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Mortal Allies (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kingmaker (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Private Sector (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The President's Assassin (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Man In The Middle (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Crew (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Many an individual might recognize Brian Haig as Fox News’ Military Analyst. Few manage to make the connection between this Fox News employee and the American thriller author Brian F. Haig, two well known personalities within a single package.

Brian Haig, The Military Man-

Born to Alexander Haig (Former U.S Secretary of State) and Patricia Fox, Brian Haig was commissioned as an infantry Lieutenant after graduating from West Point in 1975. initiating a military career that would span 22 years of active duty.

First posted in Germany as an infantry battalion, charged with guarding Pershing Missiles, Brian Haig’s star first began showing promise after a three year stint at Fort Carson in Colorado as an infantry company commander.

It was shortly after that the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff scooped up the young officer as an intern, positioned within the Current Operations Directorate, specifically purposed towards the Lebanon peacekeeping operation.
With fortunate and appreciated assistance from the Army in achieving his Master’s degree from Harvard, specializing in Military Strategy, Haig was best placed to contribute to the regional war plan for South West Asia as the Army Staff’s global strategist, these three years equally spent formulating global war strategies against the Soviet Union, with Brian’s primary activities revolving around advising the senior military leadership on global matters.

Haig toured in a Bradley Battalion in Germany, before spending a good three years in Seoul, utilizing his skills to craft war plans and strategies for the post cold war world, with North Korea as the primary focus, Haig accomplishing his assignments under various titles, most notably positioned under the commander in chief of the United Nations Command and Combined Forces Command as a Special Assistant.

Brian would, soon after, begin dimming his star, winding down what had proven to be quite the successful military career, landing a position under the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Special Assistant, responsible for volunteering advise on Asian and Global issues as well as assisting in the preparation of briefings, speeches, congressional testimonies and public statements.

Post Military-

Retirement for Brian Haig officially came in 1997, with the former military man taking directorship of the world’s foremost manufacturer and operator of the largest heavy helicopter fleet, Erickson AirCrane, eventually becoming president. He also spent 12 months as president of the B2B internet company, international Business Communications, a firm concerned with aviation parts and their sale.

Brian Haig can boast of a fairly impressive educational background, with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy, even a Masters in Government from Georgetown University; academic certification complimented by many a military award, from the Distinguished Service Medal to Airborne wings, two legions of Merit and the Ranger tab.

One of three children (a sister, Barbara, and brother, Alexander), Brian Haig is currently based in new Jersey, with a wife and four children.

Brian Haig, The Author-

Harboring aspirations of entering the field at an earlier age, Brian Haig officially emerged onto the scene in 2001, with the publication of his first book, and now works as a full time writer; with most of his books centered primarily around the former special forces officer, now Army JAG lawyer, Sean Drummond (Major/Lieutenant Colonel) and the various elements that constitute his career and life, the difficulties that arise and life altering incidents that shape his world.

One might conclude that Brian Haig was built for the writing arena, taking into account the immediate success achieved via his first outing in the literary world in the Secret Sanction, the thriller published in 2001, becoming a National and Washington post bestseller.
The novel brought to the world their first glimpse of the smart mouthed and cynical Sean Drummond, an incredibly competent lawyer hiding his brilliance behind self deprecation.

Engaging in the law after an active military career, Sean finds his wits tested by the web of a military scandal, whose entanglements he must contend with through no fault of his own. The story twists, turns and curves with great intensity, revolving around a thirty five victim massacre that occurred within the context of a remote war in Europe’s center. It comes down to Sean Drummond to investigate the innocent claims of a U.S special forces team accused of committing blood murder, along the way allying himself with Defense Attorney extraordinaire, Captain Lisa Morrow to uncover a vast conspiracy with frightening implications and even more disturbing consequences.

Questioning the concepts of Honor and Duty in uncovering the dangerous game unfolding before him, Sean Drummond’s premier escapade makes for an exciting read, with a quickly evolving plot, revealing the nature of the human psyche in a story wrought by Brian Haig’s intimate military experience and knowledge.

Indeed a land mark novel from an innovative mind, and one from whom, some have been known to suggest, Mortal Allies, Brian Haig’s second book, slightly diverges. No less convoluted, Mortal Allies takes Sean Drummond quite a ways from his comfort zone, casting the brash politically incorrect smart mouth into South Korea to contend with a murder case whose consequences reverberate globally.

Centered around an American officer, two of his military colleagues and the night at a Seoul Apartment party that leaves the young son of South Korea’s minister of Defense dead, murdered, purportedly at the hands of the American officer, Mortal Allies presents a dark and disturbing story, morally ambiguous in its approach as Brian Haig pairs Sean with the attractive Katherine Carlson, an old law school rival, the divergent pair locking horns in an attempt to reveal the events of the mysterious murder.

Conflicting with his co-counsel’s chosen legal tactics and confusing sexual signals, equally baffled by the diplomatic hurdles of his hostile environment, Sean Drummond must overcome lethal resistance in bringing to light all those secrets others will kill to bury, drawing his lines in the sand and finally separating ally from foe.

Full of suspense, rich plotting and many a twist, Mortal Allies has been accused of dragging a bit during its run, the great characters and relationships suffering under what sometimes proves to be too convoluted a story, with the novel managing to remain addictive due to Sean Drummond’s humorous performance. As would be expected Mortal Allies maintains a level of quality that has come to be expected from Brian Haig, visible in The Kingmaker, Brian’s third noel, and throughout his telling of Sean Drummond’s various tales.

Though one might impute to it special quality, Secret Sanction that is, the first book in Brian Haig’s writing career, whose story has garnered interest from Nicholas Cage and his production company, now optioned for a future motion picture.

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  1. Terry Bush: 5 months ago

    Has Brian ceased writing? I hope not cause he’s one of the best!

  2. Rod A Bernard: 3 years ago

    Hi, will there be any additional Sean Drummonds novels. I really enjoy the series.

    • Roderick Reading: 2 years ago

      I have just read “The President’s Assassin, fantastic read, really enjoyed it. Now I am moving to “Main in the Middle”. However, am concerned that there are only two Sean Drummond books further to read with the last published in 2015. Are there others that I am missing. If not why and are there more due to come .
      Fantastic series, great character , can’t wait to read more.

      • Graeme: 2 years ago

        Unfortunately, the listing above is complete at this time.


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