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The Brandon Fisher FBI series is a successful book series of mystery, detective fiction, and thriller novels. This series is written an award winning and bestselling author from Canada named Carlyn Arnold. The series is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 2011 and 2017. Author Arnold has chosen to release her books of this series as Kindle editions. Some of the books have also been published by the Hibbery and Stiles publishers. All the novels of this series depict Brandon Fisher as the chief protagonist. Author Carolyn Arnold has shown him as an agent working for the FBI. The series begins by introducing Brandon Fisher as a Special Agent working in the Behavioral Analysis unit of the FBI. He works under the command of a supervisory agent named Jack Harper. When Brandon Fisher signed himself to work for investigative work, he felt that his career is all set. However, he is forced to feel otherwise when he sent for his first investigative task. Brandon Fisher joins his team of agents and visits a tiny rural town where he discovers the remains of 10 dead bodies. The remains are found in a bunker built underground. What bothers the agents about the discovery is that the dead bodies were arranged in an abnormal way. Brandon starts getting all sorts of disturbing thoughts and wonders what sort of profession, he had taken up that makes him witness such gross things. He thinks that he is not going to become a normal person in his life ever. Brandon Fisher remembers that the killer had left one grave empty and wonders whether a psychotic murderer has decided to come after him for taking up the case? And when the case comes closer to his home, Brandon becomes pretty much sure that the psychotic killer has decided to make him the 11th victim and bust him in the vacant grave. However, Brandon also knows that things do not generally happen as per his thinking. So, he figures out that he just needs to follow the orders of his commander and assist his team in hunting down the freak killer. With such an exciting and intriguing beginning, the author went on to describe several more exciting stories in the series that readers fell in love with and appreciated the efforts of the author.

An interesting book of the Brandon Fisher FBI book series written by author Carolyn Arnold is entitled ‘Silent Graves’. This book was released by Hibber & Stiles publication in the year 2014. The lead characters of this book as described by Carolyn Arnold include Brandon Fisher, Jack, Zachary, Paige, etc. Author Arnold has done the plot’s setting in Virginia and Kentucky. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that 30 women go missing in a period of 6 years. And when one more gets abducted and disappears, the case comes to the notice of Brandon Fisher. The officer that was working on all the previous cases and was trying everything in his capacity to catch the serial killer as well as make his superior officers believe that there exists one in the Prince William County, Virginia was not taken seriously by anyone. Subsequently, the number of missing women kept increasing as the days passed by. But, after the latest abduction, the authorities decide to take help from the FBI. Brandon Fisher and his team of agents get the assignment and quickly begin working on it. The initial investigations show that the case has much more in it that merely the disappearance of one woman. It actually dates back to a few decades. So, the agents begin to study the past cases in an attempt to get their hands on something that can take them closer to the kidnapper. But, the efforts of the agents get much more intensified as a dead body is discovered and another woman disappears. Finally, the agents, including Brandon narrow in on the similar cases that have happened in the last 6 years. And what the agents come across makes them contradict all they have known about the cases and the killer so far. They learn about some disturbing heinous acts of torture and rape inflicted upon the poor women by the psychotic killer. Now, the special agents must find a way to stop the twisted games of the killer and prevent any other innocent lady from becoming his victim. Brandon knows that he and his team must act fast or else the killer might become aware of their proceedings and run away.

Another intriguing book of this series is called ‘The Defenseless’. This book was published in 2014 by the Hibbert-Stiles publishing. The main characters of this novel include Zachary, Jack, Brandon Fisher, and Paige. Author Carolyn has set this book’s plot in Colorado. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that a man gets poisoned to death and then 3 more men go missing. Later, one more dead body is found with the same method of killing. After studying about all these cases, it is found that they have one common link that ties them together. Once again, Brandon Fisher and his special agents’ team set themselves on a difficult case to solve. Upon investigating, they find that the killer is targeting only those men who are charged with animal abuse. Some of the previous victims have faced such charges for more than 20 years. The killer seems to be taking revenge on behalf of the animals that were abused by his victims all these years. The method that the killer uses to kill his target differs from person to person, matches the one that the victims had used on the defenseless animals. As the team gets closer to solving the case once and for all, the agents begin to wonder whether they are serving justice better or the killer? In the end, the murderer appears to be seeking retribution for the victims that didn’t even have a voice to speak about their plight. While Brandon faces the moral dilemma, his loyalty towards the bureau also gets tested. However, Brandon knows that he can handle this challenge too and is perfectly aware that his loyalties always lie with the bureau. The case also serves as a good opportunity for him to get away from the thought of his upcoming divorce case. Meanwhile, he also keeps coming closer to Paige. Being miles away from home, his forbidden relationship with Paige continues to become even more tempting. Now, Brandon starts wondering whether he has the courage to go ahead with this relationship and risk everything that he has worked so hard for?

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