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Breeana Shields is an American author that writes young adult novels. She is best known for ‘Poison’s Kiss’.


Breeana Shields was born in a small town in Idaho. She was nine-years-old when she made the decision to write for a living. She also had a passion for ballet. But once she realized she couldn’t really dance, writing became the only other viable choice available to her.

Breanna attended Brigham Young University. It was there that she got her BA in English and took her first steps to becoming a renowned author of young adult novels.

Other than writing, Breena’s passions include good food and traveling. She also loves spending time with her husband, children, and pets.

+Literary career

Poison’s Kiss was Breeana Shields’ debut novel. The book tells the story of a young assassin girl that kills her victims with a Poisonous Kiss.

The idea for the book came to Breeana years earlier while she listened to a lecture series. The instructor in question made mention of an Indian folktale about the ‘Poison Damsel’, a woman who had been exposed to poison as a child until she not only grew immune but also toxic.

That one concept stuck with Breeana. She could not stop thinking about the notion of sentencing a child to a life where she would remain forever isolated from proper human contact.

Then the author began to wonder what that child would do if she grew up to become an assassin.

From those smatterings, Poison’s Kiss, the book that put Breeana Shields on the map, was born.

And the author was fortunate that her manuscript elicited the interest of the people at Random House. Breeana remembers the day she got the call. She was at a taco drive-through getting a quick lunch. Her agent had called her earlier in the week to inform her that an editor had expressed interest in her story.

So when that same agent called again, Breeana knew she that her dreams were either going to be shattered or made. Breeana had to let the call go to voicemail because she was still at the drive-through and there were cars behind her.

Once she was safely parked some minutes later, Breeana called her agent and received the good news. Now Breeana spends her days trying to balance her writing goals with the needs of her family, a task that can sometimes overwhelm her.

Breeana’s days normally start at six in the morning. She needs to get up that early to prepare her children for school.

Breeana waits until the house is empty before settling into her home office. The author will be the first to admit that she wastes a little too much time in those morning hours. When she isn’t answering emails, Breeana is checking out social media and trawling the internet for stories.

But no matter how much time she wastes, Breeana makes it a point to write every single day. The amount of time she injects into the process will vary. If she’s still working on the first draft, then the author can spend up to six hours on her computer.

Breeana prefers to work in complete silence. She likes music but it tends to distract her.

+Poison’s Kiss

Marinda is a killer. She won’t deny it. Dozens of boys have kissed her and gone to the grave soon afterward. That has always been Marinda’s life and as a Vishna Kanya, there isn’t much that she can do about it.

Marinda is fulfilling the one purpose for which she was created. When enemies of the Raja emerge, she must do her part to see them eliminated, and her lips are her most powerful weapon.

Marinda has always taken solace in the fact that the men she killed were strangers. She never thought her masters would command tell her to kiss Deven. Marinda knows Deven and nothing anyone says can convince her that he is an enemy of the Kingdom.

And now that she has received the dubious command to end his life, Marinda cannot help but question who she has been working for.

Poison’s Kiss is Breeana Shields’ debut novel. The book explores the tumultuous life of Marinda, a girl who kills people. Marinda is a so-called Poison Maiden, an assassin that can take lives with a single kiss.

Her masters tell her that the people she kills are evil, fiends seeking to destroy the kingdom. And Marinda has no choice but to do as she is told. That is the only way to keep her brother Mani alive.

Marinda tries to live a relatively normal life. For that reason, she works in a bookstore. She even has a love interest in Deven. Marinda’s difficult existence takes an even darker turn when she is commanded to kill Deven.

Marinda was told that the people she killed where evil. However, she knows for a fact that Deven is not evil. So when the order to kill him comes, Marinda smells a rat.

+Poison’s Cage

Lyla and Marinda are killers. And they have taken many lives. However, they have finally united to take on the Snake King, the one true enemy of their existence, and they won’t stop until they bring him down.

To accomplish the task, Lyla and Marinda must move into the King’s palace and play the part of faithful servants. Both girls have plenty to lose, and if they do not learn to trust one another, then everything could fall apart.

The sequel to Poison’s Kiss, Poison’s Cage attempts to build upon the mythology and folklore introduced in the first novel. The stakes are heightened as two girls step up to eliminate the one thorn that has turned their lives upside down.

Lyla is the seductress. She works to lure targets in. Marinda is the one that finishes them off with her poisonous kiss.

The sequel picks up with their lives after the revelations made in the first book. Marinda learns how she became the Poison Maiden. She also learns about the parents who gave her away and the origins of her brother.

Breeana Shields also gives Lyla her own perspectives and provides readers peek into her mind. The duo must fight and defeat the Snake King if they are to escape the violence of their lives even while safeguarding the people that they love.

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