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Publication Order of Brady Hawk Books

The name ‘Brady Hawk’ refers to a series of spy thriller novels written by Jack Patterson. The books follow the exploits of an ex-Navy SEAL who works as an assassin for the United States government.

+The Story

The Brady Hawk series revolves around Firestorm, a clandestine American organization that fights terrorism. When he is introduced in ‘First Strike’, the first book in the series, J.D. Blunt is a Texas senator who doesn’t think America’s counter-terrorism agencies are competent enough to keep his country safe.

Blunt believes that terrorist activity in the United States and around the world is evolving and multiplying at a rate faster than their security units can keep up and that it will take a more effective hand to protect the United States and its people.

Senator Blunt finds the support and funding to create Firestorm, an elite clandestine organization that works to infiltrate terrorist groups and dismantles them using extreme methods.

Blunt’s first order of business is to recruit Brady Hawk. Brady is the best operative the U.S. has ever produced and Blunt believes he will require Brady to make Firestorm work. Brady doesn’t have to join Firestorm.

He doesn’t have to expose his person to gunfire and explosions and the ire of zealous terrorists. As the son of a wealthy arms manufacturer, Blunt could live a life of luxury and comfort by either working for his father or making use of his trust fund.

But the easy life isn’t for Brady Hawk. He lives to fight the bad guys and to keep the innocent of his country safe. He is especially determined to stop the terrorist group Al Hasib. And he does join Firestorm, becoming its foremost operative.

While Firestorm has other agents, it is Brady Hawk that Blunt gives the most difficult assignments. Brady Hawk is written to be a stubborn, persistent highly skilled operative. The ex-Navy SEAL spends the Brady Hawk series being shot, stabbed and hurt in more ways than one.

However, while some of that slows him down, it doesn’t take him long to get back on his feet and into the fray.

There are four primary components in the Brady Hawk series. You have Senator Blunt who seemingly starts Firestorm as a means of protecting his country. However, nothing about Blunt can be trusted. He has hidden motives, and every action he takes has an agenda.

His secrets eventually come back to bite him. He spends most of the series dodging assassins and fighting battles both physical and political. When he isn’t hiding out in obscure African countries, Blunt is clashing with his operatives and agents, none of whom trust him. But none of those elements stop Blunt from his objectives, whatever they are.

A second component is Alex Duncan. A former CIA agent, Alex is written to be Brady’s handler and love interest. Alex and Brady are just colleagues at the start. Over time, respect manifests between them, and after a while real feelings develop.

Alex becomes the only person Brady Hawk can trust. Additionally, Alex only ever stays with Firestorm because she wants to protect Brady. Neither of them trusts Senator Blunt. Alex is especially suspicious of the activities of Firestorm and that becomes a problem when a rival clandestine agency rises and begins to court her services.

The dynamic between Blunt, Brady, and Alex drives most of the series. Besides the drama of his relationship with his boss and his handler, Brady’s own personal demons allow him to carry this series as the third and most important component.

Brady does whatever it takes to get the job done. He will make any sacrifice required of him, and that not only makes him enemies but it gets him into a heap of trouble. When Brady Hawk isn’t fighting terrorists for Firestorm, he is dealing with the drama of learning that his father isn’t the person he thought and trying to get to the bottom of that side of his family.

The fourth component of this story is Al Hasib. The terrorist organization is Brady’s primary antagonist. He faces off against their machinations and operatives on numerous occasions.

The Hawk books have been commended for their rapid plot progression and great action. A common complaint is the ridiculousness of Brady Hawk’s feats. The operative is constantly doing the impossible.

Nothing ever stops him. No matter how many bullets he takes, it doesn’t take Brady long to get back on his feet and into the fight. For some readers, that is the attraction of this series.

Brady is a larger than life hero, the kind that leaves readers enthralled, excited and roused.

+Deep Cover

Al Hasib is one terrorist organization that will bring the world to its knees if it isn’t stopped. Fortunately for all, Brady Hawk has made it his mission to stop them.

This time, Brady is looking to cripple Al Hasib’s funding. To do so, he must initiate an attack on the covert operation supporting them. The mission involves going to Sierra Leone where Sefadu Holdings is using the diamonds it mines to keep Al Hasib in business.

Once the actions of Sefadu Holdings come to light, Firestorm, a secret anti-terrorism unit, sends its best operative to deal with them. Brady’s fight deep in the jungles of Sierra Leone will be brutal.

But he isn’t the only one facing danger. Back at home, someone is out to put Firestorm director J.D. Blunt out of his misery. Alex Duncan, Brady’s handler, must keep him safe. To keep the U.S. safe, Firestorm will have to fight on two fronts.

While Brady deals with Al Hasib and Sefadu Holdings, Alex must keep the Firestorm program alive.

+Point of Impact

Al Hasib is relentless. They won’t stop until they destroy the United States. And this time they might finally have the means to do it. Firestorm, a secret American security Agency, learns that Al Hasib has a sleeper cell within the United States.

If that sleeper cell comes to life, it will unleash hell on the innocent citizens of the United States. Once Firestorm learns of Al Hasib’s ploy, they assign Brady Hawk the task of stopping them.

Brady isn’t in his right mind, not after a recent loss. But he must put his personal issues aside and neutralize the threat.

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