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Brenda English is a mystery writer who has written the Sutton McPhee series and co-authored “The Intuitive Heart” with Henry Reed, PhD (a dream, parapsychology, intuition, and creativity). “The Intuitive Heart” is all about opening the door to inner wisdom, and developing intuition and psychic ability. Intuition in this case is more than just gaining answers to certain questions about what to do; but also becoming closer to everyone and everything around you.

She got interested in writing stories when she first learned to read as a first grader. It made her realize that someone actually had to write those primers that she was reading. She has spent the next 35 years of her life working as a communications professional, editor, and writer; spending all of her time in constant awe that someone is actually going to pay her to do what she loves on a daily basis.

Brenda English has a journalism degree in radio-TV-film history and production from the University of Georgia. She was born in southeast Georgia. Besides writing, Brenda English has held positions in many jobs. She has spent time working as a reporter, both in television and in newspapers in Michigan and Florida. Brenda English has also managed a large publication for the health care system in Washington D. C., and was a senior editor at a non profit publisher. She also took care of media relations for one of the largest public school systems in the country, and she managed communications teams for a company in the Fortune 500. Now she and her family reside in Florida.

“Corruption of Faith” is the first book in the series that follows Sutton McPhee, a reporter for Washington News. Lately, she has had a case of the blues. Her job covering education for a major Washington, D.C. paper has lost its charm. She is told that her sister has been killed. Her sister, Cara, was a secretary for a church, and she was also loved and revered by both the congregation and her friends. Cara was killed in the parking lot of a bank; which is leaving Sutton and the police confused. Due to the fact that police are unable to give Sutton satisfying answers in the case, Sutton is driven to solve the case on her own. As she keeps digging deeper into the case, the more she wants to find her sister’s killer. It takes her deeper into a world that features power and religious faith as covers for perversion, greed, blackmail, and worse. Sutton’s life is put on the line over the course of her investigation.

Fans enjoyed the way the author filled the book with suspenseful and interesting moments, making for a fast page turning read. The novel was praised for the author’s ability to do more than just a typical whodunit; it also provides a glimpse into the lengths some people who go to get what they want.

“Corruption of Power” is the second book in the series that follows Sutton McPhee, a reporter for Washington News. Sutton knows that her latest case has all the signs of a scandal written all over it. A Senate aide is found dead, from an overdose of drugs and was wrapped up in a sheet; found in the D.C. suburbs. She is now covering the Fairfax County police, after solving her sister’s murder; moving from covering the news to covering crime. While Sutton is putting the story that she is going to write about the case and fighting with the detective working the case, another death of a high-profile person. In this case, the Fairfax County Supervisor’s wheelchair bound wife. Sutton’s reporter’s instincts are telling her that the two murders are related somehow. Sutton decides that she is going to keep digging until she figures out just what the connection is. Even with all of her experience reporting, she is still surprised about how high and far the connections go. And how much power can corrupt. She feels a rush of adrenaline rush every time she works a great story, and she finds justice for other victims of homicide.

Some readers liked the way the main character, Sutton, is so down to earth; which adds much to the story, and makes them want to buy more of the books in the series. They also liked the blend of sex, murder, politics, and romance with a fast pace; it even has an ending that was clever and was not easy to guess about. Readers were able to finish the whole book in one sitting.

“Corruption of Justice” is the third book in the series that follows Sutton McPhee, a reporter for Washington News. Summer in Washington and everyone in the suburbs seems to have escape to cooler weather. Sutton McPhee is trying and failing to find a captivating story on her police beat of Fairfax County. Not even Sutton is ready for the young officer of the law to be found dead from gunshot wounds in his home. She was escorted by the young officer of the law on a ride along, however, a not very riveting one. Later, a body is found in a park where Sutton and the young officer went to take care of a drunk in public call. Her quest for the truth will take Sutton all over the place, and dredge up parts of her past as a reporter and wife in Florida. She is placed right back into the crosshairs of whoever’s killing people. Noah Lansing, her new romantic interest, is right there with her. It’s up to Sutton to make sure that Noah’s five year old son does not become an orphan.

The book has been praised for its smooth, flowing story and its ability to get the reader immersed in the story from the very beginning and keep them there until the end of the book. The book makes you care about the victim (giving it an emotional edge), the mystery part of the book is complicated, yet logical, believable, and interesting.

Some fans of the series warn that once you start reading the books, you will not be able to put the books down. Most readers can’t wait for more entries to the series, it is that good.

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  1. Sherry Hunter: 2 years ago

    I just finished “Corruption Of Faith”. Great read and loved the insert of the inner voice that I too have heard most of my life. I so enjoyed the read and immediately purchased the other two. KUDOS.


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