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Brian Lutterman is an American author.

He is a former corporate attorney and trial lawyer. Many of his thriller novels are based on his experience in this field. He brings the larger than life conflicts of the courts and the characters to life.

Brian’s many novels are usually thrillers with a murder mystery type of plot involved. His books have been nominated for awards and have overall received positive reviews. His book Bound to Die was a runner up when it comes to the Minnesota Book Award but sadly did not win it in the end.

He was born in Tracy, Minnesota. Lutterman attended the University of Minnesota and after he graduated, attended the law center at Georgetown University. Currently he resides along with his family somewhere in the midst of the Twin Cities.

Brian Lutterman is the creator and the author of the Pen Wilkinson series. The debut novel first came out for readers to enjoy in 2014 and is titled Downfall. Here readers get to meet the female main character of Pen, who happens to be a unique attorney. Windfall is the title of the sequel, which came out shortly after. Freefall is the third novel in the series, and it came out in 2017.

Downfall is the debut novel in the engaging Pen Wilkinson series. If you love mystery stories that involve twists and turns or anything set with a legal aspect, then you may just want to check out this series for yourself and see what’s happening with it.

Pen Wilkinson is a young attorney, and everyone knows that a job like that can eat up all your time, especially if you want to make partner. It’s a tough job and she is doing what she can to deal with her personal life now that tragedy has struck her, seemingly coming at her full speed out of nowhere.

Pen is now a paraplegic after an accident, and now she has the job of piecing her life back together. She hopes that she can get it back to where it was, but things like this have a way of changing people’s lives forever. She is forced to take a job working in a city far away for a pretty big bank in order to keep things going.

She is settling into the job, but starts to wonder whether all of it is above level. Her job and maybe even the company itself may be a front and are not all that they appear to be. As her suspicions only continue to grow, things quickly get out of hand. The job that seems like a really good dream job is actually turning on her quicker than she can manage.

Pen is quickly thrown under the buss when her employer brings accusations against her of wrongdoing as well as committing fraud. The media is all over this too, and the former attorney is left to wonder what exactly is going on here. It has to be something big if the company and her employer are scrambling to mark her as the bad guy.

Scandal is in the air, and there’s no telling who is going to get stung by its nasty tentacles. Pen quickly finds that she has lost her job and someone is actually putting her life at risk. As she keeps on going, she finds out that there have been several incidents of corporate sabotage that have happened and this is just one part of a larger cover up.

Pen decides that she’s going to take down the people that are trying to take her down. On the way, she will take a journey that leads her all over the country in the search for what’s really going on. She is totally on her own, but this lawyer is determined to get to the bottom of this and end things once and for all.

As the lawyer goes on a search for the truth, she will find the answers that she is looking for. The Downfall plot is growing thick– can she make her way through the haze to get to the truth in the end? You’re going to have to read this first adventure novel to find out!

Windfall is the sequel to the first book in Lutterman’s Pen Wilkinson series. Readers were able to have the pleasure of meeting Pen in the first book. The prosecutor was doing well in her field when an accident left her with an entirely different situation than the one she had before.

Now Miss Wilkinson is getting ready to take on a big trial– the first one that she’s had. The point of the trial (for her at least) is to attempt to prove that a Congressman is corrupt and bring him to justice. She knew that this would be an important case, but she had just no idea how high the stakes really would be.

Pen isn’t worried about the trial because she knows she has a really strong witness that she’ll be able to call to the stand. It’s important that they testify, but apparently someone else knows how crucial it is to the case. Now the witness has gone missing, no doubt due to outside involvement.

Someone doesn’t want that individual to get up and testify, and they’re making sure that they’re not going to get the chance. Pen thinks that they’ve either been hurt, threatened, kidnapped or even killed. Perhaps someone has blackmail on them and is using it to get what they want.

It’s up to the attorney to try and track them down. But along the way, she may just find that she unearths a conspiracy so in depth and insidious that it’s in companies, politics, and more. When this lawyer’s boyfriend is arrested on suspicion of murder, things get complex.

The lawyer has no choice but to go forward and do the best that she can. With a missing witness and a boyfriend accused, Pen has never had more on her plate. Can she achieve the best results possible or will things go tragically wrong? Read this book to find out!

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