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Publication Order of The Reich Trilogy Books

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Brian Klein is an author of thriller books best known for his Reich Trilogy. He is also an award-winning TV director with over 25 years of experience in the film industry. His work has been featured on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky, and BBC. He has directed twenty-five seasons of the infamous car show TOP GEAR and several seasons of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN ROADTRIP. Brian has also directed two films for BBC and several entertainment specials for Netflix.

During the 2020’s Covid 19 lockdown, many aspiring writers finally took the plunge and completed that long-planned novel they procrastinated for a long time due to their busy schedules. It is the exact case for Brian Klein. For the first time in his career, he was faced with an empty calendar, and it was the ideal time for him to write down in a paper a story he had conceived years ago. And after 12 weeks of intense writing, the first book in The Reich Trilogy was finished and published. There have been several conspiracy theories about the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler after the end of the second world war. Some conspiracy theorists claim that Adolf survived the war, and that forms the starting point for Brian Klein’s novel, The Counterfeit Candidate.

In the first few pages, the author hints to the readers that Adolf Hitler survived the war, and together with his wife, they both sought refuge in South America. With their new identities, they established themselves and created a multigenerational strategy to establish the Fourth Reich. To assure the continuation of the lineage, they start a family and invest heavily from their Nazi treasures in a pharma firm, the Franklin Pharmaceutical Company in Buenos Aires, that will develop legal money, power, and influence over the next decades. We witness their interactions with notorious Nazi war criminals such as Mengele and Eichmann, who are shown interacting with Juan and Eva Peron, who were believed to have escaped to Argentina under the protection of Argentina’s political leaders after the war. We also watch Hitler’s son and grandson share their ancestor’s homicidal ambition and moral corruption.

The Counterfeit Candidate is not purely historical since most of the book’s storyline occurs in 2012 following Chief Inspector Nicholas Vargas work in the Bueno Aires Police Department investigating the robbery of sensitive documents and money from Bueno Aires Bank. As the story unfolds, it’s discovered that one of the many people who had been affected by the bank heist was Hitler’s secret son Richard Franklin, the head of the pharmaceutical company. It couldn’t have come at a worse moment, considering that Richard’s son, John George Franklin, was a presidential nominee and obvious favorite to become the next president, pledging to bring Hitler’s plan to reality.

Franklin’s determination to recover the stolen documents, which could link Hitler’s connections to them, sends a team of finders. The detective and his sidekick pursue the crooks and stolen documents, not knowing they are after a ticking timebomb. Brian Klein’s novel is no easy read, but its action-packed story never lets up, growing more tense and sinister as murders pile up in this hunt for the Hitler files. The plot is filled with more twists and turns than the world’s most treacherous roads as it builds to a thrilling conclusion between the police and their antagonists.

The story is narrated through two timeframes, one through Hitler’s life and the other in the present. It is full of dramatic tension moments, making it a perfect book for thriller junkies. The moments range from Adolf’s daredevil escape from Germany sailing through the sea to Argentina to the terror Franklin gets as he receives a call from Vargas, who is about to get to the bottom of the truth. This wouldn’t be possible if Brian Klein’s characters weren’t believable. Each character receives sufficient shading for the readers to invest their time in and plenty of backstories to emphasize their driving forces.

The detectives are professionally and emotionally committed to delivering justice, even as it gradually becomes clear what they have been engaged in. The Franklins are truly despicable and determined to get what they believe to be their birthright. The discovery of the Nazi scheme only drives Vargas on, as his deceased wife was Jewish, and her grandpa was one of the thousands of Jews forced to leave Nazi Germany.

At its core, The Counterfeit Candidate is an adventure novel narrated in a technically impressive way. The author provides us with two time periods and a different point of view to give the readers a complete overview of everything that happens. Each chapter and scene are well mapped out efficiently to improve the reading experience. In many cases, you wouldn’t expect such sophistication from a new author, but thanks to Brian Klein’s TV experience, he comes fully armed in the publishing world. With the novel’s exhilarating sense of danger, the big stakes, and the luxurious locales of Argentina and Los Angeles, it is easy to see why it is ready for adaptation to the big screen.

The second book in Reich Trilogy takes place on January 30, 1939. Hitler delivers a controversial speech in the Reichstag, threatening “the extermination of the Jewish race in Europe.” This terrible public announcement was dubbed “The Führer’s Prophecy” by his devoted supporters. November 1943. Operation Gesamtkunstwerk was the codename for a nefarious operation devised in Auschwitz’s notorious Block 10 that was only known to a few Nazis. It is a plan devised by Hitler, Himmler, and Mengele, and over eighty years later, it is now ready to be implemented by the Führer’s direct heirs. April 2022. When the world survives the Covid epidemic, five individuals from four continents endorse a scheme that might have unthinkable ramifications for the State of Israel via a secure zoom call. Chief Inspector Nicolas Vargas and Lieutenant Troy Hembury join forces with elite Mossad agent Lea Katz in a race against time to avoid the unimaginable outcomes of Operation Gesamtkunstwerk.

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