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Brian Guthrie is a science fiction and fantasy writer from Germany best known for the writing of the bestselling and award-winning “Future Worlds” series of novels and the “JukePop Serials”. He has a four degrees all obtained with honors; a degree in Intelligence Technology, Arabic, a Masters in History, and a Bachelor in the same. He made his name with the debut novel “Rise” published in 2017 which went on to win the Inkshares Nerdist Contest. The novel was also nominated to the Best Sci-fi novel at the 2017 Dragon Awards. Winning several prestigious awards within months of publication announced Brian as one of the best additions to the science fiction genre in years. His second novel in the “Future Worlds” series that he co-wrote with Michelle his wife was also winner of the Geek and Sundry Contest by Inkshares, making history as the first author to ever win two contests. He is married to Michelle with whom he has a ten-year-old daughter that could be a boy or girl depending on what she wants to do for the day. When he is not writing he loves to do geeky things like play video games, cosplay, and attend conventions across the United States and Europe.

Brian Guthrie started writing as a child since he very much wanted a world that he could control. He has always had issues with control having experienced traumatic events in his childhood and teen years that he found an escape in by writing about other worlds. While he started writing as a means of dealing with his traumatic experiences, it eventually developed into a passion. As a teenager, he had always been into reading, and loved reading the likes of Stephen Lawhead, Tracy Hickman, Patrick Rothfuss, and Timothy Zahn. All of these authors influenced his writing as he combines a little of each to make his own masterpieces in the “Future Worlds” series. Zahn and Lawhead expanded his world beyond fantasy, Patrick made him realize narrative first person could be made amazing, and the redeemer in his novels is inspired by the hero in the Zahn novels. He cites his biggest influence and mentor as Tracy Hickman, who ran an online course for a year that he attended.

Brian Guthrie’s “Future Worlds” series of novels is set in an alternative world known as Bhana. The name Bhana means broken as the original name of the world has been lost since the world was ripped apart a few thousand years past. The people of Bhana now depend on Ancient Technology to live in a world shielded by water from the vagaries of space. But now the network of water shield is disintegrating, setting the world where the shell is most rapidly integrating on a collision course with their fellow Bhana inhabitants. The quest to save their world is left to four strangers each with their own demons even as they come together to fight to save the destruction of their world. Bhana is a harsh place to live with virtually no animal life, little if any surface water and desert topped shells that are a legacy of the former world that had been torn apart. Each shell that provides protection to the world provides gravity, water and is controlled from a single citadel. What makes this world familiar to our own is its touch screens, desert landscapes, and a deep suspicion of powerful and secretive world governments. The dominant cultures and races of the Future Worlds are Dragons and humans that have coexisted for thousands of years.

The Future Worlds are unique in that there is practically no racial tension with the races having blended so much that there is no difference between the humans from the different shells. However, there is deep distrust and national tension and bias against people from other shells otherwise referred to as Offlanders. As for the dragons that live on the world, they are of two races the Reds and Greens, though no one knows their origin. Despite living in a world very much unlike our own, the humans on this world have the same characteristic hunger for power, pride, and selfishness that can be manipulated by others. There are few if any animals, and the shells with significant numbers of wild life and fauna are the Colberra Wilds, where the shell’s weather is not controlled by the citadel.

“Rise” the first novel of the Future Worlds series is set in a world very near to destruction. Life is hanging on a thread as most of it survives on the barren crust of the planet. The fragments left from the wreckage are the rock and desert landscapes that are sustained from the vagaries of space by a water shield. To survive the people have to depend on the Network, an omnipresent control system that taps ancient technology to provide a bit of comfortable living. But now societal collapse seems inevitable with water sparse and the Network falling apart. As the inhabitants come to realize the gravity of the situation they begin to turn hostile with the shells heading for what is seemingly an all-out war. But several strangers will meet at the right moment to offer hope for the Worlds. They are as disparate as a correctional officer running away from his shadowy past and a woman that is struggling to keep her family together. The small team with nothing in common now come together to save their world from a common enemy – itself.

“Fall” the second novel of the Future Worlds series is a thrilling fantasy fiction title written by Guthrie and his wife Michelle. In the novel, all-out war finally broke out between the shells of the world. Seeing that they are unable to trust each other, the survivors of the conflict seek help from the dragons, the last place anyone would have ever thought they could ever get help. But unknown to them, the dragons are involved in a vicious fight between themselves that may also be connected with the disintegration of the Shell Network. Seeking help and answers the survivors discover a long-lost secret that had nearly led to the destruction of their world millennia ago. Just as the secret has the power to save the world it could also end it if it found its way into the wrong hands.

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