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The Games Do Count (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's How You Play the Game (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
George Washington's Secret Six (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The President and the Freedom Fighter (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Teddy and Booker T. (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brian Kilmeade is a published author of fiction. He attended Long Island University and has now become a well known personality in the world of television, radio, and print.

Kilmeade was born on May 7, 1964. He is not only a published author, but he is an esteemed co-host of a television show on Fox. “Fox and Friends” enjoys high ratings, hitting number one for cable television for nearly a decade.

He began his illustrious career serving as a correspondent for Channel One. The channel was a daily program on television that delivered the high school news on a national level. He would also serve as a host and anchor for Ontario, California’s local channel. He would also talk on sports subject radio program and served as a co-host.

He would later join FOX News. Before that, he worked in Hartford as a sports anchor on a freelance basis. He also would be a reporter from the sideline with MSG Network. There he would cover teams in major league soccer, mainly the Metro-Stars. He would work as an anchor and reporter hosting Newsport Journal at Newsport TV, which was a magazine show held on a daily basis.

He would also anchor a general television program on sports live called Scoreboard Central that lasted for thirty minutes. He has worked in journalism for a long time, but he still has nearly a decade of experience when it comes to stand up comedy. He continues to coach soccer and lives with his family in Massapequa.

Kilmeade is able to give his own take on the latest daily news and his own perspective. Brian has had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of guests that work in a number of fields. He has sat down to talk with some of the largest names that you can find in entertainment and sports and politics. Sometimes he is even able to get exclusive content.

The author has played a very big part when it comes to the coverage of such major events as the events of September 11th. He was also part of the coverage of some war zones and reported from various places in the world as well as topping reporting from several military bases located all over the nation.

Kilmeade has also contributed to covering the conventions of the Republican and the Democratic parties. He has served as the sports anchor as well for his network. As part of his position he has reported on live coverage of provided it for a lot of major sports in the United States for the past two decades.

Brian currently works as a radio host as well. He works for news radio on FOX and is the host for a radio talk show that has reached national syndication level. The show is called ‘Kilmeade & Friends’. It can be heard on over eighty stations including XM Sirius.

He first became a published author in print with the release of his debut novel. The title of it is “The Games Do Count”. The book is all about the best and the brightest people that talk about sports and their stories about it. It was published in 2004 and was a best selling book.

From this author comes 70 stories and more that are culled straight from the top leaders of America. From those who are closest and can relate to them the most, this author reveals that the brightest and best in the country worked hard, but they also proved that they were able to play hard as well.

The Games Do Count is the first book to come out from this author. Some celebrities and people that have done well share something in common. Together they’ve reached the pinnacle of their professions and credit sports with teaching the various lessons that ended up being key to success.

He has spent years profiling and interviewing celebrities and more. Now it’s time to take what this author has learned and condense it so that readers can learn these insights and lessons too! Kilmeade has spent years talking to folks that are top in their field.

With everyone having a story to tell, these are the collected points of view from a variety of people. Competition and sports may have changed their lives– and they’re telling you in these vignettes! Surprising and entertaining, this book has a variety of character traits and positive things learned from sports. What could the world of sports and these people teach you? Pick up “The Games” to find out!

The author would release a volume designed to be a companion to that book. It is called “It’s How You Play the Game”. This book is all about the most powerful moments in sports that were able to give lessons to people that the writer considers to be among the finest in America.

Kilmeade attempts and pulls off the feat of writing a book (published in 2007) that not only tells you something about sports but also gives you some insight into life and how people work too. These are the intimate and personal stories of moments of sports that came to be defining moments for a variety of successful people, from historical figures to politicians, actors, and CEOs.

What they would learn while playing sports and seeing them played is recounted in this book where they tell the reader and the author how field lessons got them ready to not only handle life, but to overcome the perils of adversity. This is all done using dignity, courage, and sportsmanship (which means being a good sport whether you win or lose).

Check out the seminal book that Sports Illustrated raved about! This is a book that the magazine proclaimed was able to teach the article author more about some of their ‘favorite leaders’ than the profiles of them that they had read.

Catch all of the insight and personal experience through this sports book that is about more than just sports. Maybe you’ll learn a lesson or two or just have a great time reading about some ways that successful people feel that sports were able to help them become the people that they became in life.

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