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Tweaked (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pandemic Diary (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeing Red (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Brett Arquette

Brett Arquette is a thriller and fiction author born and raised in New Mexico and relocated to Florida at the age of thirty. He was anointed by his mother’s pen name ‘Duncan’ given by an award-winning author, Lois Duncan. He spent most of his career as a Chief Technology Officer for a large circuit court system in Florida. In 2002 he was selected as one of the premier IT Leaders in the world due to his technology.

Arquette has a wide experience in computer system technology and uses that knowledge while writing most of his books. He aspires to become a best-selling author like his mother.

Operation Hail Storm

Operation Hail Storm is the first book in Hailseries. The author introduces us to a character who lost his family in tragic terrorism leaving him deeply affected. The character named Marshal Hail is on a quest to get revenge for his family. He lost his wife and daughters when a group of terrorists attacked them. He turns to a predator after the loss and uses his vast assets to remove every FBI. Hail is a multi-billionaire using the money to convert nuclear waste into clean energy. He has made a cargo ship designed for a very important job.

Hail’s main aim is to put down those responsible for the deaths, and he is very keen on this mission of revenge, and he needs help to achieve this. He assembles a group of people who lost someone during the attack, most from MIT and all life on his ships while developing a system of drones that can fight any war or kill without having the person physically there. He has a lot of access to the underworld than the president, FBI, and the CIA combined.

For the United States government to give out the intelligence information, Hail needs to track and kill the US’ most wanted. The government insists that their CIA agent, Kara Ramsey should join his team. Kara lost her family in the terrorist attack and joined the CIA for her to be able to access the terrorists.

Hails wants to through the USA’s most wanted list and for him to put them down after which he will ask for the money the government offers. This starts a conversation between him and the president both wanting something from each other. They develop a good relationship with each other and the advisors bringing more drama into politics.

The government also wants Hail to track the intercontinental ballistic missiles that had been sold to North Koreans and destroy them. North Korea needs them so that they can launch nuclear weapons in America. Kara feels like she has met her match with Hail and unlike many men who were lured by her beauty to the point that they can’t see what she is after. Hail works out quickly, and he assures himself that he would let her intelligence get better than his.

Operation HailStorm is fast paced with a good plot and well-developed characters making the novel appealing to read. The story has many twists and turns keeping you guessing as you flip pages. It is action-packed with a lot of suspense in it. The author uses his knowledge in technology to weave a believable plot where Hail uses modern technology of powerful computers reinvents the drones.

The story is relatable to the time we are living in and what is going on around us. It takes the current technologies and the possible future to the forefront presenting them in a way we can believe.

Hail Warning

Hail warning is the second book in Hail series where Hail continues to work on his assassination mission on the list of the wanted persons and aims at finding the Russian runner as Kara; the CIA agent remains in the ship. Having shocked people in Washington earlier, Marshall Hail and his team begin their next mission while using the assets in the two ships, Hail nucleus, and Hail proton.

Lt. Commander, Foster Nolan always did every task his bosses gave him and it is unbelievable when he decides to ignore an order of bombing North Korea. He ejects his 300 million worthy jets to the sea, and he is lucky to be pulled out alive with his full body. Marshall Hail desperately wants to kill everyone in the FBI, and the top 10 wanted list in America especially now that he is seeking revenge for the death of his family members.

Even though the government does not mind Marshal Hail helping them in putting down the bad men around the world, they have no plans of giving him access to the list. This means that Marshal will conduct a mission of their choice and he might be shocked by what they ask him to do. The mission may require him to get out of his ship and personally confront someone very dangerous and might find it hard since he is not used to doing what is ordered to do.

The team has been equipped with the current intelligence for the new operation which appears difficult — hail signs an agreement with Feds that includes working with the new weapons and a new team member.

Hail’s revenge search for the terrorists who murdered his family increases in this book. The characters become human as the drones become more aggressive and amazing as the search goes on and starts to bear some fruits.

Hail Warning is a fast-paced techno-thriller story keeping you attentive to the end. The numerous wicked weapons and the masterminds that operate the drones make the story more thrilling. There is an exciting character growth with some bad guys on the good side.

The book has many twists and turns which keeps you flipping pages to the end. The characters are likable and relatable with the back story well fleshed making it more fascinating to read. Brett Arquette brings the story back in time giving an insight into one of the characters.

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