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Publication Order of Brentwood Boys Books

Brentwood Boys is a romance series by Meghan Quinn. It’s a baseball romance set of novels about college baseball players and how they find love in odd situations. The debut in the series is The Locker Room, published in 2019.

The Locker Room is the debut in the Brentwood Boys Series. Legends have it that if you bring a girl into the sacred baseball players’ locker room, you’ll end up with a happily ever after. Making out against the lockers with the girl of your dreams makes her your future wife. They also believe that if you’ve sex in the baseball locker, you will get the best orgasm.

The baseball players are superstitious that the room has magical powers. However, not all players believe in superstition, and one of them is Knox. When a girl he is interested in brushes him off, she asks if he needs to alter his thinking. Maybe it’s time he finally gave out an envied invitation to the locker room. However, he is afraid since he isn’t sure whether she will give in. Would Emory become Knox’s locker room girl eventually?

Baseball is the popular sport at Brentwood University, and Knox is the Star player. However, despite the assumptions, he isn’t the typical irresponsible college athlete. Even when many girls want to throw themselves at him, he only wants Emory.

After ending a 6-year relationship with a cheating boyfriend, heartbroken Emory decides to join her friends and attend a college away from home. Emory feels that the darkness that covered her heart is gone, and her soul is starting to feel alive again. She’s carrying heavy baggage on her shoulders and has had no interest in men lately. Knox will have to work extra hard to get her attention.

She feels she should be entangled with someone better than Neil, but in a way, Knox Gentry made his way into her world. She can’t seem to ignore him, not that she wants to. It takes some time before Knox gets the chance to take Emory out. He even bets with his friends on how long they can go without getting intimate.

On her first day, her map flies on Knox Gentry’s face. Knox is not a relationship person and has never had a girlfriend, but something about Emory draws him, and he soon starts courting.

However, Emory doesn’t want to rush things, especially in a new relationship, so she offers to begin with friendship. Before long, she feels that she can’t resist him any longer. Considering how Broken she is and is trying to heal from the heartache and pain.

She even vowed that she’d never trust her heart with another man again, but here she is when Knox comes along. Knox is drawn by her charm and beauty and can’t stop thinking about her.

However, moving past her safeguards is not easy as her heart is guarded and the walls have been erected. It’ll take a lot of time and patience to show Emory she is worth it to win her heart.

Knox and Emory are so adorable together, and their friendship is one to admire. Their chemistry is off the charts, and you can’t get enough of their playfulness and hilarious banter.

The novel is addicting with laugh-out-loud, swoony scenes, and romantic scenes. It’s also wonderfully written with a captivating plot. Meghan has woven an amazing story with endearing characters and a heartfelt plot. It has a perfect blend of friendship, family, drama, sizzling moments, sexual innuendos, and tender moments.

Knox is a sweet and caring partner, while Emory is more reserved after a past traumatic relationship. Despite her past, she still couldn’t help around now as he found him irresistible.

The Dugout is the second installment in the Brentwood Boys series. Milly Potter has been nicknamed the Baseball Whisperer, the Epitome of all knowledge, and the Diamond Wizard. She believes in baseball and lives for it. Milly comes from an infamous dynasty family, but no one knows who she is, and she plans on staying that way.

Carson got an injury that destroyed everything, including his starting position and her junior year. He is now a senior year, fresh off recovery, struggling to find her groove until she runs into a nervous and fidgety girl with freckles in the dining hall.

Carson was one of the hottest second-baseball men in baseball. In his junior year, he was on the fast track to being the leading MLB draft pick, but an injury on his tendon cut short his dreams putting his major league on hold.

One year later, the injury has healed, but he still struggles to perform. Carson is desperately looking for help, and he has never in his wildest dreams thought the small college full of cute girls would be his coach.

Milly Potter is a baseball queen and grew up with three brothers. Her goal is to one day become a coach. She has two best friends, Shane and Jerry, who never miss any baseball game. She is so obsessed with the sport that they never miss any game.

Now senior Milly has her first big run with a ball player. It’s an awkward run, and it feels that the next one will not be better. It doesn’t even help knowing it’s with Carson Stone, one of the college’s hottest players.

Carson has been having trouble with his game after the injury, and Milly is the perfect person to help him. Even though Milly knows she can help, she has no idea how to offer her services but eventually she becomes his personal coach, changing both Carson’s game and life forever.

One mishap in the panini line, one miscommunication in the weight room, and many failed attempts amount to one solid truth, and Milly Potter stops talking to Carson Stone no matter how great his hands are. Little do they know that she is almost becoming more than just a ball mother to him.

For readers looking for a next-level fun book, then The Dugout is the best pick for you. Be sure to get good sports romance and romantic comedy with the right amount of angst to help you through the emotional torture. Carson is a perfect, charismatic Hero, while Milly Potter is a loveable heroine.

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