He was one of the first cadets in the ROTC to qualify and complete a 3-week paratrooper training course.

Brown also serves as a volunteer pilot and director for a charitable, non-profit national organization. The organization gives back by transporting people that need to get medical treatment but cannot necessarily afford it on their own. He is a supporter of many organizations that support reading. He also belongs to The Writers Guild, the Air Force Association and the Naval Institute.

He is a private pilot that can be found in his spare time occasionally flying his own plane across America. He enjoys hobbies such as skiing, tennis, scuba diving, and playing hockey. He lives near Lake Tahoe in Nevada with his wife and their son. He has five other siblings.

Dale Brown is the author of the Brad McLanahan series, also known by the name the Patrick McLanahan series. The debut novel came out in 1987 and is called Flight of the Old Dog. Day of the Cheetah is the second novel in the series and it came out two years later. Since then there have been several books in this series, so if you are looking for something with a lot of novels inside it then look no further!

Flight of the Old Dog is the first book in Dale Brown’s exciting series. This novel was a bestseller almost immediately– if you are in the mood for an exciting novel then this is the one for you! It launched Dale Brown’s career and he has not looked back since.

America is locked in a desperate race to achieve superior technology. When the United States finds out that their enemy has overtaken their Star Wars system, it means that all of the nuclear missiles in the American arsenal have just been effectively neutralized. Now the country’s under the gun, and their only hope may be an unlikely candidate.

The nation may just have to turn to an old bomber called Old Dog Zero One. The machine has been scarred through the heat of battle, but also has been upgraded to have all of the latest hardware. That includes such modern touches as super-deadly armaments and hardware that has come form the present day. This might just be the missing piece that they have all been searching for.

Can their inventions and discoveries protect the nation from their enemies? It’s time to find out in this thrilling adventure book from author Dale Brown! Pick it up to find out what happens for yourself and catch every second of the grueling action.

Night of the Hawk is the second book in the Brad McLanahan series by Dale Brown. It is the second book chronologically but the fourth book in terms of publication timelines. If that’s confusing, just know that Hawk is the sequel in terms of how things are ordered to the first novel.

It has been five years since the Old Dog left on its mission and crossed into the Soviet Union’s air territory. One airman gave up his life to try and save the members of his crew, and his corpse had to be left behind in the cold and unforgiving waste lands of Siberia. Old Dog went on to fly to victory.

The only thing is that these days it has recently been found out that David Luger was in fact never dead. He had been captured by the KGB and brainwashed– perhaps a fate far worse. Under their sinister influence, he had given up military secrets concerning stealth tech and more. These secrets could potentially be used to glue up the many pieces of the former union, helping to create a military alliance and threat that could potentially take on the world.

Now the race between the East and the United States is on, with the risks and the stakes higher than ever. The Union has taken the one person that they need in order to find out enough to master the technology that has been the States’ back pocket weapon, which means that all of their stealth material could effectively be useless.

With the Soviet Union working overtime to try and undermine the greatest nation in the world, the stakes have never been higher. It is up to McLanahan and a special group of optics working with him to go in and rescue Luger before he gives up too much. Can Patrick and some elite Marines get the job done, or will David forever be a prisoner?

You will have to pick up this fast-paced political thriller in order to find out for yourself! Read the thrilling Night of the Hawk by going to your local library or bookstore or even online to check it out.

If you like the first few books in the series, you can opt to read the rest of the multiple novels in this political series by Dale Brown or check out another of his other exciting series out in print.

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