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Brian Niemeier is an American novelist best known for writing a series of very popular science fiction horror titles. The author spent his childhood in Peoria, Illinois before he proceeded to attend Bradley University, Peoria where he graduated with a bachelor. He would then attend the Franciscan University of Steubenville, from where he got his Master of Arts degree. As a child, he had always been interested in science fiction and spent a lot of time in high school reading science and fantasy fiction literature and media. He would watch live action television series, animated programs, movies, paper and pen RPGs, video games, Japanese and American comic books, and read many novels, which further cemented his interest in the genre. Comparing it to Frank Morris’s escape from Alcatraz, Brian asserts that his reading and indulgence in SFF media and literature coalesced his ideas that he finally compiled into his Soul Cycle series of novels. However, even as he had much interest in literary creativity he spent a lot of time dabbling on world building, building homemade models, and writing notes for over a decade before he took the plunge. It was after failing to express his ideas in model and world building that he decided to put his work on paper. He finished writing his first novel which was a monster at over 300, 000 words, but got distracted and went back to school, after which he started bouncing around in all kinds of odd jobs. It was only when his mother suggested he sell his draft to a publisher that he knew he had something good, as “Nethereal”, his first novel published in 2015 went on to become a fan favorite.

Brian Niemeier’s novels are different from those of his contemporaries, as they do not fit perfectly in any of the typical genre classifications. The novels are some type of Traveler campaign in which the navigators employ the old school D&D games. However, these elements are conveyed in a series of anime, comic books, video games, action movies, and explicit references to pulp era fantasy and science fiction elements. They have something of the Edgar Rice Burrough’s novels with their over the top action sequences. Nonetheless, Brian is different in this regard, as he develops the emotion that makes the reader relate to the protagonist while contrasting it with the despicableness and cravenness of their antagonists. Instead of focusing on a single heroic character the novels switch perspectives from a wide cast. For the most part, the series of novels is less about a traditional hero embarking on the journey of a lifetime, but rather about a dysfunctional family of weirdos engaging in a lot of fun quests. The lead characters in the series are crazy demi human persons who are catapulted into what seems like a sacrilegious role playing game. The lead in the series is not your regular square jawed, white bread, plain vanilla, straight ahead pulp hero, but rather an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.

Brian Niemeier’s works books are weird in that good sense of the word with their excellent world building and characterization. The pulpish adventure narratives that are set in techno-fantasy opera settings make for some very intriguing reads. With the author as an RPG game master, the characters move from one point to another running away from the antagonists time and again and meeting a variety of friends and foes. The setting and especially the physics of world building are great, particularly with regard to the relationship between hell and the world, and the prominent institutions of Brian’s worlds. Romance between the character is pretty much non-existent as the protagonist is too much involved in his adventures and saving the world to ever be involved in such trivial things as romance. The theme of vengeance is strong in the series as the leads are driven not only by a need to save the world but also revenge. The characters move from place to place looking for adventure in what feels like some kind of RPG game that would make any gamer drool.

“Nethereal” the first novel in the Soul Cycle series of novels lays the groundwork for one of the most fascinating of techno-fantasy space opera series. It opens to a woman craving acceptance and a precision killer living to make true the vision of his captain. The man is the last member of a race that has been annihilated and is now in a fight for vengeance against some dark powers of the Guild. The Guild likes to style itself as the Sublime Brotherhood of Steersmen that rules the Middle Stratum. For Jaren Peregrine who is the last of his tribe, all he has to help him fight the Guild are Teg Cross the mercenary, and Deim the apprentice steersman and pilot of his airship. Master Malachi of the Guild is hunting them down, and they know that if they do not come up with a better ship, it will only be a matter of time before he catches up to them. But their experimental ship fails on its maiden voyage to fly so far off course into uncharted territory. Defying the usual fantasy fiction tropes, the author writes stories that will always surprise the reader by bringing innovative ideas to the table again and again.

“Souldancer”, the second novel in the Soul Cycle series of novels is one of the best novels ever by Brian Neimeier. While the first novel in the series was the introduction to a mysterious and captivating world, Souldancer is an unveiling of the secrets. Set two decades after the world in the first was destroyed by fire, the lead character in the series travels through Mithgar, a planet turned into a desert. With his strange abilities and fascination with a world he had never experienced, it is not long before he parts ways with his fellow citizens. But paranormal forces interrupt his exile as he teams up with a reformed guilds man looking to right the wrongs of his order, a heavenly bodyguard, and an ambassador from hell. His search for answers soon leads them to the ruin of a vast city that is just as deadly as it is tormented and haunted. Stumbling upon a survivor, the lead protagonist will find purpose to his endless wanderings if he can help the woman escape the terror that has held the both of them hostage for years. The novel is a different and unique space universe with colorful characters, whose stories have repercussions from the first novel in the series Nethereal.

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  1. Brian Niemeier: 7 years ago

    Thank you for your extensive and glowing summary of my work!

    One correction: before you conclude that the Soul Cycle lacks romance, give Souldancer a read 😉


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