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Publication Order of Brennan & Esposito Books

The Surrogate is the first installment in the Brennan and Esposito is the Surrogate. From the look of things something is not right as four women, three of them being pregnant have just been brutally murdered. The women, who were pregnant, had the babies cut from their womb and the police believe that one of the children is still alive. Detective Phil Brenan who also happens to be the Major Incident Squad, the chief investigating officer is given the case. Brennan together with his officers, Clayton Thompson and Anni Hepburn are also trying to make sense of the killing that was executed in a brutal manner such that the veteran officers found themselves sickened by the gruesome crime scene. As expected, Colchester was unprepared for the killings; the town was an exceedingly peaceful and family oriented town, where homicides such as the one that the town is facing do not easily happen.

Scrambling to solve the mystery and also locate the missing baby, the town’s officials decide to call in Marina Esposito, the town’s psychologists. Marina happens to be the former lover of Phil. The two had met over a case, which had not only turned sour but dangerous as well. Marina had moved on, and as a matter of fact, Marina is carrying a baby, though she is still not yet showing any signs and also she is not willing to share the news with anyone. Eventually, the investigation takes the two to the ex-boyfriend of the last victim and a woman who has deadly ties with the local police. While Marina and Phil and several other investigators race against time so that they ensure that they save the life of the missing infant, the murderer is out once again looking for another victim to kill. If you are a fan of thriller novels that are less bloody, then you may find The Surrogate to be a little bit disturbing,

However, the action in the Surrogate is not only necessary but also quite convincing as well. With that said, the Surrogate is a great premise that is highly entertaining and promising as well. The Creeper is Carver’s tout follow-up of her debut novel, The Surrogate in the Brennan and Esposito book series by Tania Carver. In this installment, Detective Inspector, Phil Brennan together with his Major Incident Squad are pursuing a killer, the eponymous creeper, who not only likes to torture his victims but also loves to mutilate the victims as well. The eponymous creeper sends a message to one Suzanne Perry, whom the local police department believes that she could be the killer’s next victim. In this book, author Tania Carver exposes the internal police politics and the all too human foibles even as the lives of the killer’s future victims are at stake.

The protagonist, Phil Brennan life is in shambles after the police profiler and the mother of his kid, Marina Esposito decides to leave him. Thanks to his austerity, Phil Brennan is forced to work with one Fiona Welch, who happens to be a cheap profiler knock off. Furthermore, the entire MIS team is saddled with the paramour of their superior. However, when the investigation inevitably implodes, Phil Brennan is forced to man up and try to pull the pieces back together, both personal and professionally. The author’s subtle clues, one more chapter pacing, and the cunning plot twists do the trick once again. With that said, the author’s Tania Carver’s character development is on point. One of the main characters in the book is Suzanne Perry, who happens to be a normal woman and a speech therapist professional who works at the General Hospital.

Mark Turner is Suzanne’s Perry ex-boyfriend, and from the look of things, the two are still attracted to one another. Anthony Howe is the teacher who Perry had claimed that she had been harassed by. Detective Phil Brennan is also another outstanding character. Phil was raised under foster care before he was finally take in Eileen and Don Brennan, who eventually adopted him. Phil’s partner is Marina Esposito and also the mother of Phil’s daughter, Josephina. Marina is exceedingly terrified as a parent. Despite the fact that she is deeply in love with Phil, she has still decided to block him out. Eventually, Marina is left with Phil and the guilt begins to drive her mad. Another significant character in this book is Mickey Philips who happens to be a Detective sergeant. Philips has just been recently transferred from the drug squad. Once Philips arrive, Detective Anni Hepburn is disappointed about the fact that she was not considered for the promotion.

Cage of Bones is the third book in the Brennan and Esposito book series. At the beginning of this pulse-pounding novel that features the Detective Inspector Phil Brennan, laborers have been ordered to demolish an abandoned house. However, into the house and down the stairs, someone is in the cellar of the abandoned building that is awaiting demolition. Discovery is made in the basement, a cage that is made up of human bones with an exceedingly terrified and feral looking child is discovered. Unknown to both the two main protagonists, psychologist Marina Esposito and Detective Inspector, Phil Brennan, they have just disturbed a killer who has been lying undetected for more than 20 years. With the number of deaths on the rise, the entire city is reeling in terror. As the two are working on the case, it becomes exceedingly obvious that there was more at stake than what they thought at first. According to Marina, the boy would have been used as a sacrifice, since this is not the first kidnapping case.

The killer normally conducts a ritual sacrifice after every four years. The killer’s MO is to ensure that his garden grows since the evidence found inside the house of the killer. The story itself has strong links with a cult, which has been in operation for more than 40 years. The cult has been terrorizing the entire neighborhood when the leadership of the town began to behave wrongly. However, when the cage is found, the local police can do nothing but wonder as to whether the cult is sill operational.

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