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Publication Order of The Five Warrior Angels Books

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Brian Lee Durfee
Brian Lee Durfee is a writer and artist that grew up in Monroe, Utah and Fairbanks, Alaska.

He has done illustrations for Tolkien Enterprises, Wizards of the Coast, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as many others. His art has been featured in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Vol 9 and SPECTRUM: Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art #3.

Brian won the Arts for the Parks Grand Canyon Award and has one painting in the permanent collection of the Grand Canyon Visitors Center-Kolb Gallery.

When he isn’t busy writing, he likes painting, reading, and watching the Oakland Raiders (he is a giant football fan), and traveling.

His love for fantasy began when he was young and read the “Sword of Shannara” by Terry Brooks. It was the first novel he had bought with his own money and read for his own enjoyment. Just 85 pages in and he knew he wanted to write his very own fantasy series at some point.

Brian’s debut novel, called “South Severe”, was released in the year 2011. His work is from the horror and fantasy genres.

“South Severe” is the first novel in the “Epic Anti-Vampire Tale” series and was released in the year 2011. South Severe is a friendly and quaint little place that is nestled along one lonely strip of desert highway. Stop for gas, take a rest, or buy a snack. If you dare.

In the mountains just above South Severe is an abandoned gold mine. This ancient ghost town, which has been forgotten by the modern world, is the lair of the bloodsucking devil that hunts in the moonlight. The monster, which is all shrouded in black, gets summoned by the music of three magic Indian stones as well as the murderous desires of its heart. It kills each of its enemies with a merciless and keen blade.

This is the story of a young sheriff that believes nothing can go wrong in his tiny desert town, until neighbors and friends start getting killed, with Indian symbols getting carved in their flesh. It follows the lives of many teens that long to escape the religious noose of the community and their own parents.

“Bedlam Blues” is the second novel in the “Epic Anti-Vampire Tale” series and was released in the year 2011. The year is 1985. Bedlam Blues is an abandoned gold mine that is nestled right in a pristine alpine valley, the type of place adventurous hikers pass fast while on their way to better vistas. Assuming they are lucky.

Hidden among the clear brooks, white aspens, and the majestic cliffs above Bedlam Blues is a grotesque and dark secret. One secret that is so vile, so stunning, that when it is finally revealed, is going to bring a whole community down to its knees in shame. For many are called to serve death, however, few are chosen.

“The Forgetting Moon” is the first novel in the “Five Warrior Angels” series and was released in the year 2016. One massive army that is on the brink of conquest looming large in a world where prophecies are lies, hope is where you least expect to find it, and magic is believed in but never seen.

Welcome to the Five Isles, where war has come in the invading army of Sor Sevier, a merciless host driven by the prophetic fervor of Aeros, the Angel Prince, toward the final unconquered kingdom of Gul Kana. But Gault, an elite Knight Archaic of Sor Sevier, grows disillusioned by the crusade that he is at the vanguard of right when it sets off on Lord Aeros’ largest triumph.

As the oldest son of the fallen king of Gul Kana now reigns in ever rising paranoid isolationism, his two sisters seek their paths. The older sister, Jondralyn, is renowned for her beauty and she desires to prove her worth as a warrior. Tala, the younger sister, has uncovered a secret that might not only destroy her family, but the rest of the kingdom, too. Then there is the hitman, named Hawkwood, that is sent to murder Jondralyn who instead fell in love with her and trains her in his lethal art. All are led further into dangerous conspiracies inside the court.

Hidden right at the edge of Gul Kana is Nail, the orphan taken by the mysterious Shawcroft to the isolated whaling village of Gallows Haven. He is a young man that might hold the link to the entire Five Isles’ salvation.

Readers found this to be an awesome adventure with a twist or turn found in each chapter. This is a suspenseful and intense read, and all of the characters play an integral role to the plot and progress of the storyline. They each contribute their own form of common sense, wisdom, vileness, and narrow mindedness to this.

“The Blackest Heart” is the second novel in the “Five Warrior Angels” series and was released in the year 2019. Princess. Assassin. Gladiator. And the slave. The Five Warrior Angels have now been revealed, one by one the mystical weapons they used to wield are being found, and the ancient prophecy is finally becoming fulfilled. Or is it? When it comes to recorded history, there is a lot intended to deceive and manipulate.

Princess Jondralyn, returning back to the kingdom of Gul Kana, has suffered a horrible and devastating loss, finding that not all prophecy is to be assumed and not all scripture is to be trusted. Tala, her younger sister, has just found faith within herself while she faces off against the villains, who use her for their own devices.

The ex-Bloodwood Assassin, named Hawkwood, is captured. Gault, the knight, gets betrayed by the Angel Prince, is only left to wonder of the fate of his daughter who just fell into horrible hands.

All as Nail goes off on the deadliest quest the Five Isles has known.

Fans found themselves being entirely addicted, captivated, and hooked by each character’s perspective and it was tough to even take a break for too long. He does a great job of making each character distinct and memorable, even with all the characters that appear in the book. Durfee writes with an unpredictability and passion, and for some readers, the novel was entirely original.

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