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Publication Order of Brian M. WiprudLinsenbigler Books

Linsenbigler (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Linsenbigler The Bear (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hail Linsenbigler! (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Linsenbigler Cocktail Companion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Linsenbigler & The Lost City (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Brian M. Wiprud Non-Fiction Books

Making the Dawn Welcome (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Hook, Line & Sinister(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brian Wiprud is an American author of fiction. He resides in the busy city of New York City. When he isn’t busy running around the Big Apple, he’s writing another one of his many novels. He is also interested in the subject and sport of fly fishing and is a known drinks specialist.

Brian Wiprud has been nominated for multiple awards and has even won a few of them! He is known to readers for his many series, which include the Garth Carson series as well as the Linsenbigler series. This features the adventures of a pitch man for an international beverage company who is not only handsome but also happens to bear a bit of bad luck in the form of a jinx that he carries around with him.

Brian Wiprud first officially became a published author with the release of his book Sleep with the Fishes in 2000.

Brian is the creator and the writer of the Garth Carson series. This series of fictional novels kicked off with the release of the first book in print, which is titled Pipsqueak. This charming book came out in 2002.

Pipsqueak is the first novel of Brian Wiprud’s popular series, Garth Carson. It is in this book that readers get the chance to meet this taxidermy collector for the first time. He lives and works in New York City, the setting where he finds all of his treasures.

Garth is on the hunt to get a new treasure which may very well be the best find he ever has in his entire career. The target is Pipsqueak the Nutty Nut, which is the name of a stuffed puppet. This puppet also happened to be the main star of his favorite kids’ television show that used to air in the fifties. It was going to be the crown jewel of his collection until others get in the way.

The squirrel has been stolen away thanks to a redhead and a biker. Add on top of that a murder and the absence of a squirrel, and it’s up to Garth to figure out what happened to this taxidermy treasure. He is willing to do just about anything that it takes in order to get this squirrel back, but as it turns out, he may not be the only one.

He will not be alone on his quest, however, His girlfriend Angie is always on his side. The two of them decide to put their heads to the test and solve this mystery together. The journey will take them all over the city, meeting cult members that are into jive, people who go to all sorts of underground clubs, and at least one other person that is after the same thing that they are in the end.

When Garth’s brother joins the quest, things are certain to get interesting. His brother is a bit of a black sheep and has a tendency to commit crimes. But with the three of them on the case and the hunt for this squirrel, they may just have a shot at finding this furry stuffed television star.

Can the three of them hunt down the squirrel and finally get Garth the prize that he has been after all this time? You’ll have to find out in this amusing murder mystery novel from a writer that readers cannot get enough of!

Stuffed is the exciting second novel in the Garth Carson series by author Brian Wiprud! If you loved the quirky antics of the characters in the first book, then you certainly might enjoy this fantastic sequel from the same author.

As you may already know, Garth Carson is a taxidermist. His whole entire life is focused around the collecting of stuffed animals. These include everything from fishes caught in motion to penguins stuffed and even bobcats arranged to look like they are hunting. From quiet moose heads and more, there is no object or animal that Carson is opposed to collecting.

The stuffed animals in Garth’s life are not just his hobby, they are his passion. He spends much of his time either buying or selling exotic taxidermy finds and even rents them out from the location of his storefront, a funky spot located in the heart of New York City.

Garth manages to make a decent living and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Angie, who can appreciate his interest in all things stuffed. The two of them even went on a hunt to track down a rare stuffed squirrel, as you may remember from the first novel. As it turns out, now there is a critter out there that may be even more rare and desirable than the first one.

Garth and Angie have managed to get their hands on a white stuffed crow. Even though Garth thinks it is pretty cool, Angie is convinced that the white crow is an item that others would be willing to kill to acquire. She soon turns out to be right as the item is deftly stolen from them.

That’s not the only thing that the thieves have taken. The crow is gone, but so are some of their best stuffed works. The total comes to around fifty thousand dollars just totally gone. Garth and Angie are not about to stand by while someone gets away with their animals and the bird too.

In an effort to get the animal back, they will find themselves traveling all over New England. Along the way, they are certain to come across a wide variety of unique characters and obstacles. From crazy carnival workers to feds that just can’t seem to get a clue to murdered collectors on the way, the two of them are about to encounter things and scenarios that they never saw coming.

Can the two track down the white crow at last and bring it home? The two are on a hunt to get their things back from whoever stole them. Even if it means tracking down a killer. Can Angie and Garth find the bird and avoid dying in the process? Read Stuffed by Brian Wiprud to find out!

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