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Publication Order of The Breaking Point Books

“Breaking Point” is a series of contemporary romance novels by the award-winning American novelist Jay Crownover. The USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author is also the author of the “Getaway,” “Marked Men,” “Breaking Point,” “The Saints of Denver,” and “The Point” series of novels. Her novels have been translated into several languages across the world. She loves to describe herself as a proudly divorced tattooed and crazy haired Colorado Native. When she is not writing her novels, she loves enjoying a Taco a cold beer, some music or a book. Crownover is always looking for the next adventure which she finds on the road and in the pages of the many books she reads. She currently lives with her dogs at the base of the Rockies in Colorado.

Most of the “Breaking Point” Series just like her many other novels are set in Colorado. Being a native of Colorado, Crownover has said that she loves all things from her home state and finds pride in setting her novels in the familiar settings. She also writes about other things she is familiar with which is why there is a lot about body modification and rock and roll in her works. As a contemporary romance author that has worked in the bar industry since she was a college student, she has a very good understanding of the unique interactions between women and men. Moreover, she spends more than 40 hours a week watching them interact and this gives her valuable insights that she incorporates into her novels. She started writing in her early twenties and soon found that she loved reading and writing new adult titles and doubled down on it. Among novels that have influenced her the most include classics such as “1984,” “The Outsiders” and “Catcher in the Rye.” As for novelists, she counts the likes of Jennifer Armentrout who was her mentor when she started and also looks up to Kirsten Ashley as someone she would like to emulate.

“Breaking Point” by Jay Crownover is a contemporary romance series set in the gritty, dark and seedy underworld of the Point. The novels tell edgy, romantic, steamy and romantic stories with an independent heroine and a flawed antihero that get involved in some kind of dark romance. While her characters such as Nassir and Keelyn, Stark and Noe, and Karsen and Booker are just as good separately as they showcase a lot of determination and strength, it is as couples that they truly shine. Their strength is magnified when they work together as they can get through pretty much anything when they know that the other will provide the support and encouragement they need. For instance, Nassir has never had someone he could ever trust to watch his back until he met Keelyn. Add in the chemistry and attraction and you get a compelling narrative that will have one flipping through the pages that are full of suspense. Crownover’s heroes are controlling and powerful characters with tragic backstories that had made them something if a villain. Still, they also have the utmost devotion to the heroines in addition to a heart of gold. While they are complex and deeply flawed, they are adorable men that rhyme so well with the strong and badass female characters. Similarly, the independent women in their lives go toe to toe with them on every level which makes for an interesting love dance.

“Honor” the first novel of The Breaking Point series is the story of Keelyn Foster and Nassir Gates. Nassir is a man that had a bad past that had transformed him and made the dangers of the town of Point look like child’s play. However, he is not a man to make excuses for himself and accepts that he is not a saint. He has done terrible things and seen things no one should see which means that conscience and honor are not that important to him. He would rather fight to get what he wants as survival and being strong is what has made him into what he is. But everything changed when he went to a second rate club and saw Keely dancing on the stage and felt his pulse quicken for a woman for the first time. She is too vibrant and young to be in such a seedy place and he immediately vows to make her his. But he needs to fight her way to her and have something to offer if he is to have her heart. He did all that to rise up the ranks and become a man of worth and value but then she disappears before he can make his move. He is never one to give up that easy as he is determined to find her having come so far.

“Dignity” the second novel of the series is about Stark and Noe, who are the perfect combination of intense and super-hot chemistry. Stark is a handsome man with a strong and big body full of tattoos that probably turned off a lot of people who thought he must be a beast… a brawler. However, he is not a fighter and is rather hardwired as a thinker as his mind is his best asset. He knows he should have used his talents and brain to become a man of worth and dignity but he had sold his soul to the devil, to the highest bidder. He did not know how to get himself out of the jam he was in let alone save someone else until he met Noe Lee. She is an unruly and unkempt thief that shares his street savvy and smarts. But beneath all the grime and dirt she is annoyingly adorable and when she gets into trouble she makes it his business to get her out of it. The society of the Point operates on a swim or sink philosophy and even if that was not the case, he had no business rescuing her as he was not the designated lifeguard. But as suddenly as she had come into his life she was gone without a trace when he shut the door in her face. He now wants her back badly and will do anything to see her again.

“Respect” the second novel of The Breaking Point series tells the story of a Karsen and Booker. Karsen was once a woman sheltered and protected from the vagaries of the world like a princess. The beautiful woman had fallen in love with the dirty corners and the crumbling city around her the same way as Booker, a dangerous and violent man who also found a place in her heart. He is all brutality and business except with her when he becomes heartbreakingly patient, caring and calm. He had tried to warn her not to get involved with him but she would not listen as she had fallen so in love with him as she had with the streets. But then the streets and Booker the man she loved had betrayed and broken her heart so badly that she never thought she would ever heal. She left the home she loves and went away to forget about the hurt and pain. But as soon as Karsen left she longed for everything and everyone she had left behind and has no choice but to return. While she was away the city had become safer even though Booker had sunk deeper into the abyss. Going back feels like surrender but she cannot help it as she feels too much love for her man and her city.

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