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Bradley Wright is a renowned author from America, who is well known for writing mystery, suspense, and thriller stories. He is particularly popular for writing the Xander King series. Wright has just started his writing career and is only a couple of years in this field. He hopes to make it big in the future with his hard work and dedication towards his work. The books that he has written the Xander King novel series are all very popular among the readers all across the globe. Being an upcoming author, he strives to keep improving his writing skills so that he can provide his fans what they really look for in a mystery book. Author Wright has always been passionate about writing. His interest in reading and writing started a very young age and it kept on increasing as he grew older. He used to take influences and inspiration from the famous works of his favorite authors named Carsten Stroud and Stephen King. Wright wishes to be able fit in the shoes of these authors and achieve a fame similar to them. Author Wright remains in constant touch with his fans and readers. He interacts with them so as to find out what they are looking for in his next book and develop the stories accordingly.

Wright even gives out information to his fans related to the recent updates in his personal and professional life as well as the release dates of his upcoming books. There is a website in author Wright’s name, where his fans are able to contact him directly and even post their queries. Wright makes sure that he replies to as many of them as he can as he hardly finds time from his busy schedule. He spends most of his day time writing mystery novels and stories. Whatever spare time he gets, Wright likes to spend them with his family and friends. One particular thing that Wright is really very fond of is the internet. He believes that this wonderful development has made it possible to connect to anyone in any part of the world in real time. He enjoys surfing over the internet for long. Wright gets filled with joy when he is successful in finding useful information that he can incorporate into his personal life.

The Xander King series written by author Bradley Wright is comprised of 4 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2016 and 2018. The chief protagonist in all the books of this series is shown as Xander King. He is depicted as living a dual life as a successful businessman and a vigilante assassin. Author Wright has described Xander King as a charismatic, very successful, and handsome man. He uses his charm and persona to attract the women he likes. One thing that keeps haunting Xander King all the time is witnessing the brutal killing of his parents. And the fact that he has not been able to find the killer keeps haunting him even more. Now, he has made the only purpose of his life to hunt down the murderer, who took away his family from him and give him an even more brutal death. Another character that features again and again in all the novels is that of Natalie Rockwell. Natalie is a Hollywood actress and the sweetheart of Xander King. Wright has done the settings of the books in various places of the United States including Las Vegas, Virgin Islands, etc. The debut book of this series written by Wright is entitled ‘Whiskey & Roses’.

It was released in the year 2016 in the form of a Paperback edition. At the start of the book’s story, Xander King is introduced as a young, handsome, successful, and charismatic businessman. He is known to have managed to move ahead in life after witnessing the tragic murders of both his parents. There is another side to the personality of Xander King that only the CIA seems to be aware of. They know him as a former soldier of the United States military. He was considered as a legend during his military days. But, now he has turned himself into a vigilante killer. He uses his new identity to sharpen his combat skills while being away from the limelight. Xander appears to be waiting for the right time when he can have his exact revenge against the monstrous evil who snatched his family forever. However, the government seems to have other plans for him. They think that he is too good an asset to be allowed to live a civilian life. The government officials and the CIA plan to bring Xander King back into service and work for the Special Forces team. Later, when Xander is having a passionate night with his Hollywood lover Natalie Rockwell at his home, a violent attack is laid down to kill both of them.

After this fatal attack, Xander King is forced to set his plans in motion. The CIA tries to make him drop down his plans, but he manages to sidestep them and enter into a direct fight with his rival. The enemy knows that in order to withstand the unimaginable skills and unlimited resources of Xander King, he will require an army of his own to survive the wrath. And when the enemy is able to form a big army of men, who would die for him in fighting against Xander King, the revenge takes the form of a war. The climax goes on to have an intriguing end where Xander manages to emerge victorious by having his revenge and finishing the enemy.

Another well popular novel of the series is called ‘Vanquish’. This book was also published in 2016 by the Amazon Digital Services. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Xander King organizes a celebration party on a yacht that he sails off from Las Vegas to the Virgin Islands coast. He had planned this little trip as a much required time off from his business deals. Then, after a week, Xander King wakes up in a hospital. He doesn’t have an idea as to how he landed in the hospital and what had happened with him in the past week? When he is unable to understand what is happening, Xander thinks that it is better to run away. Later, he discovers that the most feared assassin from Russia has been hired to kill him. Xander uses all his resources to find out who has sent the assassin and the reason for doing so.

To make things even more difficult for him, the CIA forces him to cooperate on a mission and work with a team of theirs. As soon as he joins the team and begins working on the mission, problems begin to arise between him and the rest of the team. And on top of it, Xander worries how he is going to put an end to the threat on his life before it ends him. After a short while, Xander learns about a jaw dropping secret that fills him with extreme shock. He becomes exhausted, furious, and injured, and knows that he doesn’t have any other option than to stand back and put up a fight.

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