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Brent Spiner is an actor, comedian, singer, and author. Brent first gained fame through the television series “Star Trek: Next Generation,” where he played the role of an android Lieutenant Commander Data. Bret Spiner went out of his comfort zone and wrote a comic memoir with some fictional characters called “Fan Fiction.” Since its release, people have loved the dark humor of his autobiography.

His Career
Over the years, he continued appearing in films like “Star Trek: Nemesis” and “Independence Day.” He recently appeared in a show called “Young Justice Phantoms” in 2021. We can go on about his success in the mainstream film media, but that would take us an entire day!

Brent Spiner is a singer who recorded the album “O’l Yellow Eyes is Back.” The album’s title was a comic combination of Frank Sinatra’s album name “O’l Blue Eyes is Back” and the yellow contact lenses that Brent wore when he played the role of Data.

Brent Spiner was also a Broadway show performer and appeared in shows, one of which he played for The Round About Company as John Adams. So, where did this multi-talented comedian and author come from?

His Childhood
Brent was born in Huston, Texas, in February 1942. Like many other people, he came from a humble Jewish background where his parents owned a furniture store. Unfortunately, Bret’s father died from kidney failure when Bret was ten months old. The mother remarried, hence Brentz Jany Mintz, where he dropped the surname Mintz in 1975. Brent attended a high school and won the national championship in dramatic interpretation. He later joined the university and started performing in a local theater.

The Source of Inspiration for His Book
If you listen to every celebrity’s story, you will never lack an exciting experience with a fan or several fans. In the same way, Brent had a couple of wild and scary encounters with fans, which he decided to write a book about. He had the power to develop an interesting convectional story about the sci-fi characters and the uplifting interaction with his fans. At the same time, he played along with his famous costars, but he did not.

Brent decided to write the book, inspired by the actual events of his journey as a famous actor. In the book, one of his stalker fans was inspired by the “Star Trek: Next Generation,” where his character Data built his daughter. In the book, he talks about Hollywood, fans, obsessions, television series, murder, and it ends with a killing.

People get close to their costars when they work on the same film for years. Similarly, Brent and his other costars created memories during the movie “Star Trek: Next Generation.” For this reason, he ended up including some memorable scenes with his costars like Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Patrick Stewart. Besides, Brent also included Jonathan Frakes’ wife in some parts. By the end of the book, some fans question whether LeVar Burton actually gave Brent the daughter’s placenta to store in the freezer. However, it would be best to remember that it is also a comic novel.

The Book
Brent wrote “Fan-Fiction: A Mem-Noir,” under fiction, comedy, and thriller. During the pandemic, Brent had the idea of bringing Jeanne Darst as the ghostwriter, but he realized later on that his story was deep, and he wrote the book. Jeanne Darst became more of an editor for the novel as he wrote more than he had expected.

The book “Fan Fiction” is set after “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” making him famous in 1991. The first part of the book is where Brent writes about his early life, a pure memoir. However, the pure biography only lasts for ten pages, so don’t be excited for more information about his life.

The book starts as Brent narrates how, at the age of twenty-two, he moved from Texas to New York with the dream of pursuing his acting career. Through Brent’s narration, readers can see the rejection, struggle, and small success that followed, and then came the huge win. The huge success is when he lands the role of Data, an android trying to understand humans. He then writes:

“I’ve realized one other thing as well. That despite this nightmare of a year with the pig’s penis and the bloody letters and the crazy psychiatrist posing as my late fictional daughter, there is one absolute truth for all so-called celebrities. That finally, finally, where would we be without our fans?”

The fiction then starts here. Brent narrates how a fan sent a message, and in the box was an Oig’s wang and a blood-stained letter. The letter was from a fan calling him “Daddy” and threatening to kill him at the person signs-off as the android daughter in the show “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” In the movie, Data, the character played by Brent, deactivated the daughter.

In the book, Brent receives life-threatening letters, which become more personal. One fan sent him a letter wanting to have dirty conversations with him while his husband, a “head obsessive” in the police department, is away. At some point, LeVar Burton appears in the book, smelling of patchouli. If you thought this was worse, things got weirder when FBY assigned a female agent to his case, and the twin sister got to be Brent’s bodyguard.

Brent then falls in love with the twin sisters, which becomes a rollercoaster of events. Let us not get into details about his kidney stones. You would have to read the book to get the whole experience. Brent also talks about his abusive stepfather and some of his failures. He also speaks of how the character Data has inspired many autistic children and adults, and neurologist Oliver Sacks visits him on stage at some point.

This book will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, from laughter to sadness and cringe, but you will definitely enjoy it. Besides, the book ends on a good note with an epilogue where the last page says:

“Everything I have written so far is absolutely true. But the story I’m about to tell is not. In fact, having written the book and read it a few times, I’m not sure if any of it really happened. Maybe in a parallel universe?”

Brent released the book in October 2021, and you can find it in audio, hardcover, and e-book versions.

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