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Publication Order of Brooke Miller Books

Scot On The Rocks (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jack with a Twist (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Punch (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Recipe for a Happy Life (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lonely Hearts Club (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dinner Party (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grace Kelly Dress (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Liz Taylor Ring (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Audrey Hepburn Estate (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brenda Janowitz is a New York-based successful American writer of chick-lit, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction stories. She has written six novels, four of which are standalone books, and is particularly famous for writing the Brooke Miller novel series. Janowitz published her sixth novel recently under the banner of Harper Collins/Graydon publication. Several of her works have featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, Writer’s Digest Magazine, The Forward, Salon, Bustle, Publisher’s Weekly, Xojane, Hello Giggles, Redbook, The NY Times, etc. Author Janowitz is a native of New York. She claims to have had a liking for all dramatic things. It has been a thing for many years since she played a titular role in a play in her school when she was in the third grade.

When her grandmother asked her whether she wanted to become an actress after growing up and continue having the experience, she replied by saying that she would rather become a writer. Author Janowitz has studied at Cornell University. She has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in the subject of Human Service Studies that comes with a Concentration in Race & Discrimination. Following her graduation, Janowitz joined the Hofstra Law School. There, she was a Law Review member and also won the competition of Law Review WRiting. After obtaining a law degree from Hofstra, Janowitz began working for a law firm called Kaye Scholer, LLP. She was posted as an associate lawyer in the Department of Intellectual Property.

Janowitz’s primary job at the firm was to handle cases in the areas of anti-trust, false advertising, trademark, and internet. Later, she left the firm for pursuing a federal clerkship with Magistrate Judge Marilyn Dolan Go. Author Janowitz says that she didn’t consider herself a serious writer until she reached the age of 30. Even then, her girlfriends had to persuade her to do it. She thinks she was lucky enough to be able to pursue her passion and leave the former job that she didn’t enjoy at all. Her decision to leave a career in law enraged her mother very much because she liked telling everyone that her daughter was a lawyer. But now, she loves to see Janowitz succeed as a writer.

When Janowitz’s friend grew bored with her constant talk about writing on the occasion of her 30th birthday, they forced her to stop talking and start writing. It was only because of their forceful persuasion that she decided to join a writing class. At around the same time, she also started working on her first book. The successful publishing of her first book, Scot on the Rocks, gave her the confidence that she can make it happen and motivated her to continue following her passion for writing. Just after her first release, Janowitz came across her husband and got to him. Her life began to change after that as she started giving birth to her children and looking after them. Now, Janowitz spends all her time writing books on a full-time basis. She also does some freelance work in between.

Janowitz’s career has now spanned more than 10 years and she feels that the industry has undergone some considerable changes. A major change has been brought in the writing industry by social media. Many writers have started promoting themselves through various platforms, helping them reach out to a large audience worldwide. Today, she enjoys being successful and doesn’t like to stretch too much for attention. The popularity of her novels is enough to speak for her. Along with her writing interests, Janowitz continues to read books that amuse her. Some of her favorite genres include sci-fi, young adult, thriller, suspense, and romance.

The Brooke Miller series written by author Brenda Janowitz is comprised of three books released between 2007 and 2014. Janowitz has set this series in Manhattan, New York, United States and has mentioned the central characters in the roles of Douglas Austin, Trip Gregory, Jack, and Brooke Miller. The debut book of this chick-lit series is entitled ‘Scot On The Rocks’. It was released by the Red Dress Ink publication in 2007. This book introduces Brooke Miller as an attorney hailing from Manhattan. Initially, it is mentioned that Brooke Miller’s former boyfriend named Trip Gregory gets engaged to the latest It Girl from Hollywood. She decides to arrive at the wedding and surprise everyone, including Trip Gregory. Brooke Miller wishes to prove to everyone that former lovers can remain friends and that she doesn’t hold any grudge against Trip or his new partner. Besides, she looks forward to flaunting her new Scottish fiance named Douglas Austin.

Douglas is not actually Brooke’s fiance, but lives with her in her apartment. But, she thinks that he will propose her with a ring anytime. To her utter shock, she engages in a fight with Douglas just a few days before Trip’s wedding. As a result, Brooke Miller is deprived of the only man she had in her life. Due to this, she is forced to attend the marriage ceremony of her ex-boyfriend alone. In her desperate attempt to find a replacement for Douglas Austin, Brooke Miller devices an outrageous plan to live through the wedding and get back the man of her dreams and also keep her dignity intact.

The second mind-blowing installment of this wonderful series is called ‘Jack With A Twist’. It was also released by Red Dress Ink in 2008. This book opens by showing that Brooke Miller goes through pre-wedding anxiety, but she is not worried about it. She is happy about having the support of the most loving man in the world. Brooke hopes that planning her wedding is going to be a very easy task for her. But before that, she lands the biggest case of her career. To make matters worse for her, Brooke learns that the attorney fighting the case against her is none other than her fiance, Jack.

Brooke doesn’t feel like worrying about the recent developments in her life and career as she thinks that both Jack and herself are not going to let the case interfere in their personal relationship. However, she receives a great shock when Jack begins pulling all the dirty tricks from law books to defeat her in the courtroom and win the case for his client. This new side of Jack’s personality makes Brooke wonder if he is the same man she developed feelings for in her heart. And when Brooke and Jack start warring at home and work in relation to the case, Brooke is forced to choose between the biggest case of her law career and her relationship with Jack.

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