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Publication Order of Brad Miller / Dana Cutler Books

Executive Privilege (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Supreme Justice (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Capitol Murder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleight of Hand (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brad Miller is one of the main characters of the Brad Miller Trilogy book series with private detective Dana Cutler written by Phillip Margolin, the best seller legal writer. Brad Miller is a junior associate in the law firm. The trilogy is set in native Oregon of Margolin.

Phillip Margolin himself was a criminal defense attorney. He graduated from the New York School of Law. He has years of experience working as defense attorney and has many criminal cases appear before the US Supreme Court and Oregon circuit court.

In the first book Executive Justice, Dana Cutler, the Oregon ex- cop turn private detective is hired by powerful attorney to report about the where about of the college girl-Charlotte Walsh. The assignment seems to be going well until Walsh’s dead body shows up the morning after the secret meeting with the president.-Christopher Farrington. Cutler flees and meets up with Brad Miller. Brad is an attorney for the law firm in Oregon. He is working pro bono on the appeal of the convict of serial Killer, now on death row. The convict has the alibi. He claims that he was disemboweling someone else at that time, so it is impossible that he commits the two murders. Suddenly, Dana and Brad find themselves in possession of evidence suggesting that someone in the White house is a murderer. They have to run for their lives and try to prove their innocence in the meantime.

Margolin introduce the character of Brad Miller to be somewhat emotionally unavailable, considering the shenanigans with his ex-fiance in New York and that led him to leave the city. Dana Cutler, on the other hand, is the private eyes, with complex history of her own. Her gruesome past makes her rather tough, blunt and boyish. Cutler has wonderful surviving skill and loyal to her friends. Nevertheless, she has tough time in the police force.

The story has good momentum with good twist sand turns along the story. Some people praise the political side of the story. This first novel on Brad Miller was praised by many critics including Chicago Tribune and Pittsburgh post –Gazette to be brilliantly written novel.

The Brad Miller book 2 Supreme Justice was published in year 2010. The story goes about Sarah Woodruff, being on death row for murdering her lover, John Finley. Sarah Woodruff appeals her case to the Supreme Court. Woodruff was trialed for Finley’s murder previously; the case was dismissed because the judge was provided the secret information that John Finley was still alive. Meanwhile, in the Justice Chambers, Judge Ronald Chalmers resigns; as a result, there is a vacancy. Dennis Masterson, former head of the CIA, is hoping to fill. At the same time another injustice takes place.

Private detective Dana Cutler and Agent Keith Evans are working the case. Together with Brad Miller, they try to find out the correlation between the Woodruff appeal and a shoot-out which took place many years ago. Shelby, Oregon, the shootout took place. There were evidence of dead crew members and drugs on a small freighter docked. Finley was the only survivor on the ship at the time.

The carefully crafted story also includes insights of the top court’s legal documents. The author, once a lawyer, in his own experience, has argued at least one case before that court as a young practitioner. It was in 1978 when he was only in his 30’s and has practiced law only in his fifth year. His legal skills contribute much to propelling the story ahead, and it has surprising end.

In their reunion on third book of Brad Miller-Capitol Murder, Brad Miller and Dana cutler captivate the reader s again by the skillful Phillip Margolin. It would be unfair not mentioning the last of the trilogy.

After Brad Miller’s boss, a Supreme Court justice is murdered in the last book. Brad goes to help out Oregon Senator Jack Carson. His wife-Ginny leaves her firm to pursue in more satisfying assignment in the Justice Department. Until Clarence Little, a convicted serial killer on death row in Oregon starts sending him disturbing notes. Brad works on many of his convictions. Suddenly Clarence escapes, kill the guard and his current lawyer. The lawyer couple becomes concerned about the harm now that Clarence Little is on the run.

The next subplot goes on at the same time, the football stadium in the Middle Eastern terrorists blow up the football stadium and Senator Carson can be implicated. The witness that may be able to help is Koshani. Koshani operates a high class escort in Portland. She happens to have the discrete photos of the Senator which can ruin his career and his future. After Koshani is summoned to Washington DC to clear the Senator, she stays as a guest of the Senator. One morning, she is found murdered. At the same time, the murder style resembles to those once committed by Clarence Little. Dana Cutler is called to investigate

Phillip Mergolin proves once more that he is a true master of suspense, delivering another high-octane thriller set in Washington’s legendary corridors of power. Capitol Murder has fast pace and electrifying twists will have old fans and newcomers racing to the final, stunning page.

There are three couples in these novels:

1. Dana Cutler: She is a private investigator and sometime reporter for a supermarket tabloid, on occasion, teams up with Jake Teeny, a photo journalist who travels the world for his photos.

2. Brad Miller and Ginny Striker; they are both lawyers practicing in Oregon and Washington, DC.
3. Keith Evans and Maggi Sparks; They are FBI agents

Surprisingly, there are only 3 books of Brad Miller since 2008 to 2012. Book 2 and book 3 may contain characters from a previous book; this story is a standalone and can be understood as such. However, the readers can also reference back to the first book-The Executive privilege. Phillip Margolin superbly shows how mystery/thriller writers can keep the readers engaged as well as their books crisp for a long time. With captivating twists and spellbinding stories, He keeps his books moving at 100 miles an hour from start to finish. In 1978, Margolin was nominated for an Edgar Award for best original paperback by the Mystery Writers of America for Heartstone. And in 1999, Margolin’s short story was published in 1999 edition of The Best American Mystery Stories.

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