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Publication Order of Brainrush Books

As an ex- USAF pilot and cancer survivor, Richard Bard draws on his own experiences to create gripping characters who risk their all for love and devotion. He was born to American parents in Munich, Germany, and like his father before him, Richard enlisted in the US Air Force. He studied management at Notre Dame University and established three successful businesses selling advanced security products to US embassies and foreign governments globally. He is currently a full-time writer, living in Redondo Beach, California, with his wife. Despite the cancer scare, Richard remains in superb health.

Brainrush #1

This is admittedly one of the craziest sci-fi books of recent times. It features psychic powers human experiments, terrorists, mercenaries gambling, and aliens. A terminally ill Jake Bronson comes out of an MRI scan with super brainpowers. He naively talks about the extra ordinary ability in public instead of keeping it a secret, which is not such a good idea. Several interested parties now want to exploit to him including Battista, an architect performing human experiments to create lethal terrorists. The plot was action packed and incredibly exciting, even with the excesses of strange and improbable scenes. Jake seemed to develop new super powers as needed to use them, on the other hand, his friends had diverse abilities and helped Jake when he was overwhelmed. Some of the plans seemed too ambitious to carry out, but they somehow pulled through. Richard did well with humor through the book; some parts will have you laughing out in appreciation of the excellent execution of satire in this amazing sci-fi thriller.

The characterization was balanced and well played out. The protagonist and the villains did not disappoint, although as expected, Battista failed to kill Jake as anticipated, he instead decided to keep him as a trophy and give him a slow painful death. Jake saw a wide opportunity where he planned for his escape and evaded Battista’s evil death by torture. Richard Bard did a super job with the narration. His New York accent came out naturally, blending perfectly with his witty humor. Some parts expressed in a British accent did not blend as well, as it is hard to follow through the text and expressions. Overall, Brainwash delivered sufficient entertainment, despite its outlandish plot with nearly all the villains you can come up with, real or imagined. Towards the end, the sequel promises more bizarre action, compelling readers to look out for the second installment of this book series. Richard is a classic mastermind with his ambitious imagination, daring to gather up an assortment of villains coupled with extraordinary fiction.

The Enemy of My Enemy #2 Brainrush

Jake Bronson, managed to follow his archrival in the mountains of Afghanistan, killed him and was ready to head back to the United States and reunite with his friends. He also sent a signal to the aliens as a truce, to help them see humans as peaceful people and will not interfere with their environment and their business affairs. But that’s just a fallacy; aliens pose a threat to humans, and their invasion into our world is a recipe for disaster. As the story builds momentum, with Jake back in the US teaching his students how to fly, he now shares a home with Sarafina and Francesca. During one of his training sessions, Jake discovers a student terrorist, aligned to the late Battista. He boldly tries to kill Jake and the two roomies. Jake has to constantly watch out for his safety including the people he cares about. Jake ends up fleeing and always watches out for t he dangerous villains apparently still tied to Battista.

This begins a new life for Jake and his friends. Death lurks at them every waking minute, and they must therefore be on the lookout. This book presents too many hurdles and challenges for the hero and his comrades. There is too much chasing, running, and fighting with no end in sight. Sometimes I’d feel exhausted trying to get to the point where Jake will finally find peace starts the next chapter in Jake’s life of tumult and relentlessly being on the run for his life, and those of his friends. Instead, all I got was more drama, a tightly packed suspense story with unimaginable circumstances. Overall, this installment delivered a fierce action keeping you glued to the end of the book. In the end, you just get used to Jake’s tenacity and his ability to triumph in the most bizarre situations. The Enemy of My Enemy is a brilliant installment in the Brainrush series. The book is also available in audio if you would like to listen to the characters add life to this amazing story.

Beyond Judgment #3Brainrush

Jake wakes from a long coma, with no recollection of his surroundings or his identity. Once again, he has to flee for his life is still in danger. His adversaries want him dead. After the comma, Jake has more superpowers than ever. He can run faster and fight more fiercely, though he cannot understand why everything is happening so quickly. He has extraordinary strength and speed, but he cannot understand where it came from. He is not supposed to remember his real identity. Jake travels to Venice, to a wedding ceremony, his friends Marshall and Lacey are getting married, and most of his family is present too. But he doesn’t get a chance to sit through the entire ceremony. Everyone is shocked to see Jake, only that he’s now going by an alias- Lorenzo Ferrari.

Lorenzo meets his autistic son for the first time, and the bond between them is too strong. The boy felt his father’s presence long before he appeared before the crowd. The unplanned reunion was short-lived, as they, all have to run once more from the invincible terrorists. Another compelling narrative from Bard, it did not disappoint. More surprises and intrigue right from the start. It’s truly Engaging, although Jake was still a captive from his evil villains. In the end, Jake and his team of heroes and heroines battle it out to overpower the brute maniacs. The Brainrush series delivers a solid thriller; you will not be disappointed assure you.

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