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Breakthrough Series

Because dolphins have always been a man’s favorite, it did not come as a surprise as the Breakthrough book series, would become an international bestseller, because the main characters are dolphins. The focus on the Breakthrough series entails a computer technology that has the capability of acting as a translator between dolphins and human beings and in the later books in the series between gorillas and human beings. This, in turn, created an exceedingly interesting and unique plot line, which looks into the interaction between human beings and our fellow creatures on a completely new level. Several characters are constant throughout the book series. However, the two main characters in the series a lead researcher and a marine biologist, Alison Shaw and John Clay who serves a military analyst, who is part of what is referred Electronics and signaling teams.

Shaw is your ideal female character, which is found in many scientific thrillers. She is not only obsessed with science, but she is also willing to put herself in danger to get her will done. As expected, she has an exceedingly strong emotional connection to the dolphins, which in turn takes antecedence over everything else. Due to this fact, Shaw finds it exceedingly difficult to find a tolerable balance between protecting the dolphins and advancing science. As if this is not enough, John Clay enters into her life as a romantic figure, who many at times found himself in exceedingly dangerous situations. As for the remaining characters, several characters also stand out as the series favorite Will Borger and John Caesare. John Caesare is Clay’s partner, who is a former seal. He is not only, a little bit of a Maverick but he is also a hard worker.


Breakthrough is the first book in the Breakthrough book series. The book begins as a team of researchers are trying to unlock communication between dolphins and human beings. The book, later on, turns out into a natural disaster/ Alien story. The story begins deep in the Caribbean Sea, when a nuclear submarine is forced to return to base under some exceedingly mysterious circumstances. Extraordinary facts begin to emerge to John Clay, a lead investigator as well as an exceedingly small group of a marine biologist who were about to make history. With the assistance of an exceedingly powerful computer system, Shaw and her team are making arrangements of translating the very first two-way conversation between man and the world’s second smartest species, the dolphin.

As the team performs their investigation, they can learn much more about dolphins than they had ever expected. This is right after a secret object is discovered on the ocean floor. An object that was never to be found. Due to her previous experiences, Alison had sworn that she was never going to trust a military man again. However, it does not take long before another group becomes interested in her work. It is at this point that she realizes that John may be the only person that she can be able to trust fully. John and Alison must be able to join the pieces of an exceedingly dangerous puzzle together. With that said, all the characters in this book are exceedingly likable and well developed as well. The reader is going to enjoy the interactions between the characters. The tension and pacing were not only great but also well maintained as well.


Leap is the second book in the Breakthrough book series. In this book, we meet with the protagonists John and Steve. This time around, John and Steve are probing the sighting of an exceedingly strange submarine off Brazil’s coast. Apart from the strange sightings, a Chinese war ship has been making unexpected visits to a remote Guyana mountain every day at night. A Russian submarine that had been dismantled so many years ago has resurfaced with live crews. The United States navy is sending Steve Caesare and John Clay to look into the matter. With that said, the author, Michael C Grumley has a natural talent for sucking the readers into his stories. The characters are believable as well as the plots. The outcomes and events are realistic as well.


The Catalyst is the third book in the Breakthrough book series by Michael C Grumley. This is an excellent finale and addition to an exceedingly great science fiction story. As the third book in the Breakthrough book series, the Catalyst tied up the loose ends and was much more realistic considering the fact that not everyone survives in the story. The characters in this book are exceedingly likable. The young Gorilla and Duce are adorable. In the year 1984, a vault known as the doomsday vault was constructed on one of Artic Ocean’s remote island. The main purpose of the vault was to preserve the earth’s genetic history in case a global catastrophe occurred. Several years a second vault is uncovered. The only problem is that this vault is resting in a place where it was not expected and the genetic constituents in the vault were not mankind’s.

Inside the vault are millions of seeds, with each of the seed with a genetic embryo that is untouched and faultlessly preserved. Immediately a series of investigations are conducted, and once the funds are released, it is not determined who had built it. What the findings however revealed was that the vault traveled an exceedingly long distance. The main purpose that the vault was sent was to hide the genetic footprints of the species that had sent the vault. A group of Navy investigators and marine biologists are assigned with the job of finding out where the vault came from and whom does it belong to before anyone else learns that the vault is in their possession. However, John Clay and Allison Shaw are not prepared for what they are going to uncover.

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