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Forever Fleeting (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gone the Way of the Dodo Bird (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Edit (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Tiger & The War Eagle (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bret Kissinger is a historical fiction, mystery, and suspense novelist from rural Wisconsin, where he was born and has lived for many years.

Growing up, he was just like many of his contemporaries as he loved reading the usual novels. He loved reading fantasy fiction novels, particularly the “Harry Potter” novels and hence he owes much of his love for reading to J.K. Rowling.

He can still remember how he used to get excited waiting for his new copy of “Harry Potter” on release day and would begin reading it while still in the checkout line. Nowadays, he reads just about everything and prides himself on finding obscure but very good books that the mainstream often seems to miss.

It was in 1997 that his life changed when he sat in a packed theater and watched people get emotional over the movie “Titanic.” In that packed theater, he experienced a room filled with strangers crying and laughing together.

He was also fascinated by the beautiful blend of fiction and fact and how the writers made use of compelling characters to bring “Titanic” to life. As the credits started rolling, he knew that his destiny was to become an author.

He was then only nine years old when he began writing in his notebooks before he shifted to the old family computer.

In 2001, he was old enough to witness the September 11 attacks that changed the world. Kissinger realized that history was better experienced in a real full-color world that includes all the senses rather than in white and black grainy films or history books.
He combined his love of writing and history and penned “Forever Fleeting” his debut novel in 2018. He now has at least four works to his name with more still in the pipeline.

Bret Kissinger’s first forays into writing were with screenplays where he had a torrid time. Even though he had some nibbles here and there, hardly anyone bit. He found himself in a catch-22 since it is impossible to get an agent in Hollywood without having sold a screenplay, while it was impossible to sell a screenplay without an agent.

At some point, he decided to try publishing a novel, even though he had heard similar stories about the challenges of publishing novels too. Bret had heard about the likes of J.K. Rowling, who submitted her “Harry Potter” series to numerous agents and did not go anywhere.
There was also the story of James Patterson who wrote under a pseudonym and got rejections from almost every publisher. The good thing about novel publishing that Kissinger loved was that he could self-publish on Amazon KDP, which is just what he did when he published his debut in 2018.

When Bret Kissinger is not brainstorming his novels or rewriting his next work, he enjoys walking, reading, going to the gym, watching movies, and reading.

“Forever Fleeting” by Bret Kissinger is a work that will stay with you long after you read the last word. In 1938, war is about to break out and Wilhelm Schreiber moves to the epicenter of Germany in Berlin, far away from his small hometown to begin his new life.
He needs a new suit for the new job and goes into a small shop where he meets a young and beautiful Jewish woman named Hannah Goldschmidt who has a very dangerous secret. The two soon become inseparable but when the Nazis and Hitler invade in 1939, the events tear them apart.
During those war years, Hannah and Wilhem have to live with some of the most horrifying experiences from D-Day to Stalingrad to Auschwitz, as they witness the worst of humanity. At some point, they are not sure if they will ever see each other again.
It is work that will break and mend your heart only to break it all over again, as it brings to life some of the deadliest events in human history with intensity, passion, and reverence that combines fact with fiction. It makes for an incredibly moving story that tells of a love that stands the test of time.

Bret Kissinger’s “The Final Edit” is a work set on a cold Halloween night on which Madison Monroe, a college student goes missing while riding her bike home after attending a costume party. On a rural and desolate road, she was stalked and kidnapped by a masked man who was never brought to justice.

More than ten years later, she is working as a fiction editor and hardly leaves her safe high-rise apartment. But her quiet life is upended when she gets a sample edit from an author who describes her past trauma in harrowing detail. The only people who have such a level of detail are herself and the masked man.

Now that the prospective author has captured her attention, he begins sending new sample edits with even more detail about the murders and abduction of what at first seems like random women. However, Madison soon realizes that these are not the imaginations of a highly creative author but rather a macabre reality.

Working with an FBI agent and a retired homicide detective, Madison needs to put together whatever clues she can find to save the victims. While investigating, she comes to realize that the only way to resolve the mystery is to solve the mystery of her decades-old abduction.

Bret Kissinger’s work “Gone the Way of the Dodo” is a work set in Prohibition Chicago in 1926. For this reason, the “Windy City” is under the heel of the warring Italian South Side and the Irish North Side.

Johnny De Luca is a mercenary in the “Beer Wars” as he works hard to get beyond the demons from his past. But then he goes to “The Moonlight Hotel” and meets Paris Dwason, the charismatic young woman whose charisma forces him to deal with defining memories and tormenting questions he has been suppressing for most of his life.

Johnny and Hotsy and Tomato his loyal friends spend much of their days chasing away rival gangs encroaching on their territory, guarding alcohol shipments and collecting payments, and their nights at “The Moonlight,” in a haze of dance, drink, and debauchery.
Things get interesting when their boss orders them to cross Mickey Diamond, a ruthless gangster from the North Side and this sparks what has to be the Beer Wars’ most bloody chapter.

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