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Author Brendan Reichs was born and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has degrees from George Washington School of Law and Wake Forest University where he got a BA in History. He also has an MFA creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. After he worked for three years as a litigation attorney, he quit his job and begin writing full-time. He lives in Charlotte with his daughter, son, and wife in Charlotte with a herd of animals that tear everything up.

In South Carolina, he went through the public school system, and was a Myers Park Eagle, Carmel Cougar, and South Meck Sabre. He had some great teachers in his time and owes them his eternal thanks.

He serves as a member of the executive board for both YALLWEST and YALLFEST young adult literary festivals.

His work is from the genres of children’s fiction and young adult fantasy. He writes the “Project Nemesis” series, the “Virals” series (with Kathy Reichs), and “DarkDeep” series (with Ally Condie).

“Nemesis” is the first novel in the “Project Nemesis” series, which was released in the year 2017. It has been going on ever since Min was eight. Every two years, the same guy finds her and kills her in cold blood on her birthday. Hours later, she always wakes up in a clearing right outside her hometown, she is unhurt, alone, and all the evidence of any crime happening being erased.

Right across the valley, Noah would like to be like everybody else. But he is not. Nightmares of death and murder plague him, also, however he does the best he can to hide all of the signs.

While the world around them starts to spiral towards destruction and panic, the pair of troubled teens find that people have been lying to them their entire lives.

Fans found this to be one of the most original stories they have read in a long time, as it mixes different genres. Once readers picked it up, they could not stop until they had finished. It leaves you guessing the entire way through and you have to keep figuring out whether or not you even like certain characters or not.

“Genesis” is the second novel in the “Project Nemesis” series, which was released in the year 2018. Noah Livingston knows that he is destined to survive. The 64 members of Fire Lake’s sophomore class get trapped in a place where morals mean nothing and no rules apply. All of Noah’s deaths have trained and hardened him to lead the strongest right into the future. Whatever that could be. At any cost.

Min Wilder realizes that survival alone is not enough. In a violent world, one where brute force passes as leadership, it is tempting to just lay back and allow everyone else to fight it out. Min’s instincts are rebelling against letting others determine who dies and who lives. She is ready to fight for what she believes in. Against whomever may stand in her way.

Despite the length of the book, it never feels how long it is, due to the very fast pace. There is a great combination of downtime for character development and the action sequences. The book is twisty with a lot of things going on, in some cases shocking and in others downright dark and brutal.

“Chrysalis” is the third novel in the “Project Nemesis” series, which was released in the year 2019. All 64 members of Fire Lake’s sophomore class have been able to survive the first two phases of the Program, as well as each other. Now, they alone have come out into the dawn of a brand new era on Earth, into a Fire Lake valley that is packed with otherworldly challenges and dangers.

Staying alive in this broken land should really force Tack, Min, and Noah as well as the others to form some new alliances, the old feuds die hard. The brutality of the previous Program phases is unable to be forgotten. Being a team is not an easy thing for the sophomores, and they find out they might not be alone on the planet after all. They are going to have to decide if they will work together or die together.

This book combines a fun mix of characters with some amazing turns and twists. The books are both exciting and wild and readers enjoyed them the entire way through. Readers were still unable to guess just what would happen next in the story, and Reichs is always able to top himself in quality.

“The DarkDeep” is the first novel in the “DarkDeep” series, which was released in the year 2018. Everybody in Timbers knows that Still Cove is off-limits, with the creepy Beast sightings and just as terrifying legends. A bullying incident sends twelve-year old Nico Holland off a cliff and into the icy waters. His friends, Tyler and Emma, even Opal Walsh (who tends to run off with the popular kids) rush to his rescue. They find a mysterious island that is hiding in the murky and swirling mists below.

The island seems to be uninhabited, the kids are unable to shake the feeling that something about this island is absolutely not right. Their suspicions increase when they find an abandoned houseboat that is full of all kinds of curiosities. Unnerving portraits, strange looking weapons, maps to some unknown places, and a glass jar that contains something entirely unidentifiable. In the lowest depths is churning a deep and dark secret.

While the group starts to dig deeper into the mysterious new clubhouse they have found, their lives start to intertwine in dangerous and odd ways. Something ancient has been awakened and is able to detect not just their dreams and wishes, but their darkest, most horrible imaginings, too. Will they have what it takes to face off against the shadowy secrets that lurk inside of their own hearts?

Fans loved the huge stakes, the high-throttle action, as well as a huge emotional heart to it. This book made for a truly spectacular adventure. The book pulls you into an irresistibly spooky world that goes beyond the wildest nightmares and dreams of many readers.

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